15 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews [2023]

Reciprocating saws are one of the most potent tools for vertical cutting. These tools will cut into a wide range of materials, making them very handy for contractors, woodworkers, fabricators, hobbyists, and other trades people. However, the cutting performance entirely depends on its blades. So, you should find the best Reciprocating saw blades for your saw (unit) for a successful project.

Picking the right reciprocating saw blade for your unit will entail considering important aspects like teeth, dimensions, and material.

By keeping these features in mind and understanding what your projects require, you can be confident of finding the right blades. And there are many types and manufacturers of reciprocating blades.

So without wasting any more time, let's the read!

What is a Reciprocating Saw Used For?

A reciprocating saw is a fantastic saw for cutting through different types of materials. You can cut through most of the elements with the reciprocating saws. You cannot use a reciprocating saw for fine crafting.

You can typically use it for breaking down and tackling more significant projects. Besides, you can apply these saws into tight areas with an exposed blade and different positioning for cutting an accurate angle.

You can use several types of blades with a reciprocating saw, depending on the project and material you want to cut.

Most of the blades are in standard six-inch lengths, but you can also find smaller ones like the jig-saw types. There are also 12-inch blades that you can use for getting into deep flaws or cutting through thick timber.

Usually, you can use these saws for the following applications:

  • Tree branch cutting
  • Framework
  • Construction
  • Demolition work
  • PVC Piping Cutting
  • Metal cutting
  • Home repairs (drywall for electrical wire placements, etc.)
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades, Metal/Wood Cutting Set, 6-Piece (DW4856),Metallic

As reciprocating saws are smaller than most of the heavy-duty power saws, you can easily manage to reach materials within spaces that are usually difficult to achieve.

You can also use these saws for overhead cuts, due to the relatively light designs of the tool.

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Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews with buying guide[2021]

#1 DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades, 6-Piece Metal/Wood Cutting Set, (DW4856)

We have included DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades, Metal/Wood Cutting Set in the third position in our list. It is also an excellent blade. You can use the blade for your perfect performance in cutting different things.

The blade is made of highly tolerable metal, so it lasts long. You can apply the blade for a wide range of cutting like metal, wood, plastic, and drywall.

Also, you can use the combination of blades set for everyday applications. The design of the Raker’s tooth increases the tooth contact area that helps in faster cuts.

Key Factors

  • Combination set provides several blades for typical activities
  • Suitable with all reciprocating saw brands
  • Ideal for cutting metal, plastic, wood, and drywall
  • Set contains six (6) reciprocating saw blades
  • Raker tooth design increases the contact area for faster cuts


These blades are compatible with all the reciprocating saw brands and provide almost all the advantages of cutting different materials. Moreover, gives straight cuts in heavy metal cutting applications and adds durability for tough demolition applications.

#2 WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set - (Metal/Woodcutting)

We have enlisted WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade set in our first choice. It is an excellent blade for its extraordinary performance.

There are different categories of the blade for different cutting. Woodcutting saw blade entirely made of CR-V steel can cut coarse/fuelwood with a thickness of 20-175mm.

These blades don’t have nails, so there is no possibility to break those. Also, there is a blade named pruning saw blade that you can use to cut branches of trees with less than dia. 180mm.

Metal saw blade made of Bi-material can cut metal easily with a thickness of 0.7-8mm, and pipes with dia. 5-100mm comfortably. WORKPRO 32-piece set Have also best metal cutting reciprocating saw blades that are perfect for metal cutting.

Besides, this blade is compatible with all reciprocating saw brands, and so you can use it with any saw undoubtedly.

Key Factors

  • Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands
  • Combination set provides several blades for typical applications
  • Assorted blades for cutting several types of wood, metal, plastic, and pipes
  • 2x 4" thin metal blades 24 TPI, 4x
  • 8x 6" wood blades 6TPI
  • 6" thick metal blades, 14 TPI


WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade is a Combination of blades that we can apply for everyday applications.

The WORKPRO 32-piece blades set is ideal for various cutting types such as metal, plastic, wood, and drywall. It’s one of the most popular blades set in the market.

#3 HORUSDY Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set/Wood Pruning Saw Blades (10Piece)

HORUSDY Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set are the blades that we have kept in our list. These blades are excellent for their performance.

The manufacturers have designed these blades with high-quality carbon steel that works fast in cutting wood and pruning branches of large and small trees.

The combination of the blade set includes a good number of blades that help perform various types of necessary applications. These blades are compatible with all significant reciprocating saw brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Porter & cable.

Key Factors

  • Combination set provides a number of blades for a typical task
  • Ideal for cutting metal, plastic, wood, and drywall
  • Suitable for fast wood cutting and pruning
  • Works with all significant reciprocating saw brands
  • Helps in more rapid, cleaner and more accurate cuts


You can easily use these blades for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and drywall, depending on your requirements. The bundle has one of the best metal cutting reciprocating saw blades.

You can also generally use these blades for quick, accurate, and safe cutting through any material.

#4 EZARC Reciprocating Saw Blade Heavy Metal Cutting 12-Inch 14TPI R1226PM+ (5-Pack)

If you want a saw blade that is highly durable for metal or steel cutting then you may go for the EZARC Reciprocating Saw Blade Heavy Metal Cutting. Because this amazing blade is made up of strong bi-metal technology with cobalt teeth.

It also resists high temperature which is produced while cutting heavy metal. And you know how harmful that is for a saw blade. Not only just metal cutting, demolition and construction activities can also be accomplished by this amazing tool.

The extra length (12 inches) of this blade does the job of a deeper and faster cut without any hesitation. Besides, this blade has got 14TPI that makes the cutting very smooth like silk.

Thanks to the manufacturer for making the blade with 1.1 mm thickness that will prevent bending and breaking down. I think now you’re released about the tension for its durability. Then don’t wait too much. Take yours as early as possible.

Key Factors

  • Strong technology for durability.
  • Doesn’t get hamper at high temperature.
  • Super multitasking ability.
  • Lengthy body for a fast cut.
  • A good amount of TPI to ease your activities.


The EZARC Reciprocating Saw Blade for Heavy Metal Cutting is such a blade that provides long life, temperature resistance, long body and great TPI at the same time. Though it’s a bit pricey, that is worth for its amazing features.

#5 Bosch RAP7PK 7-Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

Bosch RAP7PK 7-Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade is the last one that we have included on our choice list. It will give you a handy and practical experience regarding reciprocating saw blade. You will find this tool very useful because of its highly sharpen blades, which will tackle wood, wood with nails, metal, plastic, and PVC.

Its Bi-metal and high carbon steel construction body makes it very efficient in heavy use. The manufacturers make these blades with the combination of carbon and stainless steel, which maximizes its life.

The features and various blades design with precision ground teeth ensure a smoother and faster cutting experience and deliver high efficiency in cutting household wooden materials. The tool's weight is just only 0.8 ounces that will help you find this kit very handy and comfortable to use.

Our experts also give no compromise to make it a professional level reciprocating saw blade by incorporating high-quality materials, best manufacturing processes, and proven tooth-design features.

Key Factors

  • Bi-metal and high carbon steel construction body
  • Tackle wood, wood with nails, metal, plastic, and PVC.
  • Efficient in heavy use.
  • Very handy and comfortable to use.
  • Used high-quality materials, and best manufacturing processes


Bosch RAP7PK one of  the best bi metal reciprocating saw blades in the market. By using the most advanced alloys and tooth designs, reciprocating saw blades combine high strength, greater cutting power, and control.

That’s why you can get faster, cleaner, and more accurate cuts, time after time.

#6 DEWALT DW4892 Reciprocating Saw Blades, 12-Piece

We have included DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades in our choice-list. Reciprocating saw blade attached with case provides a wide selection of blades for use in many typical applications.

The included case can hold 9-inch blades and is capable of fitting in DEWALT power tool kit boxes for storing blade efficiently.

This set contains three DW4802 6-inch 6-TPI woodcutting blades, two DW4811 6-inch 18-TPI metal cutting blades, three DW4809 8-inch 14-TPI metal cutting blades, three DW4803 9-inch 6-TPI woodcutting blades, and one DW4865 9-inch 10-TPI demolition blade.

Woodcutting blades are typically thinner and more flexible than metal-cutting blades. Woodcutting blades usually possess less TPI than metal cutting blades.

Key Factors

  • Combination sets provide a good number of blades for typical applications
  • I design Tough case in a power tool kit box for quick blade storage
  • Included case expands to hold 9-inch blades
  • Case fits in DEWALT power tool kit boxes for easy blade storage
  • Set includes 12 blades


For cutting wood, 6-TPI is good enough. On the other hand, for cutting metal, we need the blades of more TPI (Teeth per Inch). For cutting metal quickly, the blades should have at least 14-TPI.

#7 IRWIN Reciprocating Saw Blades Set 11-Piece (4935496)

Reciprocating saw is one of the most versatile power tools for cutting various materials. But for the best performance, you need to choose the right blade for the material you want to cut.

High-carbon steel blades are good enough to cut clean wood, but you have to use bi-metal blades to cut wood with nails a little more expensive.

Reciprocating blades are especially perfect for performing strong and faster cuts. If you want to lead a DIY project where you need to cut different types of thick materials, a reciprocating bi-metal blade will be the best one.

Key Factors

  • Contains stronger, longer-lasting teeth
  • Bi-metal construction ensures faster cutting
  • More durable than ordinary saw blades
  • Precision-set teeth assure faster and smoother cuts
  • Suitable for cutting plastic, pipe, carbon steel, and stainless steel


The designers offer 11 blades in their packages for the most popular cutting applications. The blades made of bi-metal can execute faster cuts and longer cutting life. The blades have different lengths and TPI for different types of cutting.

You can apply both 1- 9-Inch 6 TPI and 5 - 6-Inch 6 TPI for nail-embedded Woodcutting. Moreover, you can use 1 - 8-Inch 18 TPI and 4 - 6-Inch 14 TPI blades for cutting metal.

#8 Makita 723086-A-A 6pc Recip Blade Assortment Pack 

Famous brand Makita’s new project Makita 723086-A-A has been launched recently. This is a set of 6 pieces reciprocating saw blade that comes with 2 different colors white and blue.

Out of that 6 blades, 5 ones comes with 6-inch length and rest one, we named it the mini beast, sized 3-1/2 inch. These blades are strong enough to set in workshops and quality construction let alone wooden work.

Now moving on to the TPI amount. The first one, a 6-inch blade contains 6 TPI for wood cutting. Secondly, the 6 inches 10 TPI for all purposes saw blade. The third one with 10 TPI and 6 inches long is strongly recommended for metal cutting.

Moving to the fourth, the mini beast also includes 18 TPI to bang the metal. The final twice with the progressive tooth is for metal cutting and all other purposes. Don’t be tensed about its durability. This metal blade won't disappoint you.

Key Factors

  • Includes many in a single packet.
  • Enough sturdy for common purposes.
  • The amazing variant of TPI, Highly durable.
  • Affordable to buy.


The Makita 723086-A-A offers you a 6 1 package that contains some extraordinary blades. You’ll hardly find any that offers so much at such affording price. Yes, heard that right.

The full package will be given to you in a very reasonable range. If you don’t believe that then check it out.

#9 KOWOOD - 6 Pcs Pack All Purpose Set 6-Inch Metal/Wood Saw Blades for Reciprocating Saws

Famous brand KOWOOD has recently launched an attractive set of saw blades for all common purposes. The package consisting of 6 different TPI blades for multitasking activities like wood, metal cutting and demolition.

The phrase “Smooth as silk” suits best for its cutting experience. You’ll find each of them equal in size, 6 inches. Besides, these amazing blades fit thoroughly with every promising branded Reciprocating Saw.

Thanks to the high-grade HCS /Bi-Metal material process that makes the blades sharper, sturdy and durable. No matter what the material is, it can do the cutting like a rocket.

The lightweight and size allow you to make a perfect cut in a little space too.

Key Factors

  • Great TPI variety.
  • Effortless cutting experience.
  • Highly durable.
  • Speedy performance than most others.
  • Unique color and design.


The KOWOOD, 6-Inch Metal/Wood Saw Blades are one of the most decent blades for reciprocating saw in the market right now. Compare to its amazing features this blade is much cheaper. Yes getting all the six blades at a very affordable price.

Don’t make much delay. Grab yours one fast.

#10 Freud DS0014S Nail-Embedded Wood & Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade Set 

The Freud DS0014S Reciprocating Saw Blade is a set of 2 different saw blades with different sizes and TPI. The Demo Demon and the steel Demon blades. These blades show its best performance in wood,nail embedded wood, metal cutting and demolition activities.

Thanks to the Bi-Metal technology that extends up to five times more durability of standard blades. Demo Demon bladesincluding a suitable number of TPI with variable teeth design.

It let you do your work faster and smooth as butter with slighter vibration. The steel demon also has something brilliant to show. This one comes with a double tooth configuration feature containing small gullets.

This will help to remove material quickly and take the durability to next level. Also getting astorage case. Impressed already?  the set comes with Parma-Shield Non-Stick coating to handle the heat and gumming.

Key Factors

  • Suitable length to make a deeper cut.
  • Variable TPI design for both ones.
  • High level of durability.
  • Strong technology against heat and gumming.


The Freud DS0014S Reciprocating saw blades offer many features in just a single item. It's hard to find another like this one in the market. Especially, the price limit is also affordable. So, what are you waiting for?

#11 Milwaukee 48-00-5026 The Ax 9-Inch 5 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blades, 5-Pack 

Another brilliant product Milwaukee 48-00-5026 Reciprocating Saw Blades from the famous brand Milwaukee has been launched a little while back.Like others on the list, this is also also a multitasking blade.

Wood, nail embedded wood, plaster, heavy metal etc. can be cut without any hinder using this super blade. Even you can accomplish remodeling and demolition with super comfort.

Thanks to the 9-inch lengthy blade consisting of 5TPI to create extra speed in your work. To prevent bending the manufacturer has made it in an extra thick size of 0.062 inches which is better than most others.

A huge appreciation for the heat treating process that has made the blade super durable. Guess what next! The bi-metal construction, it doesn’t let the blades shatter down.

Key Factors

  • Can be used for wood and heavy metal.
  • Lengthy body for a faster and deeper cut.
  • Perfect thickness to stop bending.
  • Tough enough to shatter.
  • Long-lasting than most others.


TheMilwaukee 48-00-5026 Reciprocating Saw Blades can be the perfect blades for your reciprocating saw. Wondering why? While others are made of simple material, this one came from genuine Cobalt. Besides, this one offers you 5 years of free warranty service. Isn’t that cool?

#12 CRAFTSMAN Reciprocating Saw Blades, 9-Piece Kit (2058840)

Proudly made in the US, the Craftsman saw blades are committed to quality. These special reciprocating blades are carefully optimized for efficient chopping and excellent durability.

Its Bi-metal construction is a definite plus for its robust nature. Being made from such a formation, the Craftsman saw blades tend to withstand longer while in action and perform equally for an extended time. 

One of the vital parts of a saw blade is the teeth formation. If the teeth are not well-designed and well-distanced, the result is going to be frustrating. But that’s not the case for Craftsman here. The teeth in this chopper are set precisely to maximize the impact while you cut through the woods.

Moreover, the teeth are optimized to slice through hardwoods and even metal materials. Even though that’s a highly ambitious attempt, but it’s definitely is capable.

Key Factors

  • Optimized for long-term durability
  • Well-distanced and well-set teeth formation
  • Teeth are optimized to slice through wood and metal.
  • Bi-Metal construction for heavy-duty impact


This blade set is a perfect budget-killer. With a set of well-positioned teeth set up, coupled with the Bi-metal build-quality, the blades are an excellent choice for any wood-chopping and pruning.

If you are trying to get a set of blades that actually work, but don’t want to reach the bottom of your pocket, give this one a try!  

#13 Porter-Cable PCA4898 10-Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

The famous brand Porter- Cable has launch a new product named Porter-Cable PCA4898 Reciprocating saw blade. The whole package is a set of 10 pieces of stainless steel blades.

These blades can be used for multitasking activities like wood cutting, demolition and other common uses. You will find 4 different categories of blades in the package. You can differentiate by the TPI.

The first 4 blades contain 18 TPI. The second 4 includes 6 TPI. Now the last two categories, each provide a single blade with 14 and 6 TPI in regular order. Liked that variation? 

For your security, the manufacturer has provided an expandable blades case hold. Another interesting thing is the whole package contains only 0.75 pounds. That means you're getting your desired lightweight 10 blades in just a package.

Key Factors

  • Surprising package with a set of 10 piece blades.
  • Better for multitasking.
  • The package includes variant TPI.
  • Safe storage for blades.


The Porter-Cable PCA4898 Reciprocating Saw Blades has a set of 10 blades that can be used for various purposes. Besides, you can utilize the mind-blowing variation of TPI as per your need.

#14 Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9" Carbide General Purpose Reciprocating Blade (3 Pack) 

Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9" Carbide General Purpose Reciprocating Blade is the first reciprocating blade on the market that can handle both wood and metal at the same time.

These blades' unique design and features help deliver 50 times more durability while cutting wood and metal applications. Its 9-inch long blade body with 9TPI carbide teeth design will help you cutting things faster like a rocket.

Thanks to the manufacturer for using Perma-Shield non-stick coating to make the blade durable and bend-proof. That’s why it can be used efficiently for nail-embedded timber and demolition with a 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch thick heavy metal.

Key Factors

  • High durability than most others.
  • Lengthy body for quicker use.
  • Satisfying TPI number and design.
  • Great multitasking ability, Strong body structure.


The Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo blade is perfect for both home and professional uses. The Perma shield nonstick technology and carbide tooth design are always ready to blow you and show their performance.

15.  9" L Reciprocating Saw Blade, 5 pk.

9" L Reciprocating Saw Blade The Milwaukee brand has recently launched a reciprocating saw blade named 9" L Reciprocating Saw Blade. If you want a sturdy blade that can go through almost every heavy material, then you will find hardly other options better than it.

This blade is mainly manufactured in such a way that can handle tough works like demolition, plumbing, metal cutting, fire, and rescue work. Thanks to this 9-inch-long blade that can make a deeper cut faster than most others.

Because of its 0.042-inch-thick structure, it won’t clog while cutting and now moving on to its TPI (teeth per inch). This blade comes with 10 TPI that can be used on 1/4 inch through 3/8-inch-thick materials.

This thick blade is just 0.23 kg, so that it doesn’t create extra weight. It ends up with its carbide steel construction that helps to cut fast and provides long time durability.

Key Factors

  • Super-fast cutting ability.
  • Easy to identify because of its unique color.
  • Extra TPI compares to most others.
  • The capability of doing multitasking.
  • Strong body structure.


The Milwaukee 9" L Reciprocating Saw Blade makes your task faster while most others take an extended period. Besides, you are getting a limited warranty if you can prove any material defection. You won’t find that many.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Reciprocating Saw Blades.

Obviously, a reciprocating saw is a powerful tool but the main strength of it mostly depends on its blades.  A saw can do multitask just by changing its blades. Yes, blades work here like mood.

Youll find different kinds of reciprocating blades on the market. But finding the very best one really is tough work. Mostly it depends on the types of tasks you are going to do.

Then still you should look at these 5 things below to get such a perfect blade.

Width & Shape

While choosing your reciprocating saw blades, must look thoroughly to its width and shape. Accurate wider blades are more stable, bending proof and make less vibration to make straighter and aggressive cuts.

The minimum range should be from 3/4’’ inch to 1 inch for a wider blade. Besides, the shape of blades also matters in this issue. Different shapes maintain different works such as the straight shaped blade show their best for edge cutting.

Blades Materials

Importance of learning about the materials of the blades cant be denied anyhow. Yes, the durability of your saw blades highly depends on the blade materials. Many blades are made up of ordinary materials. Please, don’t go for them.

You may have blades that are made up of recent High Carbon Steel (HCS), High-Speed Steel (HSS) and Bi-metal technology. This type of process doesn’t let the blades bend or shatter down easily.

HORUSDY Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set/Wood Pruning Saw Blades (10Piece))


Thick blades are very durable than most others. That’s why keep it up in your mind before you purchase a saw blade. No matter how heavy the material is, an extra thickness will make your task easier.

0.035" - standard duty, 0.042" - medium-heavy duty, 0.050" - heavy-duty, 0.062" - ultra-heavy duty. Thinking what’s this now? It’s a measurement for ideal thickness.

But, please don’t buy blades under 0.030 inches. It may cause irritating bend and broken down.


If your blades are long enoughthen you must be very lucky. Because long blades can make the deeper and faster cut very easily. Don’t go under the range from 3" - 12".

Most importantly, it is good to have blades that are slightly longer than the thickness of the cutting thing. This will reduce slipping and binding rapidly. But that doesn’t mean to have a very long length blade.

WORKPRO 32-piece Reciprocating Saw Blade Set - Metal/Woodcutting Saw Blades, Pruner Saw Blades with Organizer Pouch


One of the most important parts of a saw blade is the amount of TPI ( tooth per inch) .  It ranges from 3 - 24 TPI. A question always moves in our mind so badly that what is the job of TPI. It mainly controls the speed and roughness of the cut.

If the TPI is low, then it must finish your job very quickly but the roughness will increase. In opposite, if TPI is very high, then you can hope to get a slow but smooth task.


What saw the blade for reciprocating?

The reciprocating saw is one of the most multipurpose power tools that you can use in your performance. But to achieve the best result, you must choose the right blade for the material you want to cut. High-carbon steel blades are highly suitable for clean wood. Moreover, you can use bi-metal blades with high-speed steel teeth for cutting wood with nails.

How thick can a reciprocating saw cut?

A reciprocating saw blade has three facets, and those are length, width, and thickness. If the range of the blades is higher, they can cut deeper. Besides, more full blades are typically stiff, and so they don’t bend and tremble easily. Most of the cases, you can perform heavy-duty activities with 7/8-inches wide and 0.062-inches thick blades.

Can you use a reciprocating saw to cut tree branches?

A reciprocating saw is a kind of multipurpose power tools that you can apply in different types of cut. It can generally cut any material used in building. You can also use it for trimming the branches of trees. Although you can use a standard reciprocating saw blade to cut tree branches, you can get better result if you use a pruning blade.

Are reciprocating saws dangerous?

Naturally, reciprocating saws can cut through wood, metal, and almost all sorts of materials used in construction activities. But they may be dangerous if you don’t handle them with the utmost care. One of the main hazards of reciprocating saws that you may face is their potential for kickback.

How thick metal can a reciprocating saw cut?

Metal cut depends on the thickness of the blades. So, you have to select the correct blade for the metal you want to cut. You can use the blades with 20-24 teeth per inch for cutting thin metal, 10-18 teeth per inch for a medium thickness of metal, and a blade with around eight teeth per inch is suitable for thick metal.

The Bottom Line

Thanks, Guys, I’ve reached the end of the journey. My goal in this article is to create standards related to the 5 Best Raised Blades Review. There are many great reviews on the web on this topic. 

To gain a deeper understanding of this subject you must have a clear idea of the different type of reciprocating blades.

I appreciate it, and hopefully, if you can compare my discussions with others, you will find a lot more information. And this is a real-life experience.

I have tried to help you give accurate information based on my real-life experience. You can read other product reviews such as reciprocating saw, circular saw blade, jigsaw blade, scroll saw blade, dado blade.

Hopefully, we will reach another article in the forthcoming times.

Thank you for being with us.

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