Best U Shank Jigsaw Blades With Hole

Whether you are a pro or a novice in carpentry, you may know that jigsaw blades are generally of two types – U-shank and T-shank. There is another type of U-shank or Universal shank blade on the market that has a hole in it. As both types are of different nature, these two demands separate discussions. In this piece, we will be talking about the U-shank jigsaw blades with hole.

A new blade will just need a push of a button to change the jigsaw blade. Although we have some of the best u shank jigsaw blades in the market, the T-shank styles are the most popular and widely used.

Considering a number of issues, we have listed down 10 most promising U-shank jigsaw blades with hole we have found to be of top-class. Stay tuned till the end to find out what we have in our pack!

So guys let's get acquainted with u-shank jigsaw blade with hole.

Are jigsaws performance depends on its blade?

The answer is yes, of course. The performance of a jigsaw relies a lot on its blade. Different types of jigsaws were designed to accomplish different ranges of works.

A certain type of jigsaw blade in the market can get almost 90% of your works done. If you are not under a tight budget and need to get a variety of tasks done, then going for the higher blade count would be a wise choice.

A jigsaw blade's performance also depends a lot on its teeth count. The higher the teeth count, the sharper and smoother performance it will deliver. As your jigsaw blade will deal with hard materials like metal and wood, you should consider blades with good durability.

Blades that come with carbide-tipped teeth and a good warranty policy would be the best choice for you. Here you can find some of the best jigsaw blades.

Specialist jigsaw blade types? (Different types of Jigsaw blade)

If you want to carry on your cutting on different materials, you do need specialized blades for each type of cutting. Regular blades will not work at all in this case. That’s why we are going to introduce you to a number of specialized blades here.

We are going to show you the specialty and use of these blades, so keep up with us.

  • Reverse Tooth Blades
  • Plunge Cut Blades
  • Flush-Cutting Blades
  • Scrolling Blades

Reverse Tooth Blades

The reverse tooth blade is the blade that cuts facing the downstroke. It’s designed in such a way that the blades are always facing the downside allowing a narrow cut. This mitigates the chance of chip-out on the front side of the sheet or piece you are working with.

A reverse tooth blade, having a number of teeth at the bottom allows you to have a smooth cut on the bottom, as well as the top. It is usually applied to materials with a pre-finished surface that mitigates the risk of nicking.

Some of the best brands that produce Reverse tooth blades are Bosch, Flying Dutchman, Olson Saw, etc.

Plunge Cut Blades

Plunge cut blades are a bit different from the common blades we see; it has a flat cutting surface that can sneak into the place where usually a blade doesn’t reach. Attached to a jigsaw, it can easily cut beneath a door frame.

The usual application of a Plunge Cut Blade combines trim and door jam works. Plus, you can also use it in cutting vents on a wooden surface. You can also use it for close-quarter cuts that are used for notching.

Some of the best brands that produce Plunged Cut blades are Festool, Makita, Dewalt, etc.

Flush-Cutting Blades

Flush cutting blades are the ones that are used from a smooth flush cut. Usually, it’s used to cut the edge and hard-to-reach spaces of any wooden structure. The teeth of a flush cutting blade are shielded to keep it safe from damage as it needs rapid force to cut.

The best use of a flush cutting blade includes cutting concrete, sandstone, or limestone flush against the surface.

Some of the best brands that produce Plunged Cut blades are Diamach, Dewalt, Dremel, etc.

Quick Summary

Running out of time? Here is a quick look at what we have piled up here for you.

Cozzmts 65PCS U-Shank Jig Saw Blades Set: With its 8 to 32 TPI count, the all-rounder blade set can cut through wood, metal, and plastic materials pretty well.

Milwaukee 49-22-1168 U-Shank Jig Saw Blade: The Swiss building technology will make your wood cutting work easier than ever with this universal jig saw blade.

Task Tools T22124 10-Piece Jigsaw Blade Set: With its ability to cut through nearly all types of material you can think of, this one-tool-for-all jigsaw blade is the one you need for professional use.

Pit Bull TAIB0706-014 Jig Saw Blade Set: A perfect suit for DIY guys with the ability the cut through multiple types of materials.

Uxcell - a12092100ux0551 3.5 inches Long Jigsaw Blade: Concentrated on wooden boards, this one is a suitable set of blades for most DIY users for home improvement works.

Best U-shank jigsaw blades with hole Product Chart

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Best U-shank jigsaw blades with hole Reviews With Deep Analysis

Cozzmts 65PCS U-Shank Jig Saw Blades Set: Best Versatile

Cozzmts comes with a huge package of 65 U-shank jigsaw blades that solve nearly all the wood cutting problems. From metal to plastic, you can cut all types of materials as the variety of blades let no material untouched.

The pack actually comes with 3 different blades - the metal cobalt steel, the fine wood high alloy steel, and the wood high alloy steel. Each type of blade comes with a number of varieties depending on Teeth per Inch or TPI. That’s why you can pick a blade that suits the material you are working with.

Why Should You Buy Cozzmts 65PCS?

(+) Highly Compatible 

It always has been an irritating situation when you can’t match your jigsaw model with the blade you just got. That’s not the case here, as the blades in this pack are compatible with most of the jigsaw models are in the market right now.

(+) Three-Point Connection 

The blades have 3 different points of connection - the two points of the U-shape and the hole beneath. This makes it pretty easy for the blade to stick tightly in the jigsaw.

(+) Variety of Teeth per Inch

Every type of blade in this pack has multiple types of Teeth per Inch or TPI count. So, no matter what you are cutting, you can always find one that suits the material.

(+) Fit for all
As we can see, the features of this blade are absolutely nailing it. You can make any cutting job possible, using this blade on your jigsaw.

Keep in Mind

(+) Beware of bending

These blades are strong, but if pressed under pressure, they have a tendency to bend. So, you better be careful not to bend any of the blades.

Cozzmts 65PCS is Good For

The blades here in this pack are generally applicable for wood, metal, and plastic materials. So, it’s kind of an all-rounder pack.

From 8 Teeth per Inch or TPI to 32 TPI, the varying teeth count will definitely come in handy for different tasks. Then again, it fits most of the jigsaw devices you can find in the market, so it’s pretty much versatile, as well.

Milwaukee 49-22-1168 Jig Saw Blade: Best For Straight Cut

If you’ve got a Milwaukee jigsaw in your garage, well, it’s probably a good idea to stick to Milwaukee blades for that. It’s always better to match the brands of the machine and the blade. That’s why the Milwaukee universal shank metal jigsaw blade is here for you.

It comes in a 5-piece pack that has all the types of blades you need. From wood cutting to metal cutting - it has one blade, at least, for all these purposes. Three of the blades are specially designed for metal cutting, while the other two are specialized for wood cutting.

Why Should You Buy Milwaukee 49-22-1168

(+) Specialized For Milwaukee

Although it’s not something quite a selling point for the blades, the Milwaukee specialization here is pretty useful. It syncs well with most latest Milwaukee jigsaw models and works pretty great.

(+) Universal Shank

The 9/32 inch width on the blades makes these quite universal to fit and suit other devices, as well. Just a bit of adjustment will do; you can easily fit them to your DeWalt, Bosch, etc., jigsaws.

(+) Swiss Expertise

While most users prefer US-made jigsaw blades, this one comes from experts from Switzerland. So, universality, durability, and flexibility are the result of their Swiss expertise.

Keep in Mind

(-) Not Quite Available

Yes, from teeth count to the specialization for Milwaukee devices - this set of blades is hard to match with other options in the market. However, there’s a catch. If you do think you like these blades and plan to use them regularly, you may need to make sure you have a steady internet connection. That’s because these blades are hardly found in local stores.

Milwaukee 49-22-1168 is Good For

It’s suitable for those who have a Milwaukee Jigsaw model 6256-6 or higher. It does support some other brands, as well. This is because this one is quite a specialized set of blades for Milwaukee devices.

Then again, the teeth count here ranges from 9 to 32, which makes it a well-suited blade set for any cutting job.

Task Tools T22124 10-Piece Jigsaw Blade Set: Best Overall

Although most universal jigsaw blades claim they can fit into any jigsaw model, you know it isn’t true. Some of the best u shank jigsaw blades in the industry do struggle to fit into at least one or two saws out there. However, Task Tools T22124 is quite different in this case. This one does fit into most jigsaws, you name.

Its 10 different blade sizes come with the same Universal shank (U-shank) design that fits into any saw you want. Because of the hole above the ultra-side U-shape, it easily slides through the saw and fits in effortlessly. Thanks to its designers for this amazing feature.

Why Should You Buy Task Tools T22124 blades set? 

(+) High-Grade Construction 

The blade doesn’t break, nor does it bend easily. The secret lies in the high-grade steel construction, which gives it optimum rigidity and durability. In addition, it’s quite sharp due to the construction, as well.

(+) A range of blades

Lengthwise, you get some of the best blades in the market from 2.76 inches to 3.15 inches. These universal blades can easily fit into any device you are using.

(+) Truly all-round cutting

Whether it’s wood, metal, plastic, or laminated board you are planning to cut with the blades, these are not going to let you down. If you think that plywood may cause heavy splinters, rest assured that it’s not. The blades also ideal for scroll cuts and regular cuts in hard wood and wet wood Blades.

Keep in Mind

(-) Not available in local shops

Now, the high-grade steel makes the blade quite strong and the universal size of it makes it a perfect choice for most applications. But we have found an issue with the blade.

Similar to the Milwaukee universal u-shank blades, this one is also quite hard to find in the local stores. You have to depend on the online stores for it. So, it’s better to order in bulk before you run out.

Task Tools T22124 blades set is Good For

Technically, this one is a good bet for most users who need blades that can cut through metal, plastic, wood, or even laminate. That means it’s quite a ‘one tool for all’ material. If you need something like this, own it.

Made from solid high-grade steel with a range of blades from 2.76 inches to 3.15 inches, this one is a pretty versatile one.

Pit Bull TAIB0706-014 Jigsaw Blade Set: Best For DIY Jobs

There are very few options available in the market that allows you to experiment with a number of different blade types. Pit Bull TAIB0706-014 stands out to be one of the few choices in this category. It's a set of jigsaw blades that includes a cutter for plastic, PVC, and wood – whichever you need.

Every single segment boasts quality and strength that you can rely on. Made from a durable and strong material, the blades are capable of doing what they are meant for. To carry the blades around, you have a rugged case that works perfectly. Overall, it's a decent set of jigsaw blades for a DIY user.

Why Should You Buy Pit Bull TAIB0706-014 blades set? 

(+) Multi-purpose

The case house 14 blades of three different types. You can easily cut wood, Soft wood, plastic, and PVC items with the blades. Each type of blade is designed for these three specific materials. Pick the one that matches your projects then and there.

(+) Top-Quality Blades

Apart from having multiple variants of tooth count, the blades are made from heavy-duty materials to support you throughout the cutting. From cobalt steel to high-alloy steel – the build quality is simply impressive.

(+) Rugged Case

As the blades come in a package, a rugged and robust case is used to carry them around. The case is sturdy yet handy, keeping the blade safe inside. Plus, you can easily arrange the blades inside.

Keep in Mind

(-) Not For Professionals

Although the blades can do magic with strength and sharpness, this one is not suitable for professional use.

Pit Bull TAIB0706-014 blades set is Good For

As you can tell, this one is a complete set of blades for cutting different materials from plastic to steel. Although it's not meant for professional applications, it's an ideal choice for DIYers.

Uxcell - a12092100ux0551 3.5 inches Long : Best For Wooden Project

Another top-class collection on our list is the uxcell a12092100ux0551 jigsaw blade. The package we picked comes with 5 pieces of blades. These blades are well-designed and well-crafted for DIY use and projects. You can easily use these cutters for your projects on a regular basis.

Although these are designed for household applications, you can definitely try them on professional tasks, too. However, it is best to keep it for household chores as the pressure endurance level is not up to the mark.

Why Should You Buy Pit Bull TAIB0706-014 blades set? 

(+) Build Quality 

Even if these are not the strongest and most robust blades out there, the blades are quite on par with top-quality blades in the market. Being made from high-carbon steel, the uxcell cutters offer satisfactory strength.

(+) Multi-Purpose

No matter what type of board and wooden material you are working with, the blades are going to work just fine. It works equally well on hard wood or soft wood, along with fiberboard and particleboard. It also cuts through plywood, as well.

(+) Good Length

The blades are up to 3.5 inches long to help you out with the most common wood cutting needs. It can easily penetrate most wooden materials with ease. It may not be as helpful with deep cutting, but it works great on general cutting tasks.

Keep in Mind

(-) Bending Issue

Try not to put much pressure on the blades while cutting wood with this. Putting high pressure can bend the blade, as some of the customers complained.

Uxcell - a12092100ux0551Long blades set is Good For

If you are working on your own Do-it-yourself project and wooden boards are your concentration, this is going to work perfectly for you.

IIT 19220 14Pc Universal Jig Blade: Idle For Woodcutting

Industrial Tools comes up with the 14-piece Universal Jig Blade package. These are quite suitable for wood and metal cutting. So, if you mainly a DIY guy who needs to cut a number of wooden or metal pieces, this one should be e good pick for you.

From blades having 6 TPI to 32 TPI, you’ve got a range of blades to cut different materials with ease. The best part is, these blades are super sturdy and last longer than you expect. These blades can mainly cut three types of materials - Wood high alloy steel, Fine wood high alloy steel, and Metal cobalt steel.

Why Should You Buy IIT 19220 14Pc Jig Blade? 

(+) Versatile Application

Although the wood-cutting performance of these blades is phenomenal and excellent, that’s not all. It’s surprisingly efficient in cutting metal and steel sheets, as well. So, you get a versatile cutting option.

(+) A Wide Range Of TPI

Three different types of jigsaw blades come with a number of TPI counts. From 6 TPI to all the way up to 32 TPI, you have all the jigsaw blade types you need. No matter how smooth or rough you want to cut, there’s a blade for you.

(+) Long-Lasting 

These blades are made from pretty rugged materials that actually last quite long. It’s not that it wears or tears off after a while. Rather, these blades do stand the sand of time.

Keep in Mind

(-) Don’t Use For Plywood 

Even though the blades are made as sturdy and strong with a versatile teeth count, we did find a drawback that may not quite suit plywood cutters. Well, if you are planning to use it for plywood cutting, think again. It produces horrible splinters if you are cutting plywood, so beware.

IIT 19220 is Good For blades set is Good For

This one is a perfect choice for those who need a specialized woodcutter that can also help in cutting metal pieces. It comes with a 6 to 32 TPI count that makes it a pretty much versatile choice for most jigsaws and cutting works.

Then again, the blades are made from strong, rugged material to make it durable and sturdy.

IIT 19220 14Pc Universal Jig Blade: Best For Wood And Metal Cutting

IIT 19220 14-piece jig blades are hard to ignore with a universal design when you are putting up a list of the best jigsaw blades. These blades are versatile, easy to use, and pretty strong to use on both wood and metal. Yes, these metal blades are open for use on both of these materials.

Furthermore, the design here is quite universal to be used on different devices. Apart from that, the blades fit perfectly on the jigsaw with literally zero trembling and wobbling. Thanks to its genius design excellent build quality.

Why Should You Buy IIT 19220 14Pc Universal Jig Blade? 

(+) Applicable for Wood and Metal 

No matter what type of material you are working on – wood or metal, the blades can work perfectly. Its high-alloy and cobalt steel make sure that you get the necessary advantages while cutting deep down the wood or metal pieces.

(+) Universal Design

No, you don't need to find a jigsaw that suits the blades. The blades are universally designed to suit the most common jigsaw devices on the market. Just take them out of the pack and place them on the saw; you are ready to go.

(+) Magnet Tip

A very helpful addition to the design here is the magnetized tip. You can keep the screws attached to the blade via magnetic power so that you don't' lose or drop the screws around your workplace.

Keep in Mind

(-) Doesn't Cut Deep

If you are looking for a set of blades to cut deeper than 4 inches, these are not the options to consider. These blades won't support such depth.

IIT 19220 is Good For blades set is Good For

As a DIY enthusiast, when you need a set of blades that can be used both on wood and metal pieces, you may want to pick up something like this.

LENOX Tools 1991563 U-Shank: Perfect for Thick Metal Cutting

Our first pick is the Lenox Tools 1991563 Universal shank or U-Shank blade. This one is specially designed for thick metals, and yes, it is pretty well in this case. From 1.5-inch thick metal to 3/16 inch thick sheet, it does cut through all.

The 14 TPI makes it an aggressive cutter. I would say if the TPI was a bit higher, it would make it a lot cleaner for a cut. The smoothness of the cut would have been better. However, if you apply the pressure a bit on a mediocre level, it’s not going to hurt, either.

Why Should You Buy LENOX 1991563 U-Shank blades? 

In this part, we will be discussing the key features of the blade. From technical to its looks and durability, everything will be discussed. So, you will understand why this one is one of the top choices of customers for a long time. I believe, after you go through the section, you will also understand why.

(+) Power Blast Technology

The blade comes with a power blast technology that makes it pretty easier for the jigsaw to make a cut. It reduces the need for extra pressure and allows you to go smooth on the sheet, while you are simply pushing the machine.

(+) T-2 Technology

The patented T2 technology from LENOX allows you to have a faster and more efficient cut than most other blades out there. Plus, this technique allows it to be used on different types of metal.

(+) Shatter-resistant

It comes with a bi-metal feature that makes it amazingly strong and flexible. That means even if it is under high pressure, it’s not going to break down. Rather, it will simply flex right and left to absorb the extra pressure and still be in its original shape.

Keep in Mind

(-) Lower Teeth Count

Yes, the lower teeth count will make you suffer if you don’t pay attention to the speed while cutting metal. It will make it a mess if you are going too fast.

After we have gone through the features, it does look quite a promising blade, for sure. However, we do try to find out the lackings on even the most useful blades we find. Surprisingly, there’s nothing that we were heavily concerned about this one.

LENOX Tools U-Shank blades is good for

It’s actually designed for thick metal cutting. Although you can apply it to any thin metal, it’s basically for thicker ones. With the power blast technology it introduces, it turns cutting jobs into a mere fun task.

Then again, its bi-metal feature makes it strong and flexible at the same time for the best possible output.

Milwaukee GIDDS2-2488093: Best For Straight Cut

Milwaukee is a popular name in the power tool industry for its amazingly useful and powerful tools. They are equally celebrated for their production of spare parts like jigsaw blades. The GIDDS2-2488093 is one such product from their house that suits not only Milwaukee jigsaws but also other jigsaws from different well-known brands, as well.

It comes with a 5-blade package that makes it easy for you to alternate if you need to use a sharper one at a point. Made from high-carbon steel, these blades are quite smooth to use on both wood and metal materials.

Why Should You Buy Milwaukee GIDDS2-2488093? 

(+) Excellent Construction

First of all, the blade is made from high-carbon steel to make it durable and heavy-duty. On top of that, it has 10 tooth counts per inch, which offers excellent smoothness while cutting through any material.

(+) Useful Length

The blades' 4-inch length indicates that you can cut through deep inside the wood or metal piece you are working with. This allows you to make deeper cuts for gaining more precision than usual.

(+) Optimal Handle Span

It features an optimal handle span that offers the highest power capacity for your jigsaw, along with allowing a comfortable range of operation. That means you can get plenty of space for both clean cutting and safety.

Keep in Mind

(-) No Variety

All the blades in the pack are of the same type. You don't get to explore different cuttings with it as all 5 blades are the same.

Milwaukee GIDDS2-2488093 U-Shank is good for

With its 10 tooth count per inch, you can expect the smoothest cut on any surface, be it metal or wood. This one is especially suitable for getting straight cut in wood.

IVY Classic 28204 J414P 4-Inch 14 TPI: Best For Professionals

IVY Classic 28204 is one of the strongest and most robust picks we have made today. This 14-teeth blade can simply cut through the toughest of metal pieces in a precise fashion. With its capacity to cut through 1/8 inch of metal, you will surely have the upper hand while cutting metal items.

The best part of this set of blades is, it comes with shatterproof teeth that ensure you can put enough pressure on the blades. That, too, comes with impressive flexibility. That means, even if the blade bends, it will jump right to its default state.

Why Should You Buy IVY Classic 28204 J414P Jigsaw blade? 

(+) Strength

The build quality of the blade is simply brilliant. It is crafted with Bi-Metal that comes with alloy steel with 8% Cobalt matrix II for maximum strength. It is hard, strong, and rugged at the same time with decent flexibility.

(+) Cutting Depth

For the metal piece, the blade comes with a capacity to cut over 1/8-inch deep. This is because of the Cobalt formation that allows it to cut through this deep without any problem.

(+) Shatterproof Teeth

Perhaps, one of the most excellent features of this blade is its shatterproof teeth. This means you can easily bend it with pressure, but it won't get bent in anyway. It will retain its original straight shape for the Rockwell harness of 65-67 HRC.

Keep in Mind

(-) Expensive

Although the blade comes with promising strength and precision, it does fall into the expensive side. If you are looking for something within your low budget, this one may not be the best option you would like to explore.

IVY Classic 28204 J414P U-Shank is good for

If you are a professional and need something robust for your job, this one is pretty much made for you. Its impressive construction and strength tell the story.

How to change a u shank Jigsaw blade?

The general system of changing a T-shank jigsaw blade is quite easy. The jigsaw will have a switch that makes it fairly an easy task. Simply click the switch and the blade will open up. However, U-shank  (Universal shank) jigsaw blades are a bit complicated.

You need to use an Allen key to open it up. Usually, an Allen key comes with the blade package.

Try to keep an Allen key with you whenever you are working with the blade. Allen keys come in different shapes and sizes, you may need to keep all types with you. To know more about Allen keys, you can click here

Now, to change the U-shank blade, here are some steps.

Step 1: Take an Allen key (L-key) and place it on the guard screws of the jigsaw. Unscrew it.

Step 2: When it is unscrewed, simply take the blade out.

Step 3: Now, place the new blade right on the previous blade’s position

Step 4: Tighten the screw with the Allen key again.

Step 5: You are done!

What can you do without an Allen key?

If you don’t have an Allen key to remove the Allen screws, here’s what you can do.

  • You can often find some screwdrivers that come with a straight or grind head. These screwdrivers can perfectly fit Allen’s head. You can use it as an alternative.
  • Use Vice-Grip style locking pliers. You can also use needle-nose locking pliers in this case. Choose any of these depending on the head of the fastener. You can twist the head by grabbing the sides of the fastener by the jaws of the pliers. This may work out well.


So, that was all we had for the best u shank jigsaw blades with hole. We hope you can find out the one that you need for your next project from our top picks. Although different jigsaw blades are applicable for different cutting jobs, we would recommend you to get the Task Tools T22124 if you are a newbie and looking for a suggestion.

This blade will fit most jigsaws and give you an absolute smooth cut on any type of material from wood to plastic.

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