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Types of saws with pictures

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types of saws

Types of saws with pictures

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Are you a carpenter! Whether or not, you can’t imagine woodworking factories or DIY project with no saws. No, doubts It’s a handy tool for any DIY or woodcutting project. There are two fundamental types of saws have their handed saws and power saws.

We introduce you many saws both of categories with a short description. Hopefully, it’s surprising you.

Types of Power saws

Modern woodworking factories or DIY project cannot run without any power saws. There are a lot of types of saws in different categories with various components. In this comprehensive guide, we explain different types of power saws.

Miter saw

By definition, we use a miter saw to make crosscuts and miter cuts in lumber.

A miter saw, also known as a drop saw, is a power tool used to make quick, accurate miter cuts in a workpiece at a selected angle. It requires a stand for comfort use.

An experienced woodworker is using a work stand for the ultimate result of miter cuts. Latest-model miter saws are small and portable,


A jigsaw with a bevel facility on the soleplate allows cutting angles of typically up to 45 degrees relative to the standard vertical stroke for cutting miter joints.

In 1946 Albert Kaufmann, an engineer of Scintilla AG company in Solothurn, Switzerland, replaced the needle on his wife’s sewing machine with a saw blade.

Jigsaw is one of the most versatile power tools in the world. The saw can help you cut almost any shape you want into your wood, metal, tile, PVC and much more. Basically, there are two types of Jigsaw cordless and corded.

Chain saw

We need chain Saw for detailed cutting of wood items. They are lighter than circular saws and come with a thin reciprocating blade. Chain Saw can cut finely through stencils and create curves in wood.

Circular saw

A circular saw using a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut numerous materials using a rotary motion spinning around an arbor.

Invented circular saws in the late 18th century and were in familiar use in sawmills in the USA by the middle of the 19th century.

Table saw

A table saw is a woodworking tool, comprising a circular saw blade, mounted on a table, an electric motor drives that. In most modern table saws, the depth of the cut is varied by moving the blade up and down.

The angle of cut is controlled by adjusting the angle of the blade. Some earlier saws angled the table to manage the cut angle.

Reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a machine-powered saw in which it achieves the cutting action through a push-and-pull (reciprocating) motion of the blade. They commonly apply the term to a saw used in construction and demolition work.

This saw, also known as a hognose, recipe saw, or Sawzall has a large blade resembling that of a jigsaw.

types of saws
types of saws

Types of hand saws


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