Best Ego Power Plus Cordless Chainsaw

Ego is well-known for its ‘innovative gene’ that has made it a stand-out from most of its power tool competitors. Being hungry for doing something exceptional, Ego Power Plus has been on the run in pushing the boundaries of innovation since 1993. in this section we will reviews the Best Ego Power Plus Cordless Chainsaw.

Before starting the ego chainsaw reviews, learn the history and some basic information about the brands. It would help you choose the best one.

Let's go, deep in the article

The History of the Ego Brand

The company is a part of an international manufacturing business since its inception. Taking cordless technology to a whole new level from the very first day of its introduction has helped Ego leave a prestigious footmark in the power tool industry.

Today, Ego is one of the largest power tool manufacturers in the world, counting almost 10 million units of tool production every year and marketing the products across 65 countries around the globe.

What features are unique to the ego chainsaw?

The very first innovation that put Ego under the limelight is the 56V ARC Lithium battery. Because of its innovative design and exceptional power management, it has been recognized as a revolutionary product by many industry leaders.

Its distinct cooling technology allows the battery to deliver incredible performance and power. Again, you get to use any size of batter for any tools from their production line.

Moreover, because of this powerful battery and the unique technology they use, their cordless chain saw is one of the most powerful saws in today’s time.

Apart from the Chain saw, today Ego Power Plus produces the following products

  • Blower and Snow Blower
  • Mower
  • Portable Power Generator
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Edger
  • Batteries And Chargers
  • Accessories

In brief, we can select the following points: that's rich Ego chainsaw unique and gain the user's trust.

  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor,  Delivers a longer run time, Moreover low vibrations and extended motor life.
  • Long (14") Bar & Chain provides effortlessly smooth cuts and a low-kickback design.
  • Powerful motor (6800 RPM) provides power to cut through hardwood, tree branches, softwood, and much more cutting tasks.

3 of the Best Ego Power Plus Cordless Chainsaw

Top Pick - 18-Inch Chainsaw Kit with 5.0Ah Battery

Our top pick is the 18-inch Chain Saw with a 5 Ah battery. The reason why you chose this as our favorite from their Chain saw line is its incredible rotation capacity.

The Chain can rotate at a top rate of 11000 RPM that ensures you get a clean and efficient cut every single time. Also, the 18-inch bar helps a lot to cut deeper and allows you to reacher higher branches with less effort applied.

Moreover, the power tool is powered by a brushless motor, which gives it higher leverage in delivering the best cutting experience.

Editor’s Pick -16-Inch Chainsaw Kit with 5.0Ah Battery

Our editors picked the 16-inch Chain Saw with a 5 Ah battery as a suitable device. It’s because of its versatility and efficiency. Besides being a heavy-duty performer with a 6800 RPM rotation rate, the device comes with a smart 16-inch bar.

It’s easier to handle and best for storage. Being waterproof is what made it a stand-alone product in this line. You can work with this device even in damp areas and on rainy days, too. That’s what made it a truly versatile product!

Budget-Friendly -14-Inch Chain Saw with 2.0Ah Battery Kit

Our budget-friendly pick is the 2-Ah battery-powered Chain saw from Ego. Although it drains less money out of your pocket, the device is no less powerful than the other two we have picked here.

It comes with the same rotation rate of 6800 RPM as the 16-inch one, and it’s also resistant to water. Although it falls short in length and battery-power, it still does the job it promises.

Final Word

Ego is one of the best brands in the market. In the chapter, we will try our best to provide all necessary information about the Best Ego Power Plus Cordless Chainsaw. So that you can choose the best product based on your budget and work requirements.

Have a nice experience with Ego chainsaw.

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