Types of saws with pictures

Laizu Leon

Are you a carpenter! Whether or not, you can’t imagine woodworking factories or DIY project with no saws. No, doubts It’s a handy tool for any DIY or woodcutting project. There are two fundamental types of saws have their handed […]

How to use a Jigsaw: Learn 4 easy steps

Laizu Leon

What a handy tools! Corded or cordless jigsaw is an almost essential tool for any woodworking or DIY project. However, Jigsaw suitable for wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic. Here we have published the infographics with an article on how to […]

Six Principal Of A Jigsaw Blades: Know Before You Work

Laizu Leon
six-principal of a jigsaw blades

For a woodworker or a carpenter, knowing about Jigsaw (Corded or Cordless) is never enough. Well, they are essential, but we often ignore the most fundamental topics. That will not happen today. We will talk about the principal of a […]


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