Hypoid vs. Worm Drive Circular saw

Hypoid vs Worm Drive Circular saw What’s the difference ?

When the world is your oyster and time at home, why not build a treehouse? You can depend on Hypoid saws for cutting woodworking projects like roofs without worrying about branches falling on you. Or choose a Worm Drive saw that make quick work of concrete surfaces. Let’s find out more about hypoid vs worm drive circular saw.There is a big debate when it comes to which saw is better for repairing, a worm drive or hypoid saw. In this…

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Best Track Saws

7 Best Track Saw for your Woodworking Project

Track saws are one of the most popular handy tools for woodworkers. It’s damn hard to cut the woods accurately. But, with the track saws, everything is so easy. A track saw is pretty much like a circular saw. However, the work style is quite different. Track saws are more accurate than circular saws.The principal thing about a track saw is to make long inch-perfect rip cuts. If you need extra cutting capability and high-level accuracy, track saws are perfect…

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Best Cordless Circular Saw

10 Best Cordless Circular Saw – Review and Guides [2022]

Cordless Circular Saw is one of the most popular household items in recent times. It is a very powerful tool. Due to their lightweight design and extra features, they have outnumbered corded shaw. It is a perfect tool for woodworkers. The reason is it can do various tasks. Hence, homeworkers can also use it in their home.The cordless circular saw can effectively cut steel, plywood, granite, etc. things. There are many models on the market. If you are seeking to…

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Best Worm Drive Circular Saw

7 Best Worm Drive Circular Saw| Top Picks & Reviews 2022

When doing some hardwood project or construction work, you will need the best worm drive circular saw to get the best outcome. These saws have the most visible cut line, powerful motor, bevel, and torque capacity to beat the most intense woodcutting jobs.However, not all saws have the same capability. So, we have picked the top seven worm drive saws. Some are capable of ripping through the lumbers, where some can cut through concrete. There is a maintenance-free version as…

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How to Install Band Saw Tires

How to Install Band Saw Tires – A Definitive Guide

It’s not far-fetching to say that a slight loosening of a bandsaw tire can cost you a limb. Yeah, it’s as scary as it sounds. Most built-in rubber bandsaw wheel tires tend to get loosened over time, and if not kept in check, it may result in a piece of bad news.That’s why you need to replace the bandsaw tire once in a while, and of course, when you can sense, it’s getting loose. If you don’t know how to…

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What Is A Track Saw Used For

What Is A Track Saw Used For?

Why combine two different types of saws when you can get the work done with one? Yes, a track saw aids you get rid of both the table saw and the circular saw with its versatile application. Usually, when we cut a long piece of wood, it’s primary the circular saw that cuts the long piece into one, and then the table saw that shapes it up. With a track saw in house, you can easily shorten this long process…

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Reciprocating saw uses

Reciprocating saw uses: A detailed discussion with safety tips

Whenever I get to hold a Reciprocating Saw, this quote pops up in my mind, “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” One of the great offerings of modern technology is this powerful tool called the Reciprocating saw. Some people also call it Sawzall often.  You will find various types of saws but, when it comes to handling your home projects, both manual saws and electric saws comes in handy. But it won’t be wise to purchase just one saw…

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Miter saw tips and tricks

Miter saw tips and tricks | You should learn

If you have a miter saw, you are already a few steps ahead in woodworking. It takes your woodworking to a whole new level with its amazing cutting technique. But if you are using it as everybody else does, then you are definitely missing the point.In this article, we are going to share some unique miter saw tips and tricks with you. These tips will definitely help you to make the best out of your miter saw machine like never…

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What is Chainsaw Kickback? How to Prevent Chainsaw Kickback?

If you are a regular chainsaw user, you must be familiar with the term “chainsaw kickback.” You know how’s it feels to experience the moment when your chain is delivering a backward momentum.For an inexperienced cutter, this is like their daily breakfast. But it’s not something unavoidable like death. You know, there’s a saying, “you’re either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.” So, yeah, also, the solution to this problem is in your hand.All it…

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Best barrel grip jigsaw

10 Best barrel grip jigsaw| expert reviews for 2022

Woodworking tools have gone through multiple innovations throughout the years, and the barrel grip jigsaw is certainly one of them. A relatively newer design to help you out on your projects. Keep attention to the article to know more about the best barrel grip jigsaw.Whether it’d be making intricate cuts that you do often, you need better control, precision, or just overall convenience and efficiency for your projects, and you can’t go wrong with a barrel grip jigsaw.What is a…

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