Best Sawzall Blades [2023] Reviews With Buying Guide

Your new sawzall reciprocating saw is amazing at its work. Multitasking like drilling, demolition, pruning, masonry, metal cutting, wood cutting etc. can be done very thoroughly with this superpower tool.

But what if your blade is not good enough compare to your saw? Will you be able to finish your task perfectly? The answer should be negative. Becauseit’s needed to have sturdy and perfect blades at the same time.

Otherwise, normal blades may break down or move like a swing. And this might be a great hindranceto your important task. That’s why choosing the best reciprocating saw blades shouldn’t be neglected at all.

Finding the most suitable blades for your saw isn’t that easy. You will many blades that look almost alike. Claiming the good oneis very tough in this competitive market.

That’s why our team has done quite extensive research on this issue. After analyzing for some time, we’ve found some that are very promising to their customer and render a great service to them.

Here’s our top 9 pick from the market. Now it will be a lot easy for you to choose the right one according to your need.

Best sawzall blades Product Chart

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Milwaukee Electric Tool 49-22-1129

The Milwaukee Electric Tool 49-22-1129 is another set of the famous brand Milwaukee. You’ll get 12 blades of 3 different categories as the package. These 3 categories work for different purposes.

What you will get in the box is two 6-inch Wrecker, two 6-inch Torch, two 6-inch Ax, three 9-inch Torch, and three 9-inch Ax blades. A perfect package, right? The Ax for nail-embedded wood, the Wrecker for demolition, and finally the Torch for metal cutting activities.

How about a free sturdy case for blades storage? Yes, this package includes even that also. Finally coming to its thickness point. While most other blades tend to bend very easily, this one is completely different.

That’s because of its extra thick size from 0.42 to 0.62 inches. So you can rely on this product without any hesitation.


  • A huge amount of blades in the package.
  • Various blades for various purposes.
  • Bulky thick size to prevent bending.
  • A very beautiful and decent box that comes for free.
  • Not much costly.


  • Color may fade away.

Why Should You Buy?

The Milwaukee Electric Tool 49-22-1129 is not like most others. This one will fulfill almost every type of professional and family cutting chores with the help of 12 pieces of blades. Also getting all these blades at cheap and cheerful prices.

Final Words

Any sawzall reciprocating saw is not complete without its blade. It's like ‘fish without water’. The saw blades can demolish with the help of the pull and push hard method of reciprocating saw.

As blades are very important , you should chose the reciprocating saw blade that is best and meets all your needs. Hope that you'll get a lot of help from this writing to choose the perfect saw blades for you.

Last but not the least, be careful while using the saw with saw blades. A little moment of your unconsciousness can make a big accident. So, safety first.

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