10 Best barrel grip jigsaw| expert reviews for 2023

Woodworking tools have gone through multiple innovations throughout the years, and the barrel grip jigsaw is certainly one of them. A relatively newer design to help you out on your projects. Keep attention to the article to know more about the best barrel grip jigsaw.

Whether it’d be making intricate cuts that you do often, you need better control, precision, or just overall convenience and efficiency for your projects, and you can’t go wrong with a barrel grip jigsaw.

What is a Jigsaw used for?

So, why use a Jigsaw? Well, unlike most common saws around, a jigsaw has a narrower blade. This blade allows you to get a curvy cut on any type of material, which may not be a possible outcome in the case of other types of saws. Moreover, you can use a jigsaw on wood, hardwood, PVC, and even metal. Not to forget, it can also be used to cut plywood and laminated board.

Apart from these obvious facts, a jigsaw blade is very comfortable and easy to use. Anyone with a little bit of experience of using a power tool can get hold of it in a few tries.

Best  Jigsaw Evaluation Format

To make sure we are not doing any injustice to any of the devices under scrutiny here, we have developed a few specific categories for evaluation. These include

We have considered every single feature for every single jigsaw so that we can bring out the best one from the given devices. And finally, after combining all the features, we can determine the best cordless jigsaw.

Accuracy: We measured the accuracy of the devices under many parameters. For example, we checked the ability of the device to replicate the shape we made, the drifting capacity of the blade, and the accurate cutting ability of non-straight lines.

Performance of Speed Test and power: We took the cutting speed of the devices into consideration. We measure the Strike Per Minute rate of the tools to put one over the other.

Bevel capacity:

Orbital settings:

Features– We have considered all the overall features the devices come up with. It is comprised of all types of features, from the simplest to the most useful.

Ergonomics– We did consider the design of the tools. And in that case, we have put a preference for the devices that are ergonomically designed, especially the handle. The more ergonomic the device, the easier and more comfortable it is to handle.

Vibration – Annoying level of vibration is a turn down for us. So, we did make sure that we are considering the level of vibration of each device.

Price– Of course, price is one of the most crucial factors to determine your choice. That’s why we have also taken the price of each device quite seriously. We made sure the price chart is updated and accurate.

Best Value Saw – Lastly, we have considered the value offered by the device, as well. We have found a number of devices that don’t cost a fortune to get, but offer the same service offered by a higher-priced device.

Best barrel grip Jigsaw product chart

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10 Best Barrel grip Jigsaw reviews 2021 with buying Guide

Woodworking is one fun and rewarding hobby and profession. Do you know what makes it more enjoyable? Well, having the right tools at your disposal at the right time, that’s what!

Having said all of that, here some of the best barrel grip jigsaws in the market today.

DEWALT 20V MAX Barrel grip Jigsaw

The first entry on our best barrel grip jigsaw review is none other than the DEWALT 20V MAX Barrel Grip Jig Saw. This particular power tool is almost always on “best of the best” reviews and for a lot of good reasons. Powerful performance, precision, and extreme runtime are just some of its top-notch qualities that a lot of amateurs and pro woodworkers alike appreciate and would like to have at their disposal at all times.

Characterized by its brushless motor for efficient work, this tool also comes with bright LEDs that we are sure you can appreciate, for it will help illuminate any dim surfaces. A lot of its components and operation is keyless so it’s quite easy to adjust and use, in general.

It’s got a compact size as well as an easy grip that would give you maximum control all the time. You can appreciate the ergonomic design of this power tool for sure. It’s for anyone who wants to work on wood, and with its versatility, you can definitely work on a lot of projects with this one for a long time.

Why we love DEWALT 20V MAX Barrel Grip Jigsaw

(+) Powerful Performance

The brushless motor on this tool has a very long runtime and offers efficient and powerful work.

(+) Ease of use

It’s got an all-metal lever-action and keyless blade for quick and easy changing of the t-shank blade. It also comes with a keyless all-metal shoe bevel for easy adjustments with detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

And most of all, it’s compact and has a comfortable grip to it so you may focus on your intricate cuts with precision.

(+) Speed and Control

This power tool is the ultimate machine that can give you precision, control, and enough speed you need for your projects. It’s got a 4 position orbital action to help you make quality cuts as well as speed on your work.

You will also have a variable speed dial, so you are in control at all times with your pace. It can operate for up to 3200 SPM.

Remarkable features

Integrated Dust Blower: This wonderful feature should help you clear your line of sight as you work your way into finishing your cuts.

This should be a must-have for all barrel jigsaws but for now, this Dewalt tool has got one foot ahead of its competition for adding something so simple yet very helpful.

Keep in mind

(-) Few missing features

Take note that the unit does not have a dust port, cutline indicator, and lock-on button. If it’s got at least one of these then this product is a 10 for 10 already. Truly worthy of your investment!

Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless barrel grip Jigsaw

The Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT Brushless Barrel Grip Jig Sawis one of themost ergonomic barrel jigsaws you can find in the market today. This enables woodworkers to make precise cuts and stay in control no matter what.

The brushless motor with 3 orbital settings ensures that you then deliver not only accurate but fast cuts for better efficiency. This tool also won’t be far behind in terms of power and speed. Makita has always been a leader in this side of the industry, and it has proven that it is once again with this innovation.

Why we love Makita XVJ01Z 18V LXT

(+) Comfortable grip

A huge reason behind the ergonomic design of this unit is due to its well-thought-out rubberized grip, which will definitely boost comfort as you work on your project with more precise cuts and always stay in control.

(+) Fast and accurate

The Makita patented brushless motor makes sure to deliver straight and accurate cuts at a faster pace. You’ll have access to a 6-speed dial delivering 800 to 3500 SPM entirely at your control. It also comes with a dust blower and a tool-less blade-changing system.

(+) Powerful motor

It’s got one of the most powerful motors on our list and has garnered great reviews from both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. This tool also comes with LEDs to help illuminate your work area for efficient work even in challenging lighting situations.

Remarkable features

Battery Power: The tool comes with a battery charge indicator so that you can monitor the juice left on this unit at all times.

This unit actually is capable of running under 65% more time compared to its predecessor, the BL1830. It’s also one fast-charging unit and will be full in only 45 minutes.

Keep in mind

(-) Guide

If there’s anything that’s not properly designed on this power tool, then it’s its clear plastic guide. It may sometimes cause the blade to split in half, so that’s kind of a letdown given that almost everything about this unit is perfect.

Bosch Professional Gst 18 V-Li S Cordless Jigsaw

Power is the name of the game when it comes to the Bosch Professional Gst 18 V-Li S Cordless Jigsaw. Armed with its strong 18 volts performance, this unit is not only highly rated online but also a bestseller.

It’s got one of the easiest (SDS)tool-free blade changing systems in the multitude of barrel jigsaw choices today, and it will allow you to work on that project fast.

This cordless barrel jigsaw is definitely ideal if you do a lot of cross and curved cuts. Why we love it? Here are a few reasons why!

Why we love Bosch Professional Gst 18 V-Li

(+) Superb Versatility

This power tool is not only great when it comes to cross and curved cuts, but it can also work on a variety of materials. It doesn’t matter whether it’s solid wood, wood composites, and chipboard. This machine is up for the challenge.

(+) Clear and clean workpieces

As you work your way through your intricate cuts, you’re going to need visibility and a clear path. That’s why we like this unit, for it is also compatible with Bosch’s Click and Clean dust extraction system as well as other Bosch vacuum cleaners. You won’t have to deal with dust and other debris as you’re working to perfect your piece.

(+) Consistency

The unit can run from 550 to 2700 SPM, and while that is not as much as the first two products we reviewed, this tool is known for running at a very consistent pace. It’s got a stroke height of 23 mm and weighs 2.4 kg with a battery. The consistent pace should result in consistent and clean results too!

Remarkable features

Narrow barrel grip: This unit has got a narrower barrel grip as compared to most on our list. That actually is a huge advantage for people with smaller hands so they can better control this power tool.

This design is also quite an advantage when you need to make cuts from underneath.

Keep in mind

(-) Not for pros

Unfortunately, while we really love this unit, some professionals woodworkers find that it’s best used for simple DIY projects at home. It may not be the heavy-duty tool that you’d take full advantage of for your professional tasks. But then again, this is completely subjective.

MILWAUKEE 2737B-20 Cordless Barrel Grip Jig Saw

Next on our list is the popular and innovative MILWAUKEE Cordless Barrel Grip Jig Saw. This unit is also one of the most affordable on our list so if you’re looking for a good quality and budget barrel jigsaw for your woodworks, then this may just be the tool that you’ve been looking for.

This unit is known for its cutting speed and ergonomic design. It’s also armed with a lot of good to have features that will surely make your life easier when you’re working on projects.

Why we love MILWAUKEE 2737B-20

(+) Need for speed

The unit comes with a brushless motor and armed with a maximum of 3500 SPM. So, from that, you already know that it’s a performer and can cut through your material fast. It’s got a 6-speed operation from 0 to 3500 completely in your control.

The saw is also intuitive, once it is pushed into the material it will automatically go full throttle.

(+) Awesome set of features

The unit comes with ambidextrous switches on both sides of the saw so that’s utterly convenient. Also, the LED can be activated easily, so if you need light, then you may have it ASAP. The unit also has this unique counterbalance that will then help reduce, if not eliminate, vibration depending on your speed level.

Remarkable features

Dust collection: When it comes to dust collection and extraction, this unit is one of the best. It’s got a dust port attachment to help out in making sure that you’ll have a clean and clear piece to work on.

Keep in mind

(-) Bulky

The unit can be bulky, and take note that with the battery pack and operating at 45 degrees, it might strike your workpiece.

Skil PWRCore 12 Brushless 12V Compact Jigsaw Kit

Halfway through our best barrel grip jigsaw review, we present the SkilPWRCore 12 Brushless 12V Compact Jigsaw Kit. This brand may not sound as popular as the one we’ve already reviewed but it’s sure is a pioneer in this field.

This unit is fun to use with all the features you’d need onboard. It’s easy to control, and you’ll always have a good line of sight of the blade, making sure you are always in control of your cuts.

Why we love Skil PWRCore 12 

(+) Natural grip

One of the reasons why this unit is perfect for beginners is that it’s got an almost natural grip to it that anyone would be comfortable at, even if it’s the first time they’ve held a jigsaw.

That may be a bit trivial to some, but really that’s huge for non-professional to get used to the tool early on.

(+) Everything you need at a very affordable price

You will have access to a brushless motor, on and off switch, 3 orbital levels, tool-free blade clamp, 0 to 45 degrees bevel adjustments, dust blower, and a variable speed dial with auto-sensing mode unit for a very affordable price. It may not be perfect, but you’ll have everything that you’d need for simple cutting tasks.

Remarkable features

Battery overpowered: This unit has got a lot of juice for its size and price. It’s got a relatively long runtime due to the 12 lithium battery tech onboard. Not only that, each of the cells is cooled, so it will last twice as long.

Keep in mind

(-) For small projects only

Running only at 12 volts this unit is definitely not meant for large projects. But hey! It’s half the price of most of the units on our list, and it’s best for those who want to get to know a barrel-type jigsaw first before buying something more serious.

Metabo18V Variable Speed Jigsaw with Barrel Grip Bare

Another pretty affordable power tool that you can get your hands on with all the right features on board is the Metabo 18V Variable Speed Jig Saw with Barrel Grip Bare.

As well all know, Metabo is also a very well-known brand in this side of the industry, so you can be sure that even with the affordable price that this tool will deliver great results.

Why we love Metabo18V Variable Speed 

(+) Compact design

This unit is truly an improved version of old Metabo jigsaws as this one has a more compact design that will allow you handles it rather easily, also perfect for people with smaller hands. Also, the soft-grip surface helps a lot to lessen any strain and get you comfortable as you utilize it.

(+) Smooth cuts

The variable stroke rate and speed of 550 to 2800 SPM give you a lot of range. Add into the mix the orbital pendulum stroke mode and low-lying guidance for the blade with spring support then you have yourself a tool that will ensure smoother cuts than usual.

Remarkable features

Bevel range: This unit has got -45 degrees to 45 degrees bevel range.

Keep in mind

(-) No brushless motor

Take note that this unit does not operate with a brushless motor so while that may take away from its overall performance a brushed motor onboard makes sure that it stays affordable for everyone.

Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ Jigsaw

The Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ Jigsaw cuts deep and it cuts with precision. It may be a bit expensive but it’s all worth it. The jigsaw blade has a guide that ensures your cuts are not only smooth but as accurate as you need them to be.

Why we love Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ Jigsaw

(+) Power and precision

It comes with a carbide blade guide that will make sure that your cuts will stay as straight as they can be. The system will act as a hook from the back so the blade won’t wander at all and stay its course.

(+) Ease of use

It’s got a system for quick and easy blade changing called Fastfix. At a flip of a lever your blade can be changed, no tools necessary. It also comes with a dust extraction host that’s really easy to connect to a vacuum and that just makes everything else more convenient.

Remarkable features

MMC electronics: This system ensures smooth starts, consistent performance, and a splinter-free finish.

Keep in mind

(-) Expensive

A lot of woodworkers amateurs and pros alike are claiming that this unit is just overhyped and overpriced and a lot of other worthy models can deliver what this unit can at a lower price point.

Makita VJ05Z 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Barrel Grip Jig Saw

If you’re looking for a much more tamed version of a barrel jigsaw from Makita then this VJ05Z 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Barrel Grip Jig Saw is probably what you’d need.

Perfect for smaller projects at just therightprice point. This unit promises to give you more than what you’ve bargained for.

Why we love Makita VJ05Z 12V max CXT

(+) Great price, awesome features

Even at just 12 volts this unit has got a great price point and is still packed with features you’d need. Comes with a brushless motor with 3 orbital settings. Add its 5-speed dial into the mix ranging from 800 to 3000 SPM and you have yourself a great handy jigsaw that you may even use for professional work.

(+) Speed control

This tool has a soft start that enables suppression for startup reaction which promotes accuracy. Also, the no-load speed reduction helps in precision cutting as it reduces SPM automatically.

Remarkable features

BL brushless motor: This type of motor helps eliminate carbon brushed which then runs cooler, operates more efficiently, and promotes longer service life.

Keep in mind

(-) Battery incompatibility

Not compatible with any max pod style tools as well as batteries and chargers

Bosch JS120N 12V Max Barrel-Grip Jig Saw

The penultimate entry on our best barrel grip jigsaw review is another affordable, compact, and perfect tool for smaller projects the Bosch JS120N 12V Max Barrel-Grip Jig Saw. 

The second entry on our list from the brand as well. If you’re just looking to do a few home projects and not really professional ones then you don’t need to buy its 18V version, just get this one. It’s truly worth it!

Why we love Bosch JS120N 12V Max

(+)Compact and ergonomic

This unit has one of the most compact barrel bodies that’s why we love it. It’s got a soft grip upfront and a soft one to boot for added control and comfort. The small grip diameter also helps prevent fatigue for the user.

(+) Highly adjustable

It’s got a variable dial from 1500 to 2800 SPM. Using only one hand you may change the blade easily. It’s got switchable LED lighting too and 3 orbital action settings which make it versatile and adjustable.

Remarkable features

Low-vibration: It’s got a counter-balanced plunge mechanism that enables the unit to then reduce vibration, so your cuts are smoother and more precise.

Keep in mind

(-) Keep it small

This unit is not heavy-duty and while it’s best for smaller projects, its limitations will be tested when it comes to larger professional works.

MILWAUKEE 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw

The last entry on our list is the second product from the trusted Milwaukee brand with the 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw. This is also the most affordable tool on our list.

Why we love Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jig Saw.

(+) Great price

Very compact design, and while it’s quite affordable, the brand actually targets pro users for this unit. This means that it packs a lot of punch, and it surely does. It’s quite ideal for plumbers, carpenters, and remodelers.

(+) Maneuverability

If you think most cordless jigsaws are easy to maneuver, wait until you get your hands on this one. This one may look compact that it’s often described as a turbo-charged model for its power as well as its ease of use even in the most intricate cuts you’d need to make.

Remarkable features

Hybrid grip: We’ve been discussing barrel jigsaws, but this one is truly remarkable because of its hybrid grip. That means that it can be utilized as a top handle and barrel grip at the same time yielding great results.

Keep in mind

(-) A bit slow

This unit’s main criticism is its inconsistent speed when it is operating, which may affect the quality of the cuts that you make with it.

Having these features enhance the usefulness of a jigsaw

  • Variable speed selection
  • Adjustable orbital action
  • Soft start
  • Cutline ling LED lights
  • Dust Collection adapter
  • Tool-free bevel adjustment
  • Quick/ tool-free blades change
  • No-mar base plate cover
  • Lock on switch
  • Adjustable angle cuts
  • Laser guide


There you have it, and these are some of the best barrel grip jigsaws in the market today! With the multitude of options in the market right now, even we have a hard time deciding which one to buy.

It all boils down to preference and what you really need in your projects. So enjoy picking out one.

With these tools, you can never go wrong. Stay safe!

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