10 Best Cordless Circular Saw – Review and Guides [2023]

Cordless Circular Saw is one of the most popular household items in recent times. It is a very powerful tool. Due to their lightweight design and extra features, they have outnumbered corded shaw. It is a perfect tool for woodworkers. The reason is it can do various tasks. Hence, homeworkers can also use it in their home.

The cordless circular saw can effectively cut steel, plywood, granite, etc. things. There are many models on the market. If you are seeking to buy the best cordless circular saw, you’re in the right place.

Here, we will discuss the 10 best cordless circular saws - reviews and guides. Let’s jump into the discussion -

What is Circular Saw

A circular saw is an extremely powerful cutting tool. It can easily cut various materials including timber, steel, granite, concrete board, etc. Additionally, circular saws use a round blade which contains incisive metal teeth. The round blade spins when it cuts the different materials. Circular saw can cut very smoothly.

Further, you can use it by mounting it to a machine or hand-held. The blades of the circular saw are mainly designed through specific materials.

Different Type of Circular Saw

There are four different types of circular saws. They are -

  • General Circular Saw
  • Worm Drive Circular Saw
  • Rear Handle Circular Saw
  • Sidewinders Circular Saw

General Circular Saw

The general circular saw is the usual type saw. They don’t have any usual specialty at all. The General Circular Saw also have a Mini Circular Saw which is easy to operate in a congested area. With a Cordless Mini Circular Saw you will be able to work efficiently As a carpenter or construction worker.

It will be best for you if You invest in the Makita SH02R1 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-3/8" Circular Saw Kit

Worm Drive Circular Saw

This is the most common circular saw. The motor of this saw adjusted in the back which is rare. As a result, the blade of the saw is a bit longer and is much thinner. As the motor is placed in the back, the speed of these saws is typically slow.

But, they have huge popularity due to their immense durability and power. To get the best service from them, you have to add extra oil.

Rear Handle Circular Saw

It is widely known as in-line circular saws. The motor is organized on the right half of the saw. Therefore, it is lightweight and simple to carry. Further, the blade of the saw moves so fast as it can make the best use of its energy.

These in-line saws of the engine assist the edge to work with more speed near 5500-6000 RPM.

Sidewinder Circular Saw

1-Min Quick Summary

Now, we want to provide a 1-minute quick summary review. Take a look -

  • Best For Money - Makita XSH03Z 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Circular Saw Kit
    This is overall a good product. It is a compact, ergonomic cordless circular saw.
  • Editor’s Pick - DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
    The DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is capable to provide you with the maximum power. It is also portable and highly versatile
  • The Ultimate Choice - SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw
    This cordless circular saw is the go-to wood-cutting tool for DIY projects around the house.
  • Durability - BOSCH Bare-Tool Circular Saw
    The Bosch CCS180B Circular Saw Bare Tool has been built magnificently. It can provide a good service for a longer period.
  • Best for Extreme Cuts: BOSCH RP95 9 In. 5 TPI Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades
    “Designed for offering the extreme pruning cuts, these blades serve most purposes”
  • High-Performance Motor - CRAFTSMAN V20 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw
    The performance of the motor is super-high. This motor runs at 4, 200 RPM's.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design - Hammerhead 20V 6-1/2 Inch Circular Saw
    It is very lightweight and portable. You can carry it anywhere with much ease. The maneuverability is also superb while it is very hard.
  • Extreme Lightweight: PORTER-CABLE Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades
    “These blades add the least weight to your reciprocating saw setup without a doubt.”

  • Best for Professional Use: Pruning Blades for Reciprocating KOWOOD-5 Pcs Pack
    “With its high-quality build-up and versatile application option, this blade is quite useful for any professional use.”
  • Best Package: Luckyway 10-Piece 9 Inch Pruner Saw Blades Set
    “The package comes with 10 pruning blades for long-term use.”

10 best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

There are countless circular saws available on the market. It could make anybody confused. This is why we sorted only 10 products. Here are the 10 best cordless circular saw reviews from us.

Let’s check it out -

Makita XSH03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Circular Saw

Is there any need to introduce Makita tools? We don’t think so. It is known by everyone how much quality they ensure. Moreover, Makita products are also suitable for both amateurs and professionals. That’s why they have an extra appeal to everyone. The Makita XSH03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Circular Saw is no different at all.

The most fascinating thing about this saw is its fantastic battery. Makita’s LXT technology is one of the best and it extends the battery life. You can use the saw without any interruption for a long time.

The motor is also potent enough. It can give the speed of 5000 RPM for quick cutting and ripping. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a heavy-duty product.

The weight is not so heavy. It is a lightweight and portable product. Hence, the electric brake provides more accuracy and stability. It is also the conductor behind productivity.

The addition of a rafter hook gives it storage while the soft grip handle provides utmost comfort. In addition, this is perfect for farmers, builders, etc.

Key Features

(+) Powerful Saw

It is like a leviathan product. This tool can easily cut through the robust components.

(+) Increased Durability

This product consists of Makita Extreme Protection Technology. That’s why it gets ultimate protection from dust, water, debris, etc.

(+) Lightweight

The weight of the product is only 6. 4 lbs. Therefore, it is very easy to carry and portable.

(+) Battery Life

The battery of the product is quite astonishing. Its LXT tech is the main reason behind its prolonging battery life.

Why Should You Buy

Just like the other products of Makita, it is also suitable for beginners and professionals. The battery, durability, ergonomically designed, balance - everything is nearly pinch-perfect. Definitely a recommended product.

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

This DEWALT 20V cordless circular gives you heavy-duty performance. It will also provide power, durability, and high-level working capability. The length of the blade is 7.25 Inches. As it has 2 inches wide capacity, it is capable of delivering versatile cuts.

The saw is run by high torque that assures a sturdy motor. Moreover, the motor is quite silent and it won’t disturb anybody. The powerful motor can proficiently produce a speedy blade that has a speed of 5700 RPM. To provide you with enough safety, it contains a smooth blade guard system.

Further, it is so convenient to use. The Bevel capacity of this product is up to 57 degrees. It has depth adjustability with a measurement gauge and a 45-degree angle. Another good thing is that this saw comes in a variety of collections. You will have numerous options.

For instance, you can purchase it as just a tool with a blade or as other accessories. It only depends on you.

Key Features

(+) Deep Cutting

The circular saw is 25 inches. It can cut from 0.56 inches to 2 inches deep.

(+) Easy to Use

This thing is much lightweight and so easy to use.

(+) Safety Features

The safety feature of this product is unreal. There is a special brake and blade guard system available for this circular saw.

(+) Battery Life

It is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery.

Why Should You Buy

This is a light and comfortable product. You will feel good at hand. The performance is heavy-duty. Therefore, it could be a fantastic option for you.

SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw

This is a super powerful and precise circular saw. Hence, this is also a very effective tool that could help you in many ways. The Skil 20V circular saw comes with 2.0Ah PW Core 20 Lithium Battery and 20V Charger. Whether it is hardwoods or to cut various materials, this saw is phenomenal.

It is designed for power, regulation, and effectiveness. Moreover, this could be perfect for your DIY projects. The cutting of this saw is accurate and nearly perfect. Besides, the battery is capable of holding a good amount of charge. It is much easier to control than most brands around the world.

The SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw doesn’t produce noise at all during its operation. It works quite easily. If you do any outdoor project, it can help you vastly.

When you press the switch, it gains high-level speed. It is also safe as it has a top-notch guard system. Moreover, this product is inexpensive.

Key Features

(+) Fast Cuts

This cordless circular saw can make your cutting job so fast and accurate. It is a go-to wood-cutting tool for DIY projects.

(+) Longer Run Time and Battery Life

The PWR core 20 Lithium battery has an extended run time. It is capable of keeping the battery cool and gives extra life to it. The patent battery features high-class technology. That’s why the battery life expanded so much.

(+) Quick Bevel Adjustment

A bevel cutting limit from 0–50 degrees implies you can arrive at the most regularly cut points.

(+) Easy Grip Adjustment

Ergonomic design for two-gave activity guarantees you have a warm and adjusted hold.

(+) Extra Safety

There’s an extra safety layer in this saw. It has increased the safety issue.

Why Should You Buy

This is an astonishing cordless circular saw. You can cut various things quite easily with this saw. The battery is extremely proficient as it can give long service. Definitely recommendable.

BOSCH Bare-Tool CCS180B Circular Saw

Bosch is one of the finest German technological companies. They have progressed so much in household appliances, industrial technology, mobile hardware, etc. It is suitable for DIY enthusiasts. Hence, it is only 6.5” lbs and its length is 12.5 inches. This saw can cut easily while it includes a 50° bevel for added versatility.

If you want to get outstanding accuracy, it could be a perfect addition for you. This power tool is an extraordinary equipment for professional builders and carpenters. Besides, it comes with a lower-blade guard and an easy-to-read bevel scale.

This saw is manufactured by heavy-duty aluminium foot. Therefore, it is super strong and durable.

Further, it is made to perform various toughest tasks. Many professionals use this to finish high-demanding project works. The size of the equipment is small and it is a lightweight product.

The saw is available on the market in three colors - blue, red, and black. Moreover, it also comprises ECP or electronic cell protection. This is why it is free of overheating.

Key Features

(+) Precision

It can easily cut 2-inch thin material with sheer precision.

(+) Accuracy

The tool contains a high-class anti-snag lower guard. Therefore, it has great accuracy.

(+) Versatility

The German giant includes a 50° bevel in this product. It automatically increases the versatility of the product.

(+) Durability

As the main material of this product is the aluminium foot, it is extremely sturdy and durable. It can easily hold out against various tough tasks.

(+) Comfort

The handle of this circular saw is comfortable for everyone. There’s no risk for any back pain or difficulties at all.

(+) ECP

Due to the Electronic Cell Protection, there’s very little chance of overheating.

Why Should You Buy

This circular saw gives a magnetic performance in professional works. It is extremely accurate, easy to use and durable. Additionally, this tool completes the task efficiently.

It is also powerful and versatile. You could use it for DIY projects easily along with other tasks.


Dewalt circular saw is undoubtedly one of the finest saws on the market. It can cut plywood and other materials quite easily. The blade length is 4 inches and it is so powerful. This saw comes with FLEXVOLT Advantage tool technology. Hence, the ergonomic grip and standard size make it one of the desired circular saws.

One of the most attractive features of this product is it is powered by either a 60v or 20v power. It depends on the battery you install. On top of that, it doesn’t produce sound at all while working.

The saw is run through a high torque ensuring a powerful motor. This motor is capable of producing a huge blade speed of 5700 RPM.

Furthermore, the construction is solid and it’s quite easy to handle. This product is also lightweight and durable. It also features an electric brake. This is essential to avoid any kind of calamity. Further, it comprises a 57- degree range for bevel cuts.

Key Features

(+) Powerful Motor

This is a great powerful tool. The model features a highly powerful motor with 5,700 RPM.

(+) Electric Brake

The electric brake can stop the blade if somehow the trigger is released.

(+) Noiseless

This product is almost soundless and that’s why you won’t feel any type of noise.

(+) Solid Construction

The product is compact and the construction of it is very sturdy.

(+) Easy Storage

You will find a consolidated transom hook. That’s why you can store the product quite easily.

Why Should You Buy

This saw is like a monster. Dewalt's model can perform heavy-duty tasks in a short period. Hence, this is a phenomenal saw with good size, extreme power, and many other superb qualities.

CRAFTSMAN V20 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

V20 Cordless Circular Saw is such a high-class and superior saw in today’s market. If you want good quality service at a reasonable price, this saw will be perfect for you. Moreover, the motor of this saw provides high performance. It’s built with a metal shoe. This is the reason it is so durable and long-lasting.

The design is compact and lightweight. You can carry and use it quite easily. Further, you won’t get fatigued. The contoured molded handle will give you utter comfort to use the product. Additionally, its high-quality motor is capable of running at 4, 200 RPMs. It also has a brake that could stop triggering a tragedy.

In addition, the length of the blade is 2 inches. It can easily cut other things. Hence, it has a 50-degree tool-free bevel capacity. The battery is too good as it can give long service.

You will get a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Key Features

(+) High-powered Motor

The motor is literally a giant! It can operate at 4200 RPM speed.

(+) Compact Size

The size is extremely dense and impenetrable. This is the reason you won’t feel tired with it.

(+) Cross-Cutting Capabilities

V20 circular saw accepts 61/2 in. Blades for cross-cutting 2x material.

(+) Durability

The metal shoe is quite strong and it stands on the bit outer side. It is essential to provide durability to the product.

(+) Comfort

The outline of the product can give utter comfort.

Why Should You Buy

This one can give you a super quality service at a reasonable price. You’ll have various features along with good quality service with this circular saw.

Hammerhead 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw

Hammerhead is another excellent power tool manufacturer. Their 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw is worthy of mention in the list. The design and materials are high-quality. Hence, the length of the blade is 8 inches. It can cut the desired product in a versatile way.

Further, the product is lightweight and compact. You can do the task quite easily with this circular saw.

It features a powerful motor with 5,000 RPM. Additionally, it contains a 6-1/2” carbide-tipped blade. Due to the blade, it acquires a high amount of durability. You don’t have to drag a cord to finish the job when you use a Hammerhead Circular Saw.

This saw looks big and bulky. But, it is actually very easy to use and it can cut through anything. You can cut any large things with this saw quite easily. Moreover, this saw consisted of a durable-lithium ion battery.

The battery is long-lasting and it is capable of giving excellent service.

Key Features

(+) Superb Performance

The motor of this product provides 5,000 RPM. It is the main conductor behind its super speed and performance.

(+) Lightweight

This circular saw looks bulky. But, it is actually lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

(+) Ergonomic Design

Left-sided edge plan for extraordinary cut-line perceivability, over shape on the handle for an agreeable grasp insight.

(+) Durability

The 6-1/2” carbide-tipped blade gives it high-level durability.

(+) Safety

There’s a safety-lock off in this saw. It is helpful against any accidental operation occurred by the user.

Why Should You Buy

The Hammerhead 20V 6-1/2” cordless circular saw has a powerful motor, ergonomic design, maneuverability, etc. It can cut in an easier way while giving ultimate protection.

So, it could be a great addition for you.

BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C Cordless Circular Saw

The Black Decker BDCCS20C Cordless Circular Saw is the perfect tool for DIY projects. It is all-around, portable, and convenient to use. Further, the blade length of the saw is only 5.5 inches. This small sized tool can be so useful for you.

Furthermore, the circular saw features a powerful 3000 SPM motor. That’s why it has a great speed. Besides, there is an electric brake adjusted with it. This brake is essential to control the saw when it is wrongfully triggered. It is also comfortable to use.

This Black Decker saw is beautifully designed. It is a heavy-duty, ergonomic circular saw. The handles of the saw are covered with grips. This is why you won’t feel any problem while handling the saw.

On top of that, Black Decker saw gives you a tilting capacity up to 45o angle. The most important thing is it is a low-priced product. At this price, you will get a 20V battery, a charger, and a carbide-tipped blade.

Key Features

(+) Lightweight

The size of the saw is only 5.5 inches. It is not hard to use and lightweight.

(+) Heavy-duty

It is an ergonomic design and it is quite simple to use.

(+) Design

The design is beautiful and sophisticated.

(+) Bevel Capacity

It has a bevel capacity up to 45o angle.

(+) Battery

It is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery. That’s why it can give a long-run service.

Why Should You Buy

This product doesn’t possess a powerful motor. But, it can still be good for DIY projects and other works. You’ll get this tool at an exceptionally lower-rate.

PORTER-CABLE PCC660B Cordless Circular Saw

The Porter Cable PCC660B Circular Saw is an astonishing tool to cut various things. This is probably the least expensive model available to access. Despite the cheaper rate, the quality is pretty good. The design is splendid while it is also a high-powerful tool.

Moreover, the length of the blade is 6.5 Inches. It is a monstrous saw that comes with the speed of 4000 RPM. The product is lightweight as its weight is only 6.5 lbs. Therefore, the cordless saw is lightweight and you don’t have to bear any pain to carry it. The saw has a wide cutting depth capability.

Thus, you can cut various materials in a wide range of thicknesses. Moreover, it doesn’t produce sound during the operation. The contoured handle could provide absolute comfort.

Key Features

(+) Lightweight

The weight of the product is only 6.5 lbs. Therefore, it is super lightweight.

(+) High-Speed

It has a huge blade that has speed around 4000 RPM.

(+) Comfort

Contoured Overmolded Handle will provide you extreme comfort to handle the product.

Why Should You Buy

It is a cheaper product with lots of quality. You can carry it easily whilst the design of it is also splendid. It is also comfortable to use. As a result, you can use it if you have a budget restriction.

GALAX PRO DC-20V 5-1/2” Cordless Circular Saw

This saw comes with a 2.0Ah Lithium Ion battery. The battery backup is so powerful. You can run the tool for a long period. It is a hand-held electric saw. Hence, it can perform multipurpose works like cutting wood, PVC pipe, meter cuts and many other tasks in an easy way. All you need to do is use different blades to perform those details.

It is a well-designed device that can cut various things without making any hassle. The design is lightweight and compact. Moreover, it is an ergonomic and heavy-duty product.

You will also feel comfortable and flexible with it. In addition, you’ll receive various products along with this saw.

Key Features

Key Features

(+) Multipurpose Use

You can use the product for various purposes.

(+) Safety & Ergonomic Design

The design is ergonomic and you’ll feel safe and comfortable.

Why Should You Buy

It is a lightweight product and you can use it for various purposes. Therefore, it could be a great addition.

Before purchasing a cordless circular saw ( Buying Guide)

Before purchasing a cordless circular saw, you have to check out some important factors. For your convenience, we have presented the buying guy separately in these two groups of hardware and features.

Let’s see -

Sidewinder or Rear-Handle?

The difference between sidewinder and rear-handle depends on different regions. The West area of this world prefers to stick with rear-handles while the east parts tend to use sidewinders. The rear-handle saw generally isn't the real worm saw.

On the other hand, the sidewinder uses a direct drive gearing system. But, rear-handle saws are much heavier than sidewinders. Moreover, both styles use brushless motors.

Motor/ Brushless or non brushless motor

The difference between brushless or non brushless motors is mainly the friction. Usually, a brushless motor produces less friction. On the other hand, a non-brushless motor produces more friction.

Due to the high friction, non-brushless motor’s efficiency ratings stay around 70 percent. Besides, due to the less friction, brushless motor efficiency ratings stay around 90 percent.

Blade Left or Blade Right?

Most of the professionals actually don’t give a damn about it. But, everyone has their own preference. They don’t like to purchase a blade that sits in the wrong place. For this reason, you should try out from both sides. You could check out which one will be the best for you.

Features To Consider

  • Cutline blower/ Cutting Power or RPM: Utilizes exhaust wind current to drive sawdust away from your cutline.
  • Magnesium Components: Magnesium components significantly reduce the weight of the product. But, it also keeps the strength of the tool.
  • Blade Size: Blade size should be around 4 to 8 inches.
  • Guard Action: This is one of the most important things. Without it, you could injure yourself.
  • Weight and Maneuverability: Weight and maneuverability should be less. Otherwise, you could face a severe problem.
  • Dust Port: It offers a link to a vacuum for better cleansing.
  • LED light: Add LED lights to the visible place of the saw. It will assist you to check out the cutline.

Additional Features

There are some additional features too. You should check them too to get the best output from the device. Let’s check it -

  • Electronic Brake: It works as a safeguard. It can stop the blade faster in case it is wrongfully triggered.
  • Trigger Safety Design: It varies actually. Some people tend to like the push-in style. On the other hand, some people love push-down styles.
  • Rafter Hook: You can store various things in it.
  • Rail Compatibility: Enables the saw to join to a track for profoundly exact cuts.

Tips for using cordless circular saws

In these modern times, cordless circular saws are providing us with great benefits. You don’t have to go to workshops anymore due to this equipment. As technology advances more and more, cordless circular saws are shaping a new form. It is very close to outperforming its corded cousins.

To use it correctly and get the highest benefit, you have to know how the cordless circular saws work. Below, we are giving you some notions and tips about it.

Check it closely -

Avoid cheap or substandard saws.

First, you have to purchase a high-quality circular saw with a sharp and long-lasting blade. Never go for a low-quality product. It will be backfired.

The reason is it could break so quickly, doesn’t have enough safety features, and isn't durable. Moreover, you shouldn’t buy sensitive things like a circular saw at a cheaper rate. It could be risky. A cheap quality product can break soon or fail to perform well.

Wear Safety Gear

Before starting working with the cordless saw, it is necessary to wear safety gear. Firstly, you should wear safety goggles. When you start cutting, the blades of the product and dirt start to fly around. The blade pieces could turn into projectiles! It could be harmful to your eyeballs.

As a result, your eyes could be in potential danger. Besides, the dust could get into your nose when you inhale. There’s a big chance it could make a big problem for your health. Consider these things and wear eyeglasses to protect your eyes.

Moreover, you should also wear hearing equipment. Cordless saw produces high sounds that could be perilous for your ear.

Apart from wearing eyewear, you still have to take some extra measurements. It will keep you safe and sound we can assure you. Now, look at the additional steps -

  • Ensure that the cutting parameters are projected at full tilt.
  • Turn off the saw while making adjustments to it.
  • Don’t carry this equipment around your finger. The reason is if it is “On” somehow, there’s a big chance it could cut off your finger. So, be aware of this.

Inspect The Equipment

You have to check out the retracting blade guard. Always make sure you can retract it quite easily. This is a very important safety measure. On top of that, check out whether the battery is on or off. Never inspect this gear without switching it off. Otherwise, you could hurt yourself badly.

Use Sharp Blade

There are different types of blades available for cordless saws. You should use the right blade. And, you need to use a sharp blade. The sharp blade is more fun to use while it also makes the job done conveniently.

Check Out The Block

Before cutting a sturdy material, you have to check out the block. There’s always a possibility of nails and residues getting into the saw. It could severely damage the tool and its workability will decrease massively.


Is it worth getting a cordless circular saw?

It is actually worth getting a cordless circular saw. These products are durable and tend to last for a long time if you clean them regularly. But, their lifespan decreased with daily use. The batteries of the saw also play a big role in such a case.

Are cordless circular saws powerful enough?

Cordless circular saws usually use battery power that is mazer in Volt, and it can range from 12 volts to 40 volts. Provides more power for the higher voltage for a cordless circular saw. Moreover modern cordless circular saw models use brushless motors so the cordless saws are strong enough for your craze.

Most of them are powerful. You should check out this article carefully to learn that.

On a final note

We are at the endpoint of our long discussion. So, what’s your take from our discussion?? Do you really feel it is helpful? Moreover, which cordless circular saw will be perfect for you or according to you what is the best cordless circular saw?

Feel free to make a comment in the below.

Until next time, goodbye!

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