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5 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews [2020]

admin 7 min read
Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews

5 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews [2020]

Laizu Leon 7 min read

Reciprocating saws are one of the most potent tools for vertical cutting. These tools will cut into a wide range of materials, making them very handy for contractors, woodworkers, fabricators, hobbyists, and other trades people. However, the cutting performance entirely depends on its blades. ​So, you should find the best Reciprocating saw blades for your saw ​(unit) for a successful project.

​Picking the right reciprocating saw blade for your unit will entail considering important aspects like teeth, dimensions, and material. By keeping these features in mind and understanding what your projects require, you can be confident of finding the right blades. And there are many types and manufacturers of reciprocating blades.

​So without wasting any more time, let's the read!

​5 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews with buying guide[2020]

WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set - ​with Organizer Pouch

We have enlisted WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade set in our first choice. It is an excellent blade for its extraordinary performance.

There are different categories of the blade for different cutting. Woodcutting saw blade entirely made of CR-V steel can cut coarse/fuelwood with a thickness of 20-175mm.

These blades don’t have nails, so there is no possibility to break those. Also, there is a blade named pruning saw blade that you can use to cut branches of trees with less than dia. 180mm.

Metal saw blade made of Bi-material can cut metal easily with a thickness of 0.7-8mm, and pipes with dia. 5-100mm comfortably. Besides, this blade is compatible with all reciprocating saw brands, and so you can use it with any saw undoubtedly.

WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade is a Combination of blades that we can apply for everyday applications.

We can use different categories of the blade for a different type of cutting like metal, plastic, wood, and drywall.

at a glance
  • ​Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands
  • ​Combination set provides several blades for typical applications
  • ​Assorted blades for cutting several types of wood, metal, plastic, and pipes
  • ​2x 4" thin metal blades 24 TPI,
  • ​4x 6" thick metal blades, 14 TPI,
  • ​8x 6" wood blades 6TPI

​DEWALT DW4856 Reciprocating Saw Blades, ​6-Pieces ​Set 

We have included DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades, Metal/Wood Cutting Set in the third position in our list. It is also an excellent blade. You can use the blade for your perfect performance in cutting different things.

The blade is made of highly tolerable metal, so it lasts long. You can apply the blade for a wide range of cutting like metal, wood, plastic, and drywall.

Also, you can use the combination of blades set for everyday applications. The design of the Raker’s tooth increases the tooth contact area that helps in faster cuts.

These blades provide almost all the advantages of cutting different types of materials. Moreover, these blades are compatible with all the reciprocating saw brands.

at a glance
  • ​Combination set provides several blades for typical activities
  • ​Suitable with all reciprocating saw brands
  • ​Ideal for cutting metal, plastic, wood, and drywall
  • ​Set contains six (6) reciprocating saw blades
  • ​Raker tooth design increases the contact area for faster cuts

​​HORUSDY Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set/Wood Pruning Saw Blades (10Piece)

HORUSDY Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set are the blades that we have kept in our list. These blades are excellent for their performance.

The manufacturers have designed these blades with high-quality carbon steel that works fast in cutting wood and pruning branches of large and small trees.

The combination of the blade set includes a good number of blades that help perform various types of necessary applications. These blades are compatible with all significant reciprocating saw brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Porter & cable.

You can easily use these blades for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and drywall depending on your requirements. You can generally use these blades for quick, accurate, and safe cutting through any material.

By using the most advanced alloys and tooth designs, reciprocating saw blades combine high strength, greater cutting power, and control. That’s why you can get faster, cleaner, and more accurate cuts, time after time.

at a glance
  • ​Combination set provides a number of blades for a typical task
  • ​Ideal for cutting metal, plastic, wood, and drywall
  • ​Suitable for fast wood cutting and pruning
  • ​Works with all significant reciprocating saw brands
  • ​Helps in more rapid, cleaner and more accurate cuts

​DEWALT DW4892 Reciprocating Saw Blades, ​ 12-Piece

at a glance
  • ​Tubular steel Material
  • ​25 Pounds Product weight
  • ​300 lbs Weight Capacity
  • ​60 x 17 x 10 Dimension (inches)
  • ​Large Wheel

​MK Morse RBA432T25 32 TPI Air Saw Blade (25 Pack)

MK Morse RBA432T25 32 TPI Air Saw Blade is the last one we have included in our choice list. The manufacturers have designed these blades for aerial saws for thin sheet metal applications.

These blades are suitable for modifying the automotive body and fabricating sheet metal.

These blades have a unique quality of cutting between body panels and rusted fasteners. Also, these blades are ½ inch wide, and so they provide flexibility for radius cuts.

These blades are good enough for smooth and refined cutting. The metal of the blades is strong enough that ensure longer lastingness. Moreover, these blades are Heat and wear-resistant, and therefore, extreme weather or temperature cannot put any harmful impact on them.

Usually, the length of these blades is 4-inch, and thickness is 0.025. It has a good number of TPI calculating 32 that ensure smooth cutting.

at a glance
  • ​Cut between body panels and under stripped/rusted fasteners
  • ​1/2-Inch wide blades provide flexibility for radius cuts
  • ​Smooth cutting action
  • ​Long life blade
  • ​Heat and wear-resistant

What is a Reciprocating Saw Used For?

A reciprocating saw is a fantastic saw for cutting through different types of materials. You can cut through most of the elements with the reciprocating saws. You cannot use a reciprocating saw for fine crafting.

You can typically use it for breaking down and tackling more significant projects. Besides, you can apply these saws into tight areas with an exposed blade and different positioning for cutting an accurate angle.

You can use several types of blades with a reciprocating saw, depending on the project and material you want to cut.

Most of the blades are in standard six-inch lengths, but you can also find smaller ones like the jig-saw types. There are also 12-inch blades that you can use for getting into deep flaws or cutting through thick timber.

Usually, you can use these saws for the following applications:

  • Tree branch cutting
  • Framework
  • Construction
  • Demolition work
  • Piping
  • Metal cutting
  • Home repairs (drywall for electrical wire placements, etc.)

As reciprocating saws are smaller than most of the heavy-duty power saws, you can easily manage to reach materials within spaces that are usually difficult to achieve.

You can also use these saws for overhead cuts, due to the relatively light designs of the tool.


​What saw the blade for reciprocating?

The reciprocating saw is one of the most multipurpose power tools that you can use in your performance. But to achieve the best result, you must choose the right blade for the material you want to cut. High-carbon steel blades are highly suitable for clean wood. Moreover, you can use bi-metal blades with high-speed steel teeth for cutting wood with nails.

​How thick can a reciprocating saw cut?

A reciprocating saw blade has three facets, and those are length, width, and thickness. If the range of the blades is higher, they can cut deeper. Besides, more full blades are typically stiff, and so they don’t bend and tremble easily. Most of the cases, you can perform heavy-duty activities with 7/8-inches wide and 0.062-inches thick blades.

​Can you use a reciprocating saw to cut tree branches?

A reciprocating saw is a kind of multipurpose power tools that you can apply in different types of cut. It can generally cut any material used in building. You can also use it for trimming the branches of trees. Although you can use a standard reciprocating saw blade to cut tree branches, you can get better result if you use a pruning blade.

​Are reciprocating saws dangerous?

Naturally, reciprocating saws can cut through wood, metal, and almost all sorts of materials used in construction activities. But they may be dangerous if you don’t handle them with the utmost care. One of the main hazards of reciprocating saws that you may face is their potential for kickback.

​How thick metal can a reciprocating saw cut?

Metal cut depends on the thickness of the blades. So, you have to select the correct blade for the metal you want to cut. You can use the blades with 20-24 teeth per inch for cutting thin metal, 10-18 teeth per inch for a medium thickness of metal, and a blade with around eight teeth per inch is suitable for thick metal.

​​The ​Bottom ​Line

​Thanks, Guys, I’ve reached the end of the journey. My goal in this article is to create standards related to the 5 Best Raised Blades Review. There are many great reviews on the web on this topic. ​

​To gain a deeper understanding of this subject you must have a clear idea of ​​the ​different type of reciprocating blades.

I appreciate it, and hopefully, if you can compare my discussions with others, you will find a lot more information. And this is a real-life experience.

I have tried to help you give accurate information based on my real-life experience.

You can read other product reviews such as reciprocating saw, circular saw blade, jigsaw blade, scroll saw blade, dado blade.

​Thank you for being with us. Hopefully, we will reach another article in the forthcoming times.

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