Tips and Guide on How to Maintain a Pole Saw?

Laizu Leon
How to Maintain a pole Saw

Should you expect a long term service from a tool without taking any proper maintenance? You must not expect this. In order to get the best performance from your pole saw, you need to take adequate care and should know […]

Basic Components of Chainsaw Chain

Laizu Leon
Basic Components of Chainsaw-chain

Usually, a saw chain (aka cutting chain) stands on the guide bar as well as comes in different sizes. Whatever you have a chainsaw, or you are about to buy one, it will be an ideal decision to know in […]

Different Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades

Laizu Leon
different types of reciprocating saw blades

What are the Different Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades? All the manufacturers try to Come up with better blades for power saw; reciprocating saw is not the privilege. Reciprocating saw blades types depend on cutting a variety of materials. The […]

How to use a jigsaw safely: beginner’s guide

Laizu Leon

Congratulations! Having a Jigsaw as active woodworking or DIY tool. Experience of a Jigsaw is an ultimate power tool for a carpenter, DIY projects, workshop or amateur woodwork as well. In this article, we described how to use a jigsaw […]

What is the jigsaw blades material types?

Laizu Leon

Are You a professional carpenter! If you have any jigsaw for your workshop or DIY project. You already know, A jigsaw is an excellent woodworking tool for a wide range of cutting task. Various types of jigsaw are avail in […]

Different types of jigsaw blades

Laizu Leon
Different type of jigsaw blades

Whether you are a contractor, professional woodworker, or a homeowner has a various cutting task such as timber, metal, plastic, and you must identify the anatomy of a jigsaw blade. There are a number of Jigsaw blades types which adapt […]


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