Best deep Cut Portable Bandsaw

Best deep Cut Portable Bandsaw

When it comes to making a compact shape and curve to a piece of wood or board, whether you are an expert or an armature having a bandsaw will offer you an incredible result.

The bandsaw is widely used and popular with the majority of professional or armature woodworkers around the world. As it comes with a lightweight design so, you carry them anywhere you want without much effort.

But finding the right one for you could be a bit challenging as there are tons of brands out there in the market. To give you relief from anxiety, we are presenting you with the best deep-cut portable bandsaw for your next successful wood project.

What Is A Deep Cut Portable Bandsaw?

A bandsaw is a powerful wood and metal cutting tool. This tool is mainly used for making curves or straight lines in the wood.

The main idea of the bandsaw was originated in Britain by William Newberry in 1809. However, back then, it failed to gain popularity as the concept appeared to be quite impractical and, it was unable to deliver precise cutting performance. Also, the blade wasn't much durable.

But with the sand of time, the mountainous wave of technological advancement pushed it to the apex of success. Nowadays, bandsaws come with a powerful motor (around 10 Amp) that is capable of making deep cuts in the woods.

Modern bandsaws can cut up to 5 inches deep and, that's just incredible. They offer a variable speed dial which allows you to set the speed depending on your cutting materials.

Different Type of Portable Band Saw

Similar to other power tools out there, the band saw also comes in different categories based on its purpose.  There are different types of portable band saws, each perfect for making specific cuts like any straight cut, curves, and shapes on different woods and metal types.

Let's get to know those in details

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So, when you go to the market to purchase your bandsaw, it might get a little bit confusing as theirs so many types and categories of the bandsaw. And most challenging task would be finding a good quality one.

But no worries, my friend, we are here to help you out. Here we are introducing to you the 10-best deep-cut portable bandsaw you can currently find on the market:

DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch (DWM120K) , Yellow , Large

Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw- Easy-Peasy Handle

Milwaukee is a well-known and popular brand in the saw market for its quality saw construction. The best advantage of purchasing a product from a popular brand is they value their reputation more than anything else so, that's why they never compromise when it comes to quality.

This bandsaw from Milwaukee is one of their best creation so far. You are getting two different options when purchasing the bandsaw; one is metallic and the other plastic. If you have to deal with a light cutting task, then the plastic one would be good enough. And if you get to deal with heavy-duty materials, then you would want to get the metallic one.

But trust me, the plastic version can get done almost all of your tasks quite easily; credit goes to its durable and top-notch material. Milwaukee didn't compromise a bit in ensuring your safety. In this model, they offer you a gear clutch to make sure you have the best control over the power tool.

The reason why you shouldn't be thinking twice about buying this bandsaw is its 11AMP powerful motor and, most importantly, the state-of-the-art design. The design of your bandsaw plays a big role in its performance. The tool shoe of this power tool is lock-free and adjustable.

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw: The Fancy One

What I found most excellent about these top brands' marketing strategy is their packaging for safety. And one of the great examples can be this DeWalt 20V Max Portable Bandsaw. They put their best effort into confirming the storage and packaging safety of this bandsaw.

It comes with a top-notch plastic casing and, also, the casing has an additional room where you can keep your complementing tools. This bandsaw features a powerful 10 Amp motor which will give your blade all the power it needs to cut through the hardest piece of metal.

The blade capacity of this tool is just phenomenal as it has 5 inches of depth ability. You can cut round or rectangular shapes with this amount of depth capacity. It comes with a steel shroud (serviceable) and rubber bumpers eliminating any risk of damage to ensure the best safety.

One of the best reasons you should buy this bandsaw is its LED light which comes in handy when working in limited lighting are. The LED can guide you through the cutting area accurately. Besides that, you will get a handler at the front and a position bale to ensure your steady holding.

BOSCH GCB10-5 Deep-Cut Band Saw- The Dark Horse

Having multiple options is good sometimes as it allows you to pick one depending on your requirements and, BOSCH is pretty good at this. The BOSCH GCB10-5 Deep-Cut portable band saw offers you some exciting options.

Compare to the other tools, this power tool is more subcompact. The mighty 10 AMP motor of this bandsaw gives you a clean and delicate cut. The BOSCHE did an amazing job in ensuring your safety.

They have added an anti-spark system with this model of a bandsaw so that you can work safely without having to deal with any fire spark. The blade offers you a cutting depth capacity of about 41/2 inches, enabling you to run a seamless cut.

What makes this bandsaw special is it allows you to cut your material without messing up with the color. Also, it comes with an excellent lightweight, compact design and lets you adjust the variable speed automatically. So, you can manage your cutting process pretty comfortably.

Milwaukee 2729-21 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw 1 Bat Kit

The Milwaukee 2729-21 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Kit is a must-have for any DIYer or professional. It is ideal for cutting tile, wood, plastic, and many other materials with ease. This saw’s compact size makes it perfect to use around tight spaces in your home or office.

With the Milwaukee 2729-21 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Kit, you don’t need to plug it in. Cordless operation means you always have the freedom and flexibility to work where you want.

The 2729-21 M18 has a powerful Milwaukee 4.5 Amp motor that delivers up to 3,000 RPM of cutting power and 2,200 IPM for faster cutting through wood and metal. This 18-volt cordless band saw is designed with an ergonomic grip that provides increased comfort and control over the tool’s operation.

The Milwaukee 2729-21 M18 provides aggressive 14-1/2 in. blade bevel capacity allows for fast 45° cuts on the largest material, while the exclusive Adjustable Blade Tension Dial provides blade tracking and tension adjustments for precise results.

More 1/2" stroke length of this cordless band saw allows it to make deep cuts in various materials. Its maximum depth of cut is 2-1/8". This cordless band saw has a solid 3/4" ribbed aluminum upper guard for added durability.

This cordless band saw features quick blade changes and includes a blade wrench for easy blade installation. Another significant feature is the built-in LED light to help you see what you’re cutting, even in dimly lit areas.

It features a smart battery fuel gauge that indicates the remaining run time on each charge so that you can plan your jobs.

Finally, we say The Milwaukee 2729-21 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw 1 Bat Kit is compact, lightweight, powerful, and ergonomic, making it an excellent addition to your tool collection.

What Is A Band Saw Used For?

A bandsaw is such a versatile tool that can be used in several woodworking projects. In this section, we will talk about the different uses of a bandsaw.

Let's get started


When you have a bandsaw, your woodworking project will become a piece of cake. With the additional table, angle, and many more, you can accomplish starting from cross-cuts to straight cuts at ease. Also, you can get done any freehand task without putting in much physical labor.

Lumber Cuts

The bandsaw has been used since the 1800s to rip lumber. If you are wondering what ripping is, here's your explanation. By ripping, you cut down a large chunk of lumber by its side of the grain.

This is the most effective way of cutting down a large piece of wood into many functional parts. To cut down bigger ones into similar sizes, you will have to use a robust fence piece.

The bandsaw offers seamless cutting ability and, with its wide table, you can cut almost any size of lumbers quite easily and comfortably.

Metal Cutting

When it comes to cut metal pieces, nothing performs such effectively as a bandsaw. With a bandsaw, you can make a smooth cut on a metal piece by maintaining the best precision possible.

If you try cutting metal pieces using other types of saw, then it could bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.


If you are looking for a power tool that can provide you incredible performance on a cutting board, then a bandsaw is the best choice you have.

The process of cutting a board according to its thickness is called re-sawing. And a bandsaw can get it done pretty smoothly.

Rip Cuts

You can also use a bandsaw for rip cutting. The best thing about performing rip cut using a bandsaw is you can do frame cutting without cracking the wood. It will allow you to cut wood at any dimension or shape you want.

Circle Cuts

If you need to make circle cuts into woods, then a bandsaw can be your gamechanger. You can make correct height adjustment so; you can make a circle cut shape quite easily.

Making circle cuts on wood using a bandsaw is real fun!

Multiple Pieces Cutting

It's quite amazing that you can also make multiple pieces cutting using a bandsaw. This power tool will allow you to cut a lot of wood at the same time. You can get it done in no time without any difficulties.

To perform that, you will have to gather those pieces of wood together and tie them up using tape. Position the blade at the right height and push the band of woods slowly towards the running blade.

But if you want the smoothest cut, then try cutting one at a time.

What are the factors to consider when buying a Portable band saw?

There are few factors to consider when picking a portable band saw include:

  • Type of portable band saw
  • The size of the material you want to cut
  • The type of cut you want to make.
  • Portability: cordless or corded band saw?
  • Your level of experience with a portable band saws
  • Finally Your budget

Overall, the portable band saw you choose ultimately depends on your experience and cutting task.

Final Words

To give your woodworking or metal cutting task a seamless speed and top-notch quality, a bandsaw can be your wild card. With the best deep-cut portable bandsaw for your task, you can make an unimaginable task complete.

But what matters most is choosing the one that fits your needs. Also, the one that comes with great quality. And that's why we recommend you choose one from a popular brand.

We hope you found our article helpful, no more today, see you some other time.

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