Best Black+Decker Cordless Chain Saw

Black+Decker’s story starts in 1910 when the founders choose to do something exceptional in the mechanical industry. Since then, Black+Decker has advanced like wildfire in the power tool section and today stands as one of the leaders of this market.

In 1947, Black+Decker revolutionized the power drilling experience for the consumers. They introduced the first portable electric drill machine that left the entire industry spellbound. In the same year, they launched a number of home drills and accessories that sowed the seed of the DIY era.

Black+Decker took its name to history when the Apollo 15 mission of NASA used its powerhead to drill the moon surface for sample collection. A brand that is trusted by NASA left no doubt that it was going to be a popular name in every household in the US.

Rightly so, Black+Decker’s power tools are widely used by household users today. Just like all other tools, their cordless Chain saw should be mentioned with a separate recognition. Popularly known as the budget-friendly saw, the Black+Decker chain saws are most loved and celebrated for the impressive quality at an affordable price.

Apart from chain saws, Black+Decker produces the following tools.

  • Drills
  • Screwdrivers
  • Saws
  • Combo Kits
  • Batteries
  • Mowers
  • Trimmers
  • Edgers
  • Accessories

3 Of the Best Black+Decker Cordless Chain Saw

Top Pick - BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw

Our top pick is the 40V Max cordless chain saw. Its powerful 40V battery makes sure it runs for a long time. Plus, it does come with a longer life span.

The 12-inch premium bar comes with an automatic oiling system that saves you from oiling every now and then. It lubricates itself in a smart way to make sure it delivers the best performance every time.

Another highlighting feature is the tool-free Chain tensioning that can be done with your own hands. It’s user-friendly and saves a lot of maintenance tasks.

Editor’s Pick -BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX LLP120

Our editors carefully chose the LLP120 20V Max device for multiple reasons. It comes with an innovative clamping jaw that makes the cutting job a lot easier and gives you a supreme trimming experience.

With a single charge, the device can give you as many as 150 cuts at a stretch. The 20-V lithium-ion battery makes it extremely difficult for you to not pick it right away!

Budget-Friendly -BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw

We picked the 20V Max chain saw as our budgeted pick for a reason. Although it’s a budget-friendly one, it doesn’t mean it is less of a performer. Its 10-inch bar is quite efficiently designed to give you fast and smooth cuts every time you run it. It comes with a manual oiling system that allows you to lubricate it whenever you think it is performing less.

It also comes with a tool-free chain tensioning and adjustment system to save you guesswork and maintenance issues.

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