Best Pruning Blade For Reciprocating Saw [Reviews 2023]

A reciprocating saw blade is one of the most useful tools that can cut multiple materials. Using these saw blades, a woodworker, electrician, contractor, or even a DIY hobbyist can experience a different level of cutting. However, to get an efficient cutting experience by a reciprocating saw, it is significantly vital to have the best pruning blade for reciprocating saw.

For sure, your pruning experience will be worse if you choose lousy quality pruning blades. This article is a guideline that will assist you in picking the right pruning blades. Also, you can choose these reviewed blades as a replacement for your current reciprocating saw blades.

Let’s give a deep dive and make a precise decision.

What are the Various Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades?

We identified many types of reciprocating saw blades in the market for cutting a variety of materials. The Fundamental differences are  bldes teeth per inch (TPI), blade material, blades shape. However, blade thickness and blade length are also vital factors.

There are some different types of reciprocating saw blades, according to the cutting task.

  • Wood Cutting Blades
  • Demolition Blades
  • Combination Blades
  • Metal Cutting Blades
  • Carbide-Tipped Blades
  • Carbide Grit Blades

What is Pruning Blade?

The most common arsenal of every gardener is – pruning blade. A gardener can use this blade for several multiple reasons in the garden.

And the fact is, you can call a pruning blade the “Jack-of-all-trades.”

Even you will find different types of pruning blades in the market. But the most common type of pruning blade is short in size. With the blade, they are nearly 3 inches. Also, they contain a durable and heavy-duty wooden handle or other material-made handles. These types of pruning blades are too sharp.

Moreover, If you have the best pruning blade for reciprocating saw, you can do all the tasks below using a reciprocating saw.

  • Removing deadwood.
  • Training a plant to get a specific size or shape.
  • Keeping any plant healthy.
  • Promoting flowering.

Pruning blades will assist you in cutting thin branches. This way, you will be able to reduce the density of the tree without reducing the height.

This allows the sunlight to reach inside of the trees, which stimulates dense growth.

EZARC Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blade 9-Inch Sharp Ground Teeth CRV Long Lifetime Sabre Saw Blades R931GS 5TPI (5-Pack)

Don’t have time to go through all the reviews we have done? Well, there’s no need to worry. Simply skim through the quick reviews below to get a good idea of what we have covered here.

1-Min Quick Summary

Product Table Of Best Pruning Blade For Reciprocating Saw

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Best Pruning Blade For Reciprocating Saw Review [2021] With Buying Guide.

By now, you have already understood the benefits of a reciprocating saw blade. In this section, I will discuss the best pruning saw blades for different types of jobs.

1. EZARC Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blade 9-Inch R931GS 5TPI 

EZARC Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blade is in the second place of our list. It is also a unique blade. We can cut wood and prune the branches of trees with the help of this blade quickly and effortlessly. Also, we can cut wood smoothly with this blade.

This blade made of chrome vanadium steel is more durable and long-lasting. It is highly suitable for cutting rough wood, pruning the branches of trees, and reducing plastic pipes.

Wood pruning Sawzall blades designed with the ground sharp teeth make effortless of your pruning and woodcutting task.

EZARC wood Sawzall blade has a unique quality because it fits all brands of reciprocating saw tools such as DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Skil, Ryobi, Hitachi, Metabo and more. You need not use nails to cut wood.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: Chrome vanadium steel CR-V
  • Teeth Geometry:  Precision Ground Blade
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9.0" (225mm)
  • Cutting Length: 175mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.3mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5pcs


  • Outstanding pruning ability of fast cutting speed
  • Longer lifetime, precise, and smooth cut.
  • High-quality heat-treated chrome vanadium steel blade
  • Universal Shank Fit All Brand of reciprocating saw in Market 


  • Application only for Timber/green wood

2. Bosch 5-Piece 12-Inch 5 TPI Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades RP125

Are you searching for a top-quality pruning bladed that is durable and proficient enough? Well, without thinking twice, purchase BOSCH 5 TPI Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades RP125.

It comes with robust construction that cutting wood with this reciprocating saw blade will be like running a hot knife into butter. The item is manufactured by BOSCH, who has a prolonged reputation in the tool industry for introducing quality products.

This reciprocating saw is also a reliable product that you will not get any lousy performance from it—probably BOSCH RP125, one of the best pruning blade for reciprocating saw.

No matter, for what purpose you are planning to use this blade, with its turbo teeth technology, it is promised to provide a smooth woodcutting experience. Moreover, this technology will assist the blade in ensuring you 3X long service than traditional pruning blades.

The carbide-made blade adds additional stability to the construction of the saw blade. It has a tall body and thick kerf that enhances its flexibility. You will love the color-coding feature at the blade, which will allow you to choose the right blade for your pruning project.

When you are cutting a big log, you will not face any difficulty even if you can reach the hardest areas with the help of a 12” long blade.

Bosch is the world's leading manufacturer who made a different type of saw blades. We found the Bosch RP125 as the best pruning blade for reciprocating saw by the user perception. That is why we listed the Bosch RP125 in second place.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: Carbide
  • Teeth Geometry:  Precision Ground Blade
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  12.0" (304.8mm)
  • Cutting Length: 275mm
  • Blade thickness:  0.41mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5pcs


  • Teeth are actively built that don’t get poor within a short time
  • Fast and clean cutting job due to long blade.
  • 3X time more lifespan than a standard pruning blade.
  • 12” long blade with Turbo-teeth technology.


  • Not suitable in cutting 2 – 3 inches’ thick wood.

3. 9-Inch Wood Pruning Saw Blades for Reciprocating/ Sawzall Saws - 5 Pack

If you invest in one quality tool, undoubtedly, it will let you save money. How? They will be highly durable and ensure long time service. Thus, you don’t need to purchase another pruning blade within a short time.

Caliastro is a new company but comes with quality tools. And due to this reason, they are earning popularity among many customers.

It is designed in such a way so that you can complete your cutting task quickly and efficiently. The innovative design of this carbon steel made blade is promised to run for a long time.

Moreover, you will never get inconsistent performance from the blade because of the quality material of the blade.

Additionally, it is a set of 5, and comparatively the price is cheap. You will love to know; it comes with a storage case that is not only keeping the blade safe from damage, but also you will remain secured from any unwanted situation. Even, you can carry the blade safely into your tool bag, if required.

Furthermore, cutting efficiency is more than enough, and you will get exceptional quality and performance from the blade, which will be more than your expectation

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Teeth Geometry:  Precision Ground Blade
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9.0" (228.6mm)
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.27mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5pcs


  • Sharp teeth confirm smooth, dry wood, seasoned branches, and greenwood cutting
  • Impressive performance throughout the lifespan.
  • Large 9” Efficient pruning blade.
  • Plastic storage case for easy carrying.


  • Mediocre cutting speed.

4. WORKPRO 5-Piece 9-Inch Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

The last product of our list from the manufacturer WORKPRO. While manufacturing this pruning blade, durability receives the main focus. And that is why it is made of chrome-vanadium steel as well as it comes with heat treated along with silvery lacquered finish.

As a result, no rust and corrosion can damage the blade. In terms of durability, no other pruning blades can beat this blade.

You can’t stop yourself from loving the blade as the size is ideal in reaching the hardest area of a tree. It is available with perfect size 9” X ¾” X 1/20” (Long X Wide X Thick). Besides, you will get fast and safe cutting using its 5 TPI blade.

This set fits in many top brands named Makita, DEWALT, Black & Decker, and Skil. Without any confusion, you can use this reciprocating saw blade set for different purposes and at multiple job sites.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: Chrome vanadium steel
  • Teeth Geometry:  Precision Ground Blade
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9.0" (21.8cm)
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.27mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5 PCS Pruning Saw Blade


  • Sharp teeth will never get corroded due to silvery lacquered finishes
  • Cut through wet and dry wood without any problem
  • Universal,  Long and robust blade
  • Chrome-vanadium steel construction


  • The cutting edge is not very aggressive

5. Bosch RP95 9 In. 5 TPI Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades

We have kept Bosch RP95 5 pc. 9 In. 5 TPI Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades in the list of our choice. Bosch has developed an extra line in making reciprocating blades. By incorporating design and tooth technology, Bosch optimizes the blade’s cutting efficiency.

The blade of this brand is top quality and ensures faster cutting and longer-lasting. You can choose suitable blades according to your demand- for occasional, standard, and heavy-duty.

You can use different categories of blades depending on the materials like wood, metal, cement board, or fiberglass. Also can use flexible blades, thick kerf, tall body blades, and carbide blades for abrasive materials.

These blades have a Turbo-Teeth technology, which makes the blades 3X longer-lasting than standard reciprocating saw blades.

These blades work fast and last long and provide excellent performance, especially in pruning applications. The Bosch RP95 5 pc. 9 In. 5 TPI blade one of the most best reciprocating saw blades for green wood.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: Chrome vanadium steel
  • Teeth Geometry:  Precision Ground Blade
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9.0" (33.5cm)
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.27mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5 PCS Pruning Saw Blade


  • 9 In. 5 TPI high-carbon steel blade for wood pruning
  • Fast, long-lasting performance
  • Delivers excellent cuts during high-performance applications
  • Constructed with premium materials for reliable performance
  • improved performance with longer life provide 5° tilt angle for faster cuts.


  • Application only for Timber/green wood

6. HORUSDY 9-Inch Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

We have decided to keep HORUSDY 34-piece Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade on our list as well. These blades are made of high-quality steel, and so their performance and durability are satisfactory.

The combination of the blade set includes a good number of blades that help perform typical applications. We can use these blades to cut wood, metal, plastic, and drywall depending on the quality of the blades.

Also, these blades work with all significant reciprocating saw brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Porter & cable. The high-speed carbon steel construction makes the blades durable and assures excellent performance in cutting wood and other materials.

There is a bag along with the blades set for carrying them easily and comfortably. If you think for a best reciprocating saw blades for trees you should try the HORUSDY 9-inch blades

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: HCS High Carbon Steel
  • Teeth Geometry:  Precision Ground Blade
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9.0" (240mm)
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.27mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5 PCS Pruning Saw Blade


  • Performance and durability are satisfactory,
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Combination set provides a good number of blades for typical applications
  • Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands


  • Not long enough to pruning large trees branch.

7. SKIL 94100-05 Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

SKIL 94100-05 Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades are also the blades we have kept on our list. It is effective for cutting wood. Also, we can cut heavy lumber, wet wood, and composition board with the help of this blade.

The manufacturers have designed the blades with high-carbon steel like fire-hardened, so these blades are durable, and their performance is satisfactory.

These blades have a fleam ground design that lets you cut on both forward and backward smoothly. Moreover, you can apply these blades to prune the branches of large trees.

There are five blades included in the pack. These blades fit with all the Skil and most other major brands of reciprocation saws. So, you can use these blades comfortably without any hesitation.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: High-carbon steel with fire-hardened
  • Teeth Geometry: Precision-ground cutting edge
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9.0" (240mm)
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.27mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5 PCS Pruning Saw Blade


  • Made of high-carbon steel with fire-hardened
  • precision-ground cutting edge for performance and durability
  • Designed for cutting on both forward and reverse strokes
  • Fit with all Skil and major brand reciprocating saws


  • Not long enough to pruning large trees branch.

8. HORUSDY 12-Inch Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

The best thing about this reciprocating saw blade is, it is a set of 5 pruning saw within an affordable price. And it is one of the less pricey items on our list. But don’t wrinkle your eyes reading less pricey items. The fact is, you can’t question the performance of the blade. And you will give the blade a new name, “Mr. Dependable.”

You will hardly find a pruning blade that is a combination of affordable price, exclusive performance, and unique design. Construction of the 9-inch blade is High Carbon Steel.

Flexibility is the main characteristic of carbon steel. It means the blade will bend without breaking. And this way, the blade has become much more durable than compared to other reciprocating saw blades within the price.

This 5-piece set will allow you not to stop your work if any blade is missing from the toolbox. Without losing time, you can take another blade and complete your job quickly. The 5 teeth per inch are ideal for fast and smooth cutting of wood and pruning.

Another great feature is; it comes with a plastic storage case. To ensure safety, you need to open it only by pulling it, and it will not open when the case is shacked.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: High-carbon steel HCS
  • Teeth Geometry: Precision-ground cutting edge
  • Teeth Per Inch:  5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  12" (300mm)
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  1.27mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5 PCS Pruning Saw Blade


  • 5X longer life than a standard blade
  • Sharp tip makes it easily into any corner for a cutting job
  • Ensures better induction and collation
  • 5  (TPI)teeth per inches


  • Need to provide much pressure for cutting.

9. PORTER-CABLE Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades, 9-Inch (PC760R)

Pruning blades need to be durably made, longer-lasting to do any pruning job efficiently. This blade is made of HCS (high carbon steel) with carbide teeth makes it one of the durable pruning blades.

Thanks to the manufacturer for introducing this exceptional reciprocating saw blade. The length of the saw is 9,” and with the help of the sharp teeth, you can easily cut a medium-sized tree.

This set will also show excellent performance against hard pressure-treated wood. Moreover, cutting deeper cuts will not be an issue with this long blade. The best thing about this blade is, it will not get clogged in the middle of any pruning session.

With its 4/5 TPI, you will have an effortless cutting of wet rough wood. The blade will give you fast cutting, and the good news is, it doesn’t get dull within a short time. The blade is impressively flexible and will not break whatever pressure you provide to it.

It is a set of 3 blades and made in the USA. Moreover, you will get a 30-days money-back window that is undoubtedly a piece of great news. Interestingly, PORTER-CABLE Pruning Blades (PC760R) is compatible with any reciprocating saw.

Product Description 

  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Teeth Geometry: Precision-ground cutting edge
  • Teeth Per Inch:  4/5 TPI
  • Blade Length:  9"
  • Cutting Length: mm
  • Blade thickness:  7.62mm
  • Blade in bandel:  5 PCS Pruning Saw Blade


  • HCS material made construction confirms high durability
  • Deep cutting with the help of a 9” long blade.
  • Any reciprocating saw will accept this pruning blade.
  • 4/5 TPI Teeth per inches


  • Due to its large blade size, pruning is a bit challenging.

10. Kowood Store 9-inch Pruning Saw Blades - 5-piece set

Whether it’s a plunge cut or demolition you are planning on, the Kowwood 9-inch saw blades are going to be the ideal choice for your projects. Its aggressive teeth count works pretty much in favor of excellent cutting technique.

The blades are made from high carbon steel, making them quite strong and sturdy for a cutter. However, they are not that thick as you can easily sneak the blades in any corner of the tree as you like.

With the universal shank design, the blades can fit any saws made by major brands. So, whichever saw you have, will surely fit the blades pretty conveniently. It’s super easy to change and replace the blades on the saw.

Its bright orange color is a plus for you when you are cutting on a blind spot. You can easily track the movement of the blade from there. It also reflects light well for a better vision.


  • Aggressive 5 teeth per inch for maximum cut
  • Made from high carbon steel material
  • Universal shank design to fit multiple brands of saw
  • Thin profile suits most places
  • Bright color makes it easy to detect


  • He sharpness tends to decline over time if you are using it regularly

11. MRCGTCE 9-Inch Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

Regardless of your needs, MRCGTCE blades are going just the type of blades you need. From pruning to rough cutting woods to even demolishing, these blades are quite versatile in operation without a doubt.

Made from top-class HCS materials, you can rely on the powerful build quality to tear through the hardest wood pieces. In the case of pruning, the blade’s strength plays a vital role, and MRCGTCE has made sure you can rely on their robust cutters.

The blade has 5 teeth per inch that make it even more aggressive and functional. You get to cut through thick timbers like a hot knife through the butter. It’s going to leave less residue than usual and make it smooth.

Built with the most advanced alloy material, the blades are not that thin. WIth 1.4mm thickness profile, these blades can achieve excellent results, whether you are cutting tree branches or preparing wooden pieces for DIY works.


  • Made from top-class HCS materials
  • 5 TPI aggressive design
  • 1.4 mm thickness for perfect cutting
  • Compatible with most reciprocating saw brands
  • Includes storage bags


  • The blades are not compatible with the Black & Decker saw.

12. Diablo Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blade

Diabo Pruning reciprocating saw blades offer unique and excellent performance for any type of pruning works. No matter how extreme you need to go for pruning works, these blades are going to deliver unparalleled performance all the time.

Similar to most other pruning blades out there, the Diablo pruning blades also come with 5 TPI settings to offer delicate cutting performance. This TPI setup allows the blades to slice through thick and hard timber and branches effortlessly.

Moreover, the blades are designed with a bi-directional tooth design to make it even faster and easier to cut. This means you will get better cutting results with the same effort you apply for any other reciprocating saw blades out there.

As for the compatibility, these are some of the unique blades you can find right now. You can use these blades with any reciprocating saw brand in the market, and these blades also sync quite easily.


  • Excellent 5 teeth per inch setup
  • Works with most common brands of saws
  • Bi-directional tooth setting for faster cutting
  • Works greatly with different types of cutting
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-term durability


  • You can’t use the blades for cutting woods with nails.

Which is the best pruning blade for your reciprocating saw

Hey Valuable Readers, We would like to thank you for being with us for so long before discussing pruning.

We have presented user feedback, manufacturing information for each product in easy to understand language. Hopefully, you read this article with the utmost attention, and it will enrich your knowledge of the best pruning blade for reciprocating saw.

In the following chapter, we have discussed preening, which will be a bonus for you.

Stay with us.

Comparison Table

Consider When Buying a Best Pruning Blade For Reciprocating Saw

You should consider the three factors when buying reciprocating saw blades for tree pruning. We recommend you, if you follow the three factors, it's enough for you to buy a good one for your cutting tack

  • The blades matel
  • The blades TPI
  • Blades size (Length, Thickness,Width )

The Blades Matel

The material out of which a reciprocating, Sawzall or a jigsaw blade is made will affect both its durability and the materials it's used to cut. It usually produces reciprocating blades of one of four types of metal: high-speed steel, high carbon steel, bi-metal, or tungsten carbide.

  • High-speed steel (HSS)
  • High carbon steel (HCS)
  • Bi-metal
  • Tungsten carbide

The blades TPI

How fast the blade can cut, and the type of wood depends on the density of the blade teeth. It is usually measured by how many teeth there are per inch or TPI.

  • Rough blades
  • Fine blades

Rough blades: These are fewer toothed blades per inch. They can cut quickly and are ideal for soft materials like wood and plastic.

Fine blades: These blades have high TPI. It goes slowly a large number of toothed blades. However, it makes a smooth cut—this type of blades ideal for metals and other hard material cutting.

Reciprocating saw blade size

The blade site depends on three factors. Its thickness, length, and width. You have to choose the size of the blade based on the type of work.

Blade length: The blade’s size, basically define its length, is also essential because it determines how deep the cut will be. Longer blades will provide deeper cuts and potentially make it easier to cut through components.

However, longer blades are also more challenging to control and risk breaking.

Blade thickness: Another factor is the thickness of the blade. Dense record-cutting saw blades are somewhat more comfortable to control, have a lower risk of broken during use.

Thinner blades produce a more accurate cut than thicker blades. We recommend getting a 0.05-inch thick blade whenever possible. Your minimum thickness should go 0.35 inches.

Blade width: The width of the blade affects the cutting quality. Larger blades will have less tendency to sink or bend. If you have to need to do heavy-duty work, you will buy more wide blades.

What is pruning?

Pruning is when you are selectively removing branches from a tree. The goal of pruning is eliminating surplus branches, giving shape to the tree's structure, and enhancing the healthy growth of a tree.

Pruning is the best thing of showing love for your plants.

By following different pruning method, many trees, plants, shrubs even garden plants also get benefit. You also need to have a good idea Seven considers when buying a Reciprocating saw blades.

However, pruning at the wrong season will not do any damage to your plants, but improper pruning will do harm or may weakened your plants.

In general, we can say pruning is a process that is responsible for keeping plant healthy for long term. Also, following this process, you can keep your property safe as well as enhance your property look.

9-Inch Wood Pruning Saw Blades for Reciprocating/Sawzall Saws - 5 Pack

Why is it necessary, and when do I prune?

Generally, by doing prune, you are taking care of your tree's health. Pruning is responsible for providing enough airflow and sunlight to the inner portions of the tree. Thus, the tree gets much healthier than before.

There are no thumb rules of when do you need to prune. It would be best if you consult with experienced horticulturists and arborists of trees.

Trees are usually pruned while dormant. Also, if your trees have damaged branches or you want to give a shape to the trees, pruning is the only solution.

A tree will naturally grow in a perfect shape following pruning method. Besides, compared to a tree that is not pruned, you will get more fruits and flower from a pruning tree. Regular pruning progresses shrubbery aesthetics of a tree and the tree gets denser than before.

This type of methods improves the layout of your property and you can control your property appearance by giving your plant a specific size and shape.

What are the benefits of pruning?

  • Say bye-bye to weak and damaged branches and you are giving a chance to your trees for new growth.
  • You are saving your properties from possible harm from tumbled branches.
  • Providing a polished and clean look to your trees.

Moreover, you will get below benefits following different types of pruning.

Thinning: Removing branches from the base is known as thinning. This method allows you to free up the whole canopy so that full sunlight can come inside.

Cleaning: When you do a fine-tuning by cutting dead, damaged, or weak branches, then it is known as cleaning. The goal of this method is to give a polish look to the trees.

Reduction: This method refers to reducing the height or width of a tree. You need to follow this method when any branch is creating obstacles to another tree from growing—or making a problem by inching the utility line.

Structural: It is a combination of the above methods. To give long-term health to your trees, if you follow more than one technique from above, you can call the process as structural.

What’s The Difference Between a Reciprocating Saw and A Sawzall?

Interestingly, a reciprocating saw and a Sawzall are the same things. In 1951, Milwaukee’s famous power tool brand introduced a signature brand of a reciprocating saw and named it Sawzall.

Milwaukee introduced a number of sub-models under the same brand name and successfully created a separate brand identity with it. Like Honda or Xerox, Sawzall also became synonymous with a specific genre of product. In this case, it was being used as a synonym to reciprocating saw.

However, as time progressed, many other brands also tried and are still trying to develop the same technology under different names.

How Big of a Tree Can You Cut with A Reciprocating Saw?

With an ideal and powerful reciprocating saw, you can easily cut trees that have 6 to 8 inches of thickness. As for the diameter, you can conveniently pierce through a tree with a 1-foot diameter. However, even if the saw’s packaging says it can cut thick woods, you need to use it carefully and start with thinner wood for the best use.

FAQs- for The best pruning blade for reciprocating saw

Is a reciprocating saw good for cutting tree branches?

Because of the versatile characteristics, using a reciprocating saw blade, you can accomplish any types of woodcutting jobs. Cutting tree branches, whether it is dry or wet, a reciprocating saw, will never show any inconsistent performance.

You will get better performance from a reciprocating saw when it comes to trim or cut any tree branches of your garden. And to get the best benefit from a reciprocating saw, you need to choose the right pruning blade.

Are reciprocating saw blades compatible?

The shank of a reciprocating saw blade is universal that fits any reciprocating saw.

All the reviewed saw blades in this article are compatible with top brands. All you need to do is, make sure you have chosen a quality material made pruning blade for your reciprocating saw.

If not, you will end up in a mess because after a few uses, the sharpness will become dull, or the blade will break.

How do I choose a reciprocating saw blade?

You need to know more details before picking the right reciprocating saw blade.

Durability: Cheaply made reciprocating saw blades are less durable. They will become dull, and the sharpness will become poor within a short time. Before choosing, make sure your selected pruning blade is durable.

TPI: TPI is a critical factor for the best reciprocating saw blades for pruning. A standard pruning blade will have 5 teeth per inch. Check the TPI before purchasing.

To learn more about the buying guide of a reciprocating saw blade, you can read our separate guidelines.


An inappropriate choice will be wastage of both time and money. You can save both if you choose the right blade. The article of best pruning blade for reciprocating saw will give you excellent cuts, for sure.

I believe, from this article, you will get a clear guideline of the quality reciprocating saw blade as all the reviewed items are best of the best. Now you will not face any hassle while choosing the ideal product for your project.

When you are picking the best pruning blade, make sure you have taken the proper time to analyze. And then go for the investment.

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