Best Portable Band Saw [2023] Working with Wood or Metal

Different Type of Portable Band Saw

  • Metal Bandsaw
  • Meat Bandsaw
  • Wood Bandsaw
  • Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Vertical Bandsaw

Metal Bandsaw

The metal-cutting bandsaw is not that different from a wood bandsaw. It's specially designed for metal cutting purposes. The most incredible part of the machine is its blade. Its invincible cutting power can cut through any metals at ease.

The reason is the blade has a series of teeth in every inch, which makes it an unstoppable cutting beast. Usually, people prefer this saw when it comes to cut down big stocks of metals into smaller and more compact sizes.

Besides that, artisan prefers this saw for polishing, contour cutting, and fling to give their woodwork a beautiful finishing.

Meat Bandsaw

When visiting a butcher shop, have you ever seen a machine with shiny steel? And you were like, what the heck is this? Yeah, I know seeing such a tool in a butcher shop could seem a bit unusual. But that tool helps the butcher to cut a great amount of meat daily.

Meat bandsaws come with a stainless-steel construction. You would admire the way it was designed; it lets you maintain and clean the machine quite easily. It's a must-have tool for butchers.

The tool is not just useful to the butchers. Also, it comes pretty handily to the meat lovers out there to cut well-shaped meats for steak and lamb. Besides that, some people even use it to make spout and mincer.

Wood Bandsaw

If you are a carpenter, then having a wood bandsaw can save you from a lot of trouble. This versatile tool can be a gamechanger for you whether you are a professional woodworker or amateur as it comes with a user-friendly design.

The stable version of this saw is required in workshops for cutting small wood and, in timber mills, you will find the larger wood bandsaw. As this saw provides small-cuts so, there's not much possibility of any waste.

Wood bandsaws come in different categories varying on their uses, such as double cut, resaw, head, and benchtop bandsaw. Let's have a broad look at them.

  • Double Cut: In double-cut, you will find cutting teeth on both sides of the blade. They are usually required in tabletop and industrial-size bands. You can also use this for dealing with metals and plastics.
  • Resaw: If you have to cut timber woods in small sizes, thenresaw can provide you a great cutting performance with the minimal waster of timber. Credit goes to their tiny kerfs.
  • Head: This category of wood bandsaw comes with a large silver tooth on its blade. You have to place them at 2-3 feet of distance if you want the best performance out of them. People usually use them in cutting hardwood such as Cherry and Oak.
  • Benchtop Bandsaw: They fall in the category between a typical table saw and a jigsaw. They are well-known for the ability to produce more power within a short space.

The majority of the home workshop owners out there use this one to get a fast and intricate cutting. You can fit them easily almost anywhere you want as they come in compact sizes.

Horizontal Bandsaw

These saws are used when you need to cut stock in horizontal formation, and that's why they are called horizontal bandsaws. It's a well-known tool among the professionals to armatures woodworkers out there. Though, they are not that helpful in creating curves or making intricate cuts.

Vertical Bandsaw

A vertical bandsaw runs by depending on an electric motor to deliver precise and smooth transmission. This saw can be your trump card if you are into making curves and intricate cuts.

If you can manage to operate this saw in the right way, you can accomplish the ‘mission impossible’. This cutting machine allows you to cut through straight lines with pinpoint accuracy.

Portable Band Saw Buying Guide

Overall, the portable band saw you choose ultimately depends on your experience and cutting task. When you have a lot of options on your plate, it gets a bit difficult to choose one from them. But you know, making the right choice in your life is important.

This reminds me of this quotation, "the choices you make determines your destiny. In this section, we will provide you a clear guideline to help you to find the right-bandsaw. Let's get to know what to consider before purchasing your bandsaw:


Getting a portable power tool will ease a ton of your burdens as you won't have to put much effort into moving it. We would recommend you to get a cordless version since you can move around with it pretty comfortably while working.

The Source of Power

Bandsaws mainly run depending on two power sources, one is battery and the other corded. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, here's the deal, if you are working as a professional who gets to move around a lot then, you need to get the cordless one.

On the other hand, if you are just a DIYer and looking for a simple tool, then, you may go for the battery-powered one.


You will find a couple of bandsaws in the market that offers LED lighting. If you get to work in poor light conditions often, you need this kind of feature with your bandsaw.


Some bandsaws come with blades included. But in the long run, you may have to buy different kinds of blades to deal with certain types of tasks. Most of those included blades won't give you good versatility.

Also, they are not that durable so, they can break anytime during your work. Therefore, when buying a bandsaw, try to get some additional blades with it. Here we have got the best compact band saw thatcomes with a great blade.

Rubber Bumpers

Your safety should be the priority. So, when purchasing a band, make sure you check out its safety features first. Having a rubber bumper on your bandsaw makes it safe from wear and tear. Also, they make sure the tool stays steady while making a sensitive, precise cut. So, make sure your bandsaw has rubber bumpers.

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