Best Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw

If you believe what they say, ‘two hands are better than one’, it’s time you give it a second thought. When it comes to using a compact reciprocating saw in tight, narrow spaces, you definitely wish to your life if you could use the machine in one hand.

Luckily enough, your wish has been granted. Using the single-handed reciprocating saw, you can get access to the narrowest of places in your project. So, we bring you some of the most useful devices worthy of being the best cordless one-handed reciprocating saw in the market.

If you’re looking for something like this, you better fasten your seatbelt for a ride!

What is a One-Handed Reciprocating Saw?

A one-hand reciprocating saw is a regular reciprocating saw that comes with compact formation. It has a trigger handle that allows you to hold it with just one hand. It works kind of like a gun in hand when you use it.

It does all the things a compact saw does, with the added advantage that you can reach narrow spaces, as well. It doesn’t require any physical effort beyond using just one of your hands.

Benefited/Use of a One-handed Reciprocating Saw

  • There are a lot of benefits of using a reciprocating saw that can be held by one hand.
  • It’s compact in size, and easy to handle, and hold
  • It can reach narrow spaces where regular saws won’t fit in.
  • Easy to carry around and store
  • Can be used to cut down wood or metal items that are tiny in size
  • Can be easily used on higher areas just by stretching your hands upwards

Best Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saws Product Chart

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Best Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saws Review 2021

We made sure we don’t place anything worthless on our list. Our team spent a significant time to narrow down the options to only 5. We took durability, power, weight, and cutting capacity into consideration while listing these down. So, here’s what we found!

DEWALT DCS369B - Comfort with Power

Dewalt is all strength from its core. When it comes to power tools, there’s hardly any brand that nears Dewalt. Take the DCS369B Extreme saw, for example. Powered by amazing strength, it delivers what you need.

Its 12.5 inches saw size is simply perfect for using in thigh spaces. You can easily slide the blades in narrow corners where your hands can hardly reach. Thanks to its optimized ergonomic design, it’s more comfortable to hold than a fule pump loader handle.

This device's power is ignited by an efficient brushless motor, which offers maximum power in minimum power consumption. Plus, the motor’s life expectancy is also prolonged than most common motors out there.

There’s an LED light on the device's mouth to make sure you don’t depend on guesswork. It properly illuminates the working space for you to see where exactly you are slicing clearly, and also provides up to 2, 800 spm to help get the job done.

Changing the blade has never been easier and simpler. Forget using any tool for it. It simply needs a few gestures of your hand, and you’re done! It’s faster, more convenient, and definitely more useful.


  • A lightweight device ensures comfort in use.
  • LED light to illuminate the working area
  • Powered by an efficient brushless motor
  • Tool-free blade changing option
  • Ergonomically optimized design for a comfortable hold


  • The battery is only 20-V, which is really unmatched for the premium price.

Why Buy This?

We just loved the way it is designed to hold with utmost comfort. It poses the least risk of fatigue and discomfort when you’re holding it in one hand. So, a definite YES from our part if you’re looking for convenience.

Milwaukee M12 - The Versatile King

If you want to pick the best Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw in the market. Don't forget the Milwaukee brand. Milwaukee has been running for the crown of the best power tool manufacturer for a long time. Powerful machines like the M12 handheld reciprocating saw are a prime example of why.

The M12 12-V saw is full of useful features with a surprisingly competitive price tag. It comes with an 11-inch saw blade that can comfortably sneak into tight spaces without any effort given. Thanks to its 2.2-pound lightweight, it makes the slicing job even more convenient.

Alter the speed trigger on the device to select the suitable speed for your job. Its variable trigger can be set according to the intensity of the cut. It’s super easy to change and select with just a few clicks.

Changing the blade for diverse use is also quite natural here. It comes with a Quik-Lok blade clamp that makes it extremely easy to change the blade in no time.

You can rest assured in terms of blade type as the machine works with both Hackzall and Sawzall style blades. Alter between the blade types whenever you need it without using a tool.

Similar to most premium models out there, this one comes with an LED light, as well. Get rid of the darkness in your workspace by switching the light on when you’re getting some cutting job done!


  • Smart 11-inch cutting saw.
  • Comes with variable speed trigger
  • Keyless Quik-Lok blade clamp for fast blade change
  • Can hold both Hackzall and Sawzall style blades
  • Comes with an all-metal gear case for extra durability


  • The battery back-up is not satisfactory.

Why Buy This?

We were satisfied with the way you could easily change the speed using the simple variable speed trigger. It’s easier than any other complicated devices we used and definitely a great advantage for rigorous use.

BOSCH GSA18V-083B - The Massive Striker

Although at first look, Bosch GSA18V-083B may feel a bit heavy in hand, it’s actually is designed in that way. This is because it maintains the perfect power to weight ratio in its class to deliver the maximum output it is capable of.

Its saw measures just above 15-inch, which indicates it is quite useful for using in compressed spaces with no access to human hands. Thanks to its deep cutting technique, the blade can provide an impressive 0.83-inch stroke for the deepest cut you need.

And doesn’t fluctuate between metal and wood. You can expect the same output for both types of materials.

Housing a powerful motor inside, the cordless 18-V machine can produce a staggering 3050 strokes per minute. It’s more than enough to cut down materials in the shortest period of time. It will save a lot of your time and energy, for sure!

As expected, the Bosch GSA18V-083B comes with a variable-speed trigger system to alter between speed and SPM for the customized cutting job. Depending on the material you are working on, you can select the perfect speed for the slicing.


  • Maintains optimum power to weight ratio
  • Can produce up to 3050 strokes per minute
  • Optimized to cut 0.83-inch deep for both wood and metal
  • Tool-less blade changing system for easy switching between blades
  • Comes with a useful variable-speed trigger


  • The heavyweight would not appear as quite handy to most users.

Why Buy This?

The way Bosch has managed to keep the power to weight ratio in this 4.4-pound machine is really impressive. Plus, it can produce a jaw-dropping 3050 strokes per minute that make it a tough competitor for most brands out there.

SKIL PWRCore RS582802 - The Power House

From the makers of the SkilPWRCore, welcome to the digital era! The RS582802 reciprocating saw is one of the most digitally advanced devices we’ve found currently available in the market.

Its powerful brushless DC motor provides it a compact and lightweight look & feel for working tirelessly throughout the day. It feels great in hand and poses less risk of any hand-fatigue whatsoever.

The 12 lithium battery is a masterpiece in this machine. Its advanced technology wraps every single cell with cooling material to prevent overheating. This positively results in longer battery life - about 2 times you can expect.

Again, it allows a straight 25% hike in battery run time to help you out with your cutting job for the whole day! And in the case you run out of battery, it comes with more surprise.

The PWRcore RS582802 packs a fast-charging capacity, which can recharge crazy-fast. It can push the battery percentage from 0% to 25% in just 300 seconds! Now that’s faster than you thought, isn’t it?

Delivering up to 3000 strokes per minute, the device is a synonym for optimum performance in our view. Adding to this efficiency comes with an adjustable pivoting shoe to position the blade at whichever angle you want - allowing the perfect cut you deserve.


  • Powered by an efficient brushless motor
  • Strike up to 3000 strokes per minute
  • Comes with a fast-charging capacity
  • The battery can be used to recharge other devices through a USB cable
  • Lithium battery technology allows 2X battery life.


  • Being over 5 pounds, it’s a bit on the heavier side to use

Why Buy This?

The reason is beyond explanation - the powerful battery. Apart from the powerful brushless motor and pivoting blade adjustment, its restless battery backup is something you would definitely want to spend bucks on!

Makita XRJ01Z - Best For Budget

And finally, we have the Makita XRJ101Z. If you’re still looking for the best shot, fasten your seatbelt for this little champ.

Weighing just around 3 pounds, the XRJ101Z is simply a reflection of what compact handheld saws are capable of. With a top SPM capacity of 3000 strokes, you can tell for sure that the device is here for business.

It allows a half-inch stroke length that goes deep into the material to bring about the best cut possible. If you’re looking for an efficient cutting without wasting your time, this machine must be on your top list.

Turn on the LED light at the front of the machine to ensure you’re not slicing in the wrong area. The light is impressively bright to illuminate quite a dark place in no time.

Take hold of your device by switching the blades in the middle of nowhere. With the tool-free lade switching technique, you get to easily alter between different blades without getting distracted from your work.

Thanks to its rubbery grip, holding the machine is actually quite comfortable, even if it is vibrating hard.


  • The powerful device delivers up to 3000 SPM
  • Bright LED light for clear illumination.
  • Rubberized grip for a comfortable hold
  • Tool-less blade changing system
  • Fast and efficient half-inch cut at every stroke


  • Not quite useful for large and giant projects.

Why Buy This?

The most impressive part of the device is that it is lightweight but still delivers an impressive 3000 SPM. Again, its overheating and over-discharging protection is also two of the key perks we believe are worth your hard-earned money.

At the end of the best cordless one-handed reciprocating saw this review, we keep Ridgid 18-Volt Octane Cordless Brushless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw. 

Final Words

It’s not easy to rule tons of saws out and find one to be the best cordless one-handed reciprocating saw. Every single device that we placed on our list comes with amazing power, capacity, durability, and value.

If you’re looking for the best, it’s easy for you to make a move and select any machine from our reviewed units.

All the all type of Reciprocating Saw performance depends on its blades. You should pick the perfect blades to depend on your task. It will help if you read this article to choose the right Reciprocating Saw blade.

Hopefully, after reading the article, You can pick the best cordless one-handed reciprocating saw from your next project.

Trust us; you won’t be looking for another.

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