12 Best Jigsaw Blades: Reviews with buying Guide [2023]

It doesn’t matter either you are a skilled or a non-skilled carpenter; you must need Jigsaws to lead your DIY Project or workshop. Jigsaw is an essential tool for a DIA project. It’s also popular like a circular saw or a table saw because of their versatility and comfortability. However, a jigsaw is efficient when you include the right blade. In this writing, you will find all the necessary information for the best jigsaw blades along with blades materials.

While picking the Jigsaw for your various wood and metal projects, it is essential to know what types of jigsaw blades will support you the best. The best jigsaw blade for woodwork differs from the one for metal.

The best jigsaw blade might work great on straight wood cutting for plywood, but it may be useless for the fine curved cuts. Besides, the best jigsaw blades might not fit certain jigsaws because of the difference in shank type.

So let’s go forward..

A brief review: That’s what we present in this article for you.

A perfect and Smooth cutting task highly depends on the blades of a jigsaw. However, there are some other factors to consider. That is why it may be challenging to select the perfect jigsaw blade. In our list of Best Jigsaw Blades, we are going to enlist the sharpest jigsaw blades.

They are suitable for their durable design and enhanced portability as they create a good experience. Besides bringing the best jigsaw blade products in the market with their features and reviews, we are trying to focus on the detailed buyer’s guide that explains everything about this jigsaw component.

It plays a vital role because about 70% of a jigsaw’s performance entirely depends on the quality of its blade.

To be frank, you will be able to know about what a jigsaw blade are its types, installation guides, and the difference between different kinds of jigsaw blades.

You will also learn about the differences between T and U-shank blades and different brands that will help you producing quality cut in this domain. Also, we will let you know which jigsaw blades are best for cutting various materials, including Wood, plywood, thick Wood, Plastic, and stainless steel.

As we have got plenty of stuff to cover, we will try to wrap our detailed jigsaw blade reviews and buyer’s guide.

Best Jigsaw Blades Reviews Product Table

Haven't enough time to read the entire guide? Or buy a jigsaw blade from previous experience. This best jigsaw blades product chart/ table can help you quickly select.

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Top12 Best Jigsaw Blades Reviews 2021 With Buying Guide.

While picking the jigsaw for your various Cutting task, it is important to know what types of jigsaw blades are perfect for your project.

The best jigsaw blade for wood differs from the one for metal, so consider when purchasing a blade what kind of material you will cut.

We narrow down the list and create a comparison table end of the chapter. – as well as what makes them excellent for your desires.

So guys keep with us.

Bosch T5002, T-Shank Jig Saw Blades Set : Compatible with over 90% of current jigsaws

It is an excellent product. We have enlisted it in our first choice. We can use it for cutting wood, metal, or plastic of different thicknesses. The device includes (2) T101B clean for wood, (2) T144D speed for wood, (2) T119BO necessary for wood, (2) T118A fundamental for metal, and (2) T118B essential for metal blades.

Moreover, it includes a robust plastic case for blade storage. It possesses T-shank design for most considerable grip and constancy, which fits over 90% of recent jigsaw making and modeling.

This assortment of blades adjusts function and affordability to your jigsaw blade. It is compatible with most competitors’ jigsaws. These blades remove the necessity to set the screw in a mounting hole to lessen breakage.

These blades can fit all jigsaw brands. However, you must lookout for the blade size which your jigsaw requires. T101B, T119BO, T144D, T118A, and T118B Bosch jigsaw fit with the blades. This blades set is one of the best sellers in the market because of its high-quality and lower price, which it offers.

Hopefully, this review can help you, but don’t miss the amazon detail. So, before getting on the link, like refer to the pros and cons below.


  • The Model specially designed for all the Bosch Jigsaw.
  • Also Compatibility with any other brands.
  • One of the most durable and compatible sets.
  • Ideal for adding versatility and functionality for your cutting task.


  • Nothing that requires a comment.


A durable precision design for superior performance, it Fits all T-shank supported jigsaws and High-carbon steel for lasting break resistance; for all these features, the Bosch T5002 blade set is ideal for your woodworking and general purpose.

DEWALT DW3742C Jigsaw Blades Set with Case Great for wood & metal cutting

DeWalt DW3742C 14 Pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set with Case is in our second position. It comes with five diverse sets of blades; The six and 10-tooth per inch edges are 4-inches long and made of HCS material.

The 12-teeth per inch blades are 3-1/2-inches long and also made of HCS material. The 18 and 32-teeth per inch blades are 3-inches long and made of Bi-Metal material. We can use these blades for wood and metal exercises.

One disadvantage of these brands - some workers believe that these T-Shank blades are bent for overuse. However, this may not meet you. It depends on how tough you handle it.

The packet consists of Seven pieces of blades there are Four are for woodworking, with one for laminate, and the remaining two for metalwork. You also pick up quality blades form brand manufacturer.

We will provide you an excellent idea about this review brand. However, we will point out you be to read before determining the pros and cons below.


  • T shank design blades offer maximum grip and stability.
  • Metal-cutting blades are Includes
  • Durable and Sharp
  • Ideal for adding versatility and functionality for your cutting task.


  • Short in lenth


An excellent selection of blades for a good price. If you are planning on using your jigsaw to cut wood, this is an impressive assortment in an exceptional case.

The wood blades are long enough to cut through a 2x4 without any issues.

Diablo DJT20S 20 pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood & Metal (20-Piece)

Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank blades: Designed for the professional user

Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank Metal and Wood Cutting Jig Saw Blade is the last one on our list. The manufacturer has designed it, especially for the professional user. Bi-metal blades are such types of modules that last longer than high-speed steel or carbon blades. Usually, it is effortless to use it.

The tool has a sharp and tooth-shaped edge that cut fast and cleanly, and its durability is satisfactory.

These blades have a T-Shank design and fit Milwaukee Jig Saws 6266-6, 6276-6, 6267-20, 6267-21, and other popular brands. Switzerland manufactured this product. It Includes five individual blades.

Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank is good enough for many reasons, but principally for solid quality control. These blades cut well, Stay sharp, stay true. There are less expensive packages out there.


  • Used Bi-Metal  meterial, designed for the professional user.
  • Idel for clean and fast cuts.
  • Includes 5 individual blades, and Have a longer life.
  • Include metal Cutting Blades


  • Only 9/32 in. Width


In my experience, a good reliable blade is even more important than the tool it equips. It’s good for Metal and Wood Cutting solutions.

Bosch T30C T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set : Provide fine, clean cuts in wood

Bosch T30C high-performance blades are specially designed for cutting wood and metal. Cutting hard metals precisely could be a complex task, especially for a beginner. But this blade stands out of the crowd in that case. With this blade, you will be able to cut even a hard metal with great precision.

These blades are made of high-carbon steel, which provides you with great durability. Even when you are cutting hard stainless steel, these blades are not going to break off. Its durable precision blades are going to give you superior performance.

Cutting think and thick material cleanly is not a piece of cake, but when it's about the Bosch T30C, it's become way easier. What makes this blade special is when you are cutting glass ceramic tile, cement board, or cardboard, you are going to give great precision.

Getting a tear-free cut on woods is still quite tough for most of the jigsaw blades out there, but this jigsaw will offer you a clean and tear-free cut on both sides of your wood.

As it comes with a high-quality metal built, you are going to get a peerless cutting speed and 4x longer life span.


  • Cutting hard metal smoothly and precisely is a lot easier with this blade
  • Hight-quality carbon steel ensures maximum durability
  • T-shank design makes it super user-friendly
  • Comes with a heavy-duty plastic case for convenient storage
  • 4x higher cutting speed than normal blades


  • The case is not well-designed to fit the blades decoratively

What Makes It Stand Out

When it comes to cut glass ceramic tile or cement board, it could get a little bit tricky to get it done with good precision. However, if you have Bosch T30C high-performance blade, you don't have to worry at all. 

The Bosch T30C high-performance blade will allow you to cut glass ceramic tile or cement board like a watermelon. I can tell you won't regret purchasing one.

WORKPRO W124142A: Assorted Blades for Wood, Plastic and Metal Cutting

After buying your jigsaw blades, if it turns out to be not compatible with the jigsaw you are using, it can be disappointing. However, this jigsaw blade from WordPro is compatible with almost all the models of jigsaws out there as it comes with a T-shaped design.

You will be able to get various types of work done with this jigsaw blade as you are going to get 25 blades of different sizes. The latest model of this jigsaw allows you to change the blades pretty quickly just by a single push of a button.

It can work very effectively on laminate surfaces, even on plastic, hard metals, or wood.

These blades are as sharp as a katana, and even after a number of cuts, they are able to keep their edges sharp so they can easily deal with DIY or professional tasks. They are quite well-known for their great durability as they don't easily break under heavy pressure.

The set comes with CRV blades, which are ideal for cutting woods, laminates, and plywood with good cleanliness. You will also find HSS blades to cut hardwoods, metal and BIM blades to deal with heavy-duty metal and woodworks.


  • 25 different types of blades can get loads of works done
  • Each blade is marked with its functions
  • T-shank design makes allow you to change the blade quickly
  • Can work effectively even with heavy-duty tasks
  • A square ribbed case enables you to store your blades decoratively


  • Working on metal stuff is a bit slow


What makes this blade stand out of the crowd is its T-shaped design and 25 blades with their unique abilities. This design makes it compatible with almost all the models of jigsaws out there. So, you won't have to encounter any compatibility issue.

When you will have 25 blades in different sizes, you will be able to accomplish almost all kinds of professional or DIY projects.

Cozzmts MT5002 T-Shank JigSaw Blade Set: Best for your Wood Plastic Metal cutting

The COZZMTS saw blades is something amazing that woodworking beginners can get. It's compatible with almost all the jigsaws out there in the market. The 20PCS of blades are highly versatile. Also, the assortments are able to meet different woodworking tasks.

Five of its blades come with the same features as Bosch T5002, but the number of jigsaws is a lot more than Bosch and offers better quality and affordable price.

These blades are built with high-quality materials such as high carbon steel and high-speed steel. Also, they come through high-quality processing technology such as quenching and tempering.

Whether you want to cut a thin metal or heavy wood, these blades are going to give you an efficient performance. It comes with a T-shank design with five contact points, which allow you to have a comfortable grip.

Besides that, you won't have to deal with the trouble of securing the screws in the mounting holes to decrease damage. It comes with a 30-day free return policy.


  • 20 different types of blades allow you to get a variety of works done
  • Blades are made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability
  • T-shank design comes with 5 contact points to allow you to get a good grip
  • Compatible with almost all the popular models of jigsaws
  • Blades are excellent for hardwoods


  • Low cutting speed with metals


What we have found most special about this blade, is its ability to cut thin metal with great precision. The T-shank design gives you a comfortable grip to hold. So, when dealing with thin materials, you will be able to maintain good accuracy while cutting.

Most of the blades out there in the market does not come with this feature. If you have been looking for a blade that can get your work done with good finishing touch, especially in thin objects then this is the one you need.

TopsTools JSTTK8 Jigsaw Blades:best pick for ferrous and non-ferrous thin metals

One of the reasons we decided to keep 40 x TopsTools JSTTK8 on our list is its versatility.

Tops tools JSTTk8 Jigsaw blades are suitable for T101AO, T101B, T101BR, T101D, T111C, T118A, T119BO, T144D Mixed Jigsaw Blades for Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee and many more.

It can cut cleanly and make a smooth surface on both sides of the workpiece using these saws. Moreover, we can apply some saws to create clean, and fast cuts.

It has a 4-5.2 mm large tooth pitch. That's why the 40 x TopsTools blade enables the cutting of various wood materials with a thickness of 5-50 mm.

We can also use some saws for fresh and quick cuts in wood and wood by-products. Besides, we can use some saws for cutting hard and softwood, plywood, and plastic by hand. For cutting sheets and thin metal, some saws are essential.


  • Professional quality Jigsaw blades
  • metal-cutting blades are Includes
  • Durable and Sharp
  • Ideal for adding versatility and functionality for your cutting task.
  • Designed for Fast, Clean, Coarse, cuts on hard & soft wood


  • Fit only T-shank jigsaw


The 40 x TopsTools blades maintain speed and deliver fast, straight cuts in wood. Also have sharp ground, side-set teeth able to quick results.

The 40 x TopsTools blade set is ideal for your woodworking and general purpose.

MRCGTCE FR-SAWW13-48 : Best for straight cut in wood material 

These jigsaw blades have a great value compare to their cost. These 50 pieces of the jigsaw are going to meet your everyday needs. These blades are made of high-quality materials such as high carbon steel and high-speed steel.

The HCS is made with high carbon steel, which is 50 times better than a normal CRV, so when working with heavy wood materials, you are going to get a clean and speedy cut. The HSS is made with original high-speed steel to give you the maximum wear tolerance and longer life span.

It's recommended to lubricate your blades before cutting to get the cleanest and speedy cut possible. As it comes with a T-shank design so it can be fitted easily with almost all the brands of jigsaws out there in the market.

You are going to get a durable storage case with the blades to store them decoratively and also enable you to have quick access.

This blade can be your trump card when you are dealing with heavy wood materials. Its high carbon steel made HCS gives it great strength and wear tolerance. So, cutting heavy objects became a piece of cake with it.


  • 50 pieces of blades allow you to get a variety of works done
  • Blades are made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability
  • T-shank design allows you to change the blade quickly
  • Compatible with almost all the popular models of jigsaws
  • Comes with a durable storage case to keep your blades well-organized


  • Won't last much longer under heavy-pressure


You will be able to use this blade for years to come as it's made off high-quality materials. So, when it comes to get clean and quick cut on heavy materials, this blade is one of the best choices you have got.

Ryobi Rak-20Jb Jigsaw Blade Set Of 20

Ryobi Rak is offering you 20-pieces of a jigsaw with outstanding cutting power and versatility. You may not have heard much of this brand, but they produce quite good products. Using the 20-sets of blades, you will be able to cut any wood or metal with ease. They are compatible with CJS180LM, EJ500, EJ700L, EJ600, and RRS12011L.

The best thing about these blades is they are compatible with both t-shank and u-shank competition units. As you are getting a variety of blades so you don't have to worry about your application. They are exceptionally ideal for cutting metal, wood, and plastics.

What we like most about these blades from Ryobi, they remain sharp even after cutting a ton of application so you don't have to bother sharpening them often.

You are also getting a nice carrying case with it so, no more worries about losing your blades or messing them up. The carrying case will keep the blades safe also keep them orderly so you will be able to find the one you need in no time.


  • 25-piece of blades lets you cut a variety of stuff.
  • BIM blades allow you to cut any hard metal or wood with ease.
  • The universal shank fitment makes it compatible with all the jigsaws.
  • Remains sharp even after prolonged and, heavy use.


  • Blades are hard to fit.


Ryobi may not be the most popular brand out there in the market but, if you have ever used their blades you know, how excellent they can be. What we find most excellent about this model is it's compatible with both t-shank and u-shank units.

If I were you then, I would have run to the market right now to get these blades before they run out of stock.

HORUSDY 25-Piece Jig Saw Blade Set, -excelent for Wood, Plastic and Metal Cutting

Here we have one of the best T-shank jigsaw blades on the market from the famous brand Horusdy. The best thing about t-shank jigsaw  blades is they are compatible with most of the jigsaws out there in the market. This model of the jigsaw from Horusdy comes with HCS and HSS design, to provide you an enhanced quality and accurate cuts.

You are also getting the BIM blades which will let you cut metal or hardwood like you are cutting some cheesecake. And if you have to cut normal wood then, you can use the HCS blades. When it comes to cut hardwood and plastic, you may utilize the HSS blades.

With these blades, you will be able to make rapid, efficient and, plunge cuts in hardwood, softwoods, plastic, thin sheet metal, etc. You are getting 25-pieces of blades and, they will provide you great versatility when it comes to cut.

Horusdy offers a compact and nice carrying case so, you can carry the blades easily while keeping them well organized. You won't have to spend a lot of time when it comes to finding a specific blade also you will be able to carry them anywhere you want.


  • 25-piece of blades offers you great versatility in cutting.
  • Premium high-quality carbon steel construction ensures excellent durability.
  • Using the carrying case, you can carry them easily and keep them organized.
  • HCS, HSS, BIM blades let you cut almost anything you want.


  • Poor customer support.


Compatibility is a common issue when it comes to jigsaw blades but, the good news is these blades from Horusdy allow you to fit them with almost all kinds of jigsaw out there in the market.

So, if you need something that will provide you reliable compatibility and versatility, then go for this one without any hesitation.

CRAFTSMAN (CMAJ1SET13) - Ideal for wood and metal cutting applications

Craftsman has a very well reputation in the market for producing best jigsaw blades. If you go, ask a well-experienced woodworker what's jigsaw blades he uses, most probably, he will say it's from Craftsman. This T-shank jigsaw blade from the Craftsman comes under an affordable price range while providing you with outstanding cutting power.

If you have been looking for jigsaw blades that will give you excellent power but comes under a budget price then, this one was built for you. At this low price, you are getting 13-pieces of blades with different purposes.

Craftsman doesn't forget their customers after they are done selling the products. They highly value their customer and provide the best support you can get, and with that in mind, Craftsman is providing you with 2-year long-warranty support with this product.

These blades were built to last; you will understand when you use them. Also, you are getting a compact carrying case with it, so you can carry it anywhere you want, and it will also keep your blades organized.


  • You are getting 13 pieces of jigsaw blades.
  • Excellent cutting power under an affordable budget.
  • The carrying case lets you carry the blades easily, and keeps them organized.
  • Multiple types of jigsaw blades enable your excellent flexibility.
  • Offers 2-years long-warranty support.


  • Blade numbers may not be enough for some users.


These blades are what people call one of a kind. When you have these blades in your collection, you have no worries about cutting almost any object. And getting such excellent blades at an affordable price is like a dream come true.

You can go for the Craftsman jigsaw blades without a second thought.

Janchi B07DGRNXSY -Precise  for Straight Cutting Wood Boards PVC Plastic

The Janchi store T-Shank blade pack is just the right set of blades you need for your jigsaw. Made from superior quality material, these blades can easily withstand enormous pressure. That’s why you can rely on their strength while working on crafts, DIY, home decoration, and even furniture making. 

The 100mm blade is made from thigh gauge high carbon steel, giving you the strength you need for any cutting project. Regardless of the material, the blade can easily penetrate through hard and semi-hard objects. No matter what material you are using, hardwood, softwood, PVC, boards, even plastic - the T101B blade is going to pierce through the layers in style. 

Its secret to strength lies in the tooth count. The 10 teeth per inch Tooth count shows how aggressive the blade is going to be. So, a straight cut is something you can easily achieve with this blade connected to your jigsaw. 

As for the compatibility of the jigsaw model, the blades are quite universal. Almost all the top names in the jigsaw industry should fit these T-shank blades pretty much easily. However, you must check if the jigsaw works with a T-shank blade or not.


  • Made from high-carbon steel for maximum strength
  • Capable of making straight cuts on wood
  • It comes in a 50-piece package
  • 10 teeth per inch TPI makes it pretty aggressive 
  • It can be used to cut a variety of materials, from wood to plastic
  • Compatible with most common jigsaw brands out there


  • A bit thinner than usual T-shank blades, so it may get bent with excessive pressure


Although buying a single blade won’t be a good decision for this one, a bulk purchase will definitely save a lot of bucks and will provide excellent long-term support, as well.

How to choose the right Jigsaw blades for your project?

When it comes to choosing the right jigsaw blade, it involved several factors in the game, such as the type of material you are cutting, the type of cutting and more.

So, we suggest you deal with the 3 fundamantal queries before you buying a jigsaw blade.

  • What type of material go on you need to cut (wood, matel, PVC,)
  • What type of cutting task do you need to make (Clean or rough cut)?
  • What type of cutting line do you need, (straight or a curved cuting line) ?

#1 What type of material go on you need to cut (Wood, Matel, PVC,)

What type of object or material go on you desire to cut. At first, you have to have an idea of your requirements. If you want to do the woodwork only, a blade of carbon steel should be good enough for you.

These blades aren’t so expensive, and most can cut through both hardwood and softwood. So when you are going to purchase a jigsaw blade, you must choose it depending on the material you will cut with it, such as soft or hardwood, ferrous metals or non ferrous metals, PVC or plywood, etc.

For Wood cutting

To do woodwork is not a difficult task. For performing woodwork, you can use any ordinary blade made of carbon steel or other similar materials.

These types of blades are available in quite an abundance. However, they should be durable and from renowned brands like DEWALT, Bosch, and Black & Decker.

For Plastic and Hard Metals

To cut more complex materials like Plastic and hard metals, you must buy jigsaw blades made of more endurable materials like tungsten carbide and other similar ones. Moreover, the metal cutting blade TPI must be between 20 and 24 to give the best results on a tungsten carbide blade.

#2 What type of cutting task do you need to make (Clean or Rough cut)?

Jigsaws are most commonly used on personal projects or construction sites to cut wood or metal.

What your jigsaw blade will look like depends on the variation of the cutting task. Different blades have to be used for straight cut, bevel cut, and curves cut moreover, flush cutting blade ‍are more complex.

           | You may read this article to know more about different types of cutting.

You have to choose the blade depending on what kind of cutting you want. That is, the cutting quality depends on the TPI of the blade and the blades tooth configuration.

TPI or teeth per Inch

Teeth per inch of jigsaw blade are essential to consider as they fix the cutting speed and performance. However, many people are indifferent regarding this factor. The teeth per inch of a blade can vary for components in components. So, here are the details of it:

  • TPI For Wood Cutting
  • TPI For Plastic Cutting
  • TPI For Hard Metals Cutting
Jigsaw blades TPI

TPI For Wood Cutting

If you require cutting Wood, you can use any jigsaw blade with 6 to 8 teeth per inch, and that would be good enough. Besides, you can get a blade with ten teeth per inch that will work better but slower.

You can perform woodwork with a blade more than this number of teeth, but that might be slower and less significant. In fact, for woodwork, a blade with 4 to 6 teeth works fine.

Remember, lower tooth-count (TPI) blades are usually ideal for rough cuts, and clean cut blades with more teeth (TPI) and curved cut blades need more flexibility.

TPI For Plastic Cutting

As Plastic is a softer material, it needs to be cut carefully. For accuracy, you need to work slowly, and for that, you need a blade with more than 10 teeth.

16 to 18 teeth per inch is a fine range for plastic cutting. You can cut Plastic even with more teeth on a blade, and that might be fine also.

TPI For Hard Metals Cutting

Cutting harder material is a tricky task, and for that, you need a suitable jigsaw blade. However, if you are going to do that, you will need an edge with at least 20 teeth or even more.

The teeth number recommended for cutting hard metals is 24 that ensures the best results.

Blades Tooth Configuration

The wide part of the jigsaw blades has tooth configurations that will determine if they can perform any cutting task quickly, neatly, and efficiently.

Besides these, there are plenty of other considerations in jigsaw blade design. Whether the teeth are milled, ground, side set, wavy or straight are all factors that can contribute to blade performance, cutting speed, fineness, and durability.

Beyond tooth count, TPI also considers the blade design. The reverse-tooth blade has its teeth facing a different direction from the standard blade, meaning that it cuts on its downstroke, and you will have tears on the underside of the wood you’re cutting.

#3 What type of cutting line do you need, (straight or a curved cuting line) ?

The more information about jigsaw blades

Hi friend, have you remembered the 3 fundamental questions we brief earlier? Apart from these, there are a few other technical things to keep in mind, which are essential for buying a perfect jigsaw blade.

Carry with us; we will hand over them for you.

  1. Blades Shank type
  2. Blade Materials Types

1. Blades Shank Types: What type of Jigsaw clamps?

If you are an experienced user, you should know that every jigsaw blade will not fit every jigsaw clamp! There are three types of shanks for jigsaw blades available in the market nowadays.

T-shank,  U-shank and u-shank with hole. And that is why we have reviewed three separate articles on our site.  So you will find your jigsaw blades according to your desires. The T-shank is the most common and is comfortable than U-shank blades.

So, you can buy the T-shank blade because this type of blades are compatible with most of the jigsaws. However, if your jigsaw does not support T-shank blade, then you have nothing to do about that.

Have you any U-shank-supported jigsaw device?

Don't wary; We also review the best U-shank jigsaw blades. If you read the article, that will help you to pick the best one.

Moreover, you should know other U-Shank types of jigsaw blades. That is U-shank blade comes with a hole. Very few jigsaws devices have used the type of blades. You will find more details in another article about the Best u shank jigsaw blades with hole.

Difference between T-shank and U-shank blades

T-shank is very common and popular, as this fits smoothly with a tool-free clamp. Besides, they have a tang on the top, and their compatibility is extensive for most of the jigsaw brands.

Many jigsaw blades accept both T-shank and U-shank. The T-shank blades has a faster blade changing system, and newer jigsaws need a little more than pushing a button to change a t shank blade.

jigsaw blades shank type

On the other hand, U-shank blades have a U-shaped cut on the top.

There are many older  jigsaws model use this type of blade after the t shank blade being standard, U-shank blades ran out of fashion, and the users utilize these less than before.

U-shanks are called universal shank also. U-shank blades are losing their popularity because of their not being improved. However, there are many of the older jigsaws which are still compatible with these.

2. Jigsaw Blades Materials Type

Naturally, different manufacturers make different types of blades, depending on the materials. So, you have to choose the perfect one based on your requirements.

Some of the standard and accessible materials used in making jigsaws are tungsten, carbide, carbon steel, steel, and bi-metals. You have to select the right and durable one, depending on your material type. However, you have to consider your budget because that might put some limitations on your choices.

There are different types of Jigsaw blades for various cutting. Naturally, you can use the following four types of jigsaw blades for different types of wood, metal, and plywood projects.

  • High carbon steel (HCS)
  • High-speed steel (HSS),
  • Tungsten carbide (TC)
  • Combination of HSS and HCS (Bi-metal).

High Carbon Steel (HCS)

These are very flexible and inexpensive blades. The users used these blades mostly for making curved designs and recommended for woodwork. Those who work in a general woodwork shop may use these types of blades.

High-Speed Steel(HSS)

High-speed steel blades are harder and more resistant than carbon steel blades, but excessive heat can easily damage them. Although they are a little less flexible than carbon steel blades, The high speed steel blades a little more expensive.

Tungsten Carbide Blades (TC)

These blades are the most durable made of tungsten carbide. These blades can undergo extreme heat and temperature. Usually, the users use these blades for cutting stainless steel, fiberglass, and ceramics. Although these blades are more expensive, we can use them for special applications.

Combination of HSS and HCS (Bi-metal)

Because of being a blend of high-speed steel and carbon, we can use the bi metal blade for cutting metal and hardwood.

The bi metal jigsaw blade is highly flexible and has higher wear resistance than high carbon steel blades. Upper steel teeth ensure more extended durability.

Also, look at these factors when having a jigsaw blade.

Hi guys. Have further causes for looking at the perfect one. The Jigsaw blades are complex tools by their efficiency. In this cause, we provide all the subtleties of a jigsaw blade.

So when choosing a jigsaw blade for your upcoming project, also you should consider the factors below.

  • Blade length
  • Blade widths
  • Tooth Direction
  • Durability

Blade length

Finally, we discuss the blade length. Dear reader, Bear in mind Blade length is also an essential factor for your cutting task. If the blade is not large enough for your cutting task causes problems. So if you want to cut with deep materials, you will want to make sure you have chosen a suitable one.

It’s a good idea to leave extra legroom of about 25mm due to the reciprocating nature of the tool. Make sure you have enough cutting lengths to create your workpiece.

Blade widths

Selecting the perfect jigsaw blade based on the curve of a cutting task helps prevent binding or slow cutting. Please note the very fundamental element is the width of the jigsaw blade.

  • 3/8 inch cut gradual curves
  • 1/4 inch blades cut tighter curves

Tooth Direction

Tooth Direction is another remarkable component that helps you to complete your cutting task smoothly. Usually, there are two types of tooth directions of a jigsaw blade are available in the market.

  • Standard tooth direction – Points upward
  • Reverse tooth Direction – Points downwards


You should not spend money buying new blades every day, and that’s why you must check the blade’s strength before buying it. Depending on your jigsaw’s brand, you should buy your razors from the manufacturers.

In this case, you can choose the jigsaw blades from Bosch or Black and Decker and like such type of reputed manufacturers.

To judge the durability of a jigsaw blade, you can check for the material it is made. We have already stated enough about the blade materials such as tungsten, carbide, and bi-metals that are more durable.

The Verdict

While you are going to buy a suitable jigsaw blade from the market, you should have a logical concept about that. You should possess a buying guide if you want to have an excellent idea about the jigsaw blades.

Truly speaking, there is no alternative for hard work and skill. Any worker with successful projects experience can tell you can expect excellent results from the renowned brands of jigsaw blades.

We have tried to explain some of the essential criteria about different jigsaw blades for your bright conception. We hope you will see the information helpful in buying your expected jigsaw blades.

If you ever decide to purchase one of these jigsaw blades, it will help you choose which blade would be suitable for you.Blades Tooth ConfigurationBlades Tooth ConfigurationBlades Tooth ConfigurationBlades Tooth ConfigurationBlades Tooth Configuration

Once you’ve answered the 3 fundamantal questions we brief earlier, look at the blade packaging that you want to buy.

For example, with DeWalt jigsaw blades, you’ll notice little icons. These illustrate the type of cut they have manufactured the blade to make.