Different types of cordless power tool battery

This is an age of modern technology. People are falling for cordless tools and devices more and more. You have to use batteries in order to use cordless tools. In this article, you will be acknowledged about some of the Best cordless power tool battery. This article will be beneficial to choose batteries. Especially, if you want batteries for your cordless tools.

Cordless tools are generated with batteries. These tools come without any cords or wires. You can put cordless tools in service anywhere you want. You just need batteries as a power supply.

Batteries are the only power suppliers that can help your cordless tool work Properly. Batteries can give you a pain free experience with your cordless tools. Therefore, you need to choose the best cordless power tools battery for your tools for experiencing great feedback.

You won't get proper quality work from your cordless tool without a good battery. There are various type of rechargeable batteries that we use every day. By reading this article thoroughly, you will choose the best cordless tool battery system for you.

Let's get started!

Types of rechargeable batteries

There are a variety of batteries. The battery function, storage, charging time play a significant role in the battery's characteristics. The power of your cordless tools depends on the power of your batteries.

That's why choosing the Best Cordless Power Tool Batteries is very necessary. There are four types of batteries available for your cordless tools.

To demonstrate, there are lead-acid, Li-Ion batteries. Mainly, Li-Ion is the best type of battery to use for your cordless tools. There are few reasons behind this super popularity of Li-Ion batteries.

These batteries give high power supply ability, the capacity of storing power, rechargeable systems. NiCd batteries provide long battery life, and these are super cost-effective.

On the other hand, NiMH batteries have better capacity than NiCd batteries. It delivers a tremendous amount of current to your devices. These batteries keep our environment safe.

Let's get to know about these specifications elaborately.

  • Lithium-ion 
  • NiCd Batteries
  • NiMH Batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries

You can recharge these batteries. These are portable too. Nowadays, we use portable devices and tools everywhere. These tools need rechargeable and portable batteries. It was first developed in 1985.

Its discharge efficiency is between 80-90%. But it discharges more with increased temperature and heat. People often use this as replacement rechargeable batteries for cordless drills.

Li-ion batteries contain flammable substances known as electrolytes. So, these batteries are highly explosive and can start a fire. You can get the light-weight battery and more energy facility from lithium-ion batteries.

Li-ion batteries are commonly implemented in drills, sanders, saws, and different garden equipment. Li-ion batteries are prevalent to use as the best power tool replacement batteries. It can also be used for different tools and black deckers.

These are also being used popularly in many vehicles. Moreover telecommunication sectors widely use this battery.

Li-ion batteries contain toxic metals, which are very harmful to our environment. As mentioned above, these batteries are very explosive too. But the good news is that, these metals can be recycled.

Many solvents used in Li-ion batteries can be recycled. This process can save us from the scarcity of these metals in the near future. Li-ion batteries don't show any memory effect, that's why using li-ion batteries is very hassle-free.

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Lithium-ion Batteries Specifications, Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Specifications

  • Advantages

  • Disadvantages


  • Amp-hours- 3.0 Ah and higher.
  • Voltage- 3.60V
  • Cycle life- less than 1900 cycles
  • Discharge rate- 0.35% to 2.5% in 30 days.
  • Body components: cathode bar, anode bar, electrolytes, and a divider.
  • NiCd Batteries

    Nickel-cadmium battery, in short- NiCd battery, is also a type of rechargeable batteries. Its discharge efficiency remains between 70-90%. It was first invented in 1899, long after the invention of li-ion batteries.

    These batteries are also portable and mainly being used for cordless tools. These are being used as a replacement battery, even in medical equipment.

    These batteries can be used individually or by making a package. Generally, we use NiCd batteries in remote controls, lighting, cordless power tools and camera flashes. These are very cheap in comparison to other batteries.

    These are best for using for home appliances, such as for cordless tools. NiCd battery are used numerously as replacement battery cells for cordless tools. These batteries are more difficult to damage, so they provide you excellent durability. Moreover, you can use these in any weather condition.

    These are very long-lasting batteries. But these batteries can give you a memory effect. Memory effect is when batteries lose their regular capacity after being charged for a smaller amount.

    This effect is caused when batteries remember the small level of charging, and afterward, they don't take more charge than that.

    The memory effect decreases battery life. When your batteries fall into memory effect, it won't get a higher charge level. As a result, you will have to recharge it more often. So, you should always charge the batteries fully before using them.

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    NiCd Batteries Specifications, Advantages & Disadvantages

    • Specifications

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages


  • Amp-hours- 1.2 A.h to 2.2 Ah
  • Voltage- 1.1V
  • Cycle life- 1000+
  • Discharge rate- 10% per month
  • NiMH Batteries

    Nickel metal hydride batteries are the full form of NiMH batteries. This battery is also a rechargeable battery. It was invented in 1967. If these batteries are completely discharged, they can be damaged.

    These are often used in cameras, cordless devices and tools. These batteries provide low internal resistance, which is suitable for high energy drain devices. These batteries replace NiCd batteries in many sectors.

    Electric devices include this battery. People often use this battery as a replacement rechargeable battery for cordless drills too.

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    NiMH Batteries Specifications, Advantages & Disadvantages.

    • Specifications

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages


  • Amp-hours- 2.2ah to 3.0 ah
  • Voltage- 1.2V
  • Cycle life- 600 cycles
  • Discharge rate- 13.9–70.6% at room temperature.
  • Lead-acid batteries

    It is the first introduced rechargeable battery, which was invented in 1859. Even though it was invented a long time ago, it can supply a high rate of current. Even it is very cost-efficient. You can rely on these batteries as one of the best rechargeable batteries for power tools.

    These batteries are widely used in different sectors. We cannot use this battery for anything like cordless power tools like cordless jigsaw, drill, chain saw etc.

    How a Lead-acid battery works

    It is necessary to know about the basic components of a lead-acid battery. The battery has relatively few components - there are four main components:

    Positive plate:   This is covered with a paste of lead dioxide.
    Negative plate:   This is made of sponge lead.
    Separator: This is an insulating material between the two plates, but it allows the electrolyte and the ions into it to enable conduction without the two plates touching.
    Electrolyte: This consists of water and sulphuric acid.

    These components are included all in plastic containers that work to hold the electrolyte and the battery together.

    Here we will present some information about Lead-acid battery in the context of discussing the battery type.

    This can happen in an internal short-circuit, which may cause a fire. This explosion is hazardous to the environment as well as our health.

    The recycling process is very successful for lead-acid batteries. About 99% of lead-acid batteries can be recycled worldwide. A lead-acid battery can last from 3 to 5 years.

    These batteries are widely used in lighting, domestic IPS,automobile starting, electric motor vehicles golf carts, power pumps, and cordless tools.

    It provides a 50-90% charge or discharge efficiency.

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    Lead-acid batteries  Specifications, Advantages & Disadvantages

    • Specifications

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages


  • Amp-hours- not specific
  • Voltage- 2V
  • Cycle life- less than 1200 cycles
  • Discharge rate- 3-20% per month
  • Which will be the best  cordless power tool battery?

    If you compare these batteries, you will know what's best for you to get. But usually, if you are looking for the best cordless power tools battery, it will be best if you go for the lithium-ion battery because this battery is a new technology and serves well than other batteries for your cordless tools.

    Despite the risk of explosion, people go for li-ion batteries first when they want rechargeable batteries.

    It gives you an extended amount of user time, and it can be recharged very fast. Li-ion gives more voltage, and more voltage means more power to work, you can easily understand that these batteries will serve you more power than other batteries.

    Like NiCd and NiMH batteries, Li-ion batteries don't have a memory effect, which is a pain reliever for you. Moreover, it provides you with more battery cycle life.

    Li-ion batteries can store a high amount of energy for you. So, you don't have to recharge it frequently. The drainage rate is shallow in comparison to other batteries.

    What are the Best Practices for Cordless Power Tool Battery Life?

    If you’re having problems with your modern tool system and are using non-lithium ion batteries, you might make the switch, especially with some recent communication and technological advancements from manufacturers such as DeWalt.

    Most of the modern power tool systems have made the switch to lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter while delivering a longer run time on less regular charging conditions compared to NiCad batteries.

    Lithium-ion batteries receive the most fatigue, wear, and aging between 90-100% of full capacity, so don’t be afraid to grab that battery off the charger before it’s done charging.

    How to store your cordless tool battery

    Batteries can be damaged soon if you don't know how to store them. Weather, temperature, heat, environment plays a significant role in your battery life. So, you have to know how to store your batteries properly.

    Here are a few ways for you to store your batteries accurately-

    Separate after using: Separate your batteries from the device after using. Removing batteries from devices can increase your battery life as well as protect your device.

    Keep the battery in a cool, dry place- your batteries will drain less if you keep those in a cool and dry place. Room temperature also helps to protect battery life.

    Keep it away from metals: keeping batteries along with other metals may cause damage to your batteries. So keep it away from any metal or moist objects. You can keep your batteries in a battery storage box.

    Keep batteries in a plastic bag: if you don't have any battery storage, you can keep them in a plastic bag to keep dry. You can tie all the batteries with a rubber band. Place the same sides in the same direction.

    Don't mix old and new batteries altogether: keep your new and old batteries separate. This can keep your batteries suitable for a long time.

    Store in 40% charge: don't completely discharge your rechargeable batteries. You should store rechargeable batteries while there is still a 40% charge left.

    Separate your batteries in a different place: we often mix up batteries with other things. But batteries may leak liquids like acids and can ruin your other things. So be careful about that, and secure your batteries in a different place.


    Batteries are one of our regular used items. Whether it's out TV remote or cordless tools, everything needs a rechargeable battery nowadays. So you really can't ignore the quality of a good battery. You may often search for the best cordless tools battery for your home equipment.

    Batteries need to be a good source of power if you want to make your tool work correctly. Moreover, if stored ideally, a rechargeable battery can last for up to five years. That's why batteries are very cost-efficient and user friendly.

    On the other hand, wired or corded devices can be problematic to use. They need a constant power supply from your electricity. But when you use a cordless tool, it removes the hassle of board power supply and can use portable batteries anywhere you want.

    Often we face power cuts, electricity cuts. This disruption can hamper your wired tools because there will be no source of energy to run these. When you use a cordless tool, the power supply is always ready in your hand. You can use your batteries even if there is no source of power.

    If you have read this article correctly, you have gained knowledge about a lot of information on the best cordless tools battery. Now choose your battery type wisely, and live a painless life!

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