DEWALT DCS334B 20v Max Brushless Jigsaw [Review 2023]

You must agree or feel how necessary the right tools for an Optimize and skillful works. In this article, We introduced you to DEWALT  DCS334B 20V Max Brushless Jigsaw that made by  world leading power tools manufacturer DeWalt.

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It’s a fantastic power tool for woodworking and several cutting performances with its most significant features and performance ability.

DeWalt lunch this model just October 2018. The latest Breathless motor technology with  20v power will be develop your skill and confidence; however, you are a professional user or beginner.

Furthermore, before buying any power tools, you must have bright ideas or collect proper information about its own features, benefits, and littleness more. We know you never allowed spending your money and time.

Our reaches team pick as well as more infraction for your demand and query. We will  illustrate the article-

  • Product Introduction
  • Specification & Key Features
  • Discusses in details Why should you buy
  • Manufacturer Introduction
  • and many more.

We hope it will help you to increase your knowledge and easy to perched, Although answer your most questions for a jigsaw.

DEWALT DCS334B 20v Max Brushless Jigsaw Just for you.

The most effective part of a cordless jigsaw is its precise control of blade speed that offers speed up to 3200 SPD or strokes per minute. For finding a professional performance, it also includes variable speed trigger and dial, so you can get perfection despite the type of materials that you are cutting. It has an improved tool-free blade change mechanism that allows you to hold the blade more securely.

DCS334B 20V Max jigsaw model added a 4-Position Orbital action features, that helps you to improve for optimal cutting, What kinds of materials you’re cutting, regardless.

To a more natural follow cutting lines, Dewalt includes for this model a very effective bright LED light. It helps you to easy your job on a dim work surface.

Apart from this, the jigsaw has a keyless shoe level that is comfortable to adjust. You can customize and fix it at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45°. Moreover, a removable shoe cover is also included that secures the materials from somewhat of scratches.

At long last, for residue control, the jigsaw includes an integrated dust blower, which makes it easy to remove dirt and debris that is produced while you cut any material. This DEWALT jigsaw unit unquestionably conveys if its use at home or work, Dewalt cordless jigsaw is a fantastic tool with functionality.

So friends, let’s move to the next essential features and specifications that make it an extraordinary/remarkable tool.

Key Features :

DEWALT Max Brushless Jig Saw runs on 20V. It features a T-Shank jigsaw blade and a bright LED light for working on low light surfaces. The 4-Position Orbital action is a significant advantage for achieving perfection in your work.

Various reasons force you to buy the product without hesitation:

Motor Size: The jigsaw includes a Power-full  brushless motor provide 3200 SPM with 26mm Stroke Length.  Moreover  20V battery, allowing you to work for a long time with more power and efficient performance.

Bright LED Light: The bright LED light attached to the jigsaw helps illuminate the work surface for better work performance and visibility.

Variable Speed Control: The jigsaw offers variable speed dial and trigger that provide precise speed control.

Dust Management : The jigsaw includes an integrated dust blower that helps you to clear the line of sight of dust and debris while cutting as it improves visibility.

Tool-free Blade Replace : Dewalt DCS334B 20v jigsaw comes with a new design that supports T Shank blades, giving you the optimal holding power and professional touch. Additionally, T-shank blades do not require any tools for replacement. You can easily replace jigsaw blades without the help of additional tools.

No-mar shoe cover: The Dewalt DCS334B 20v Jigsaw includes a No-mar shoe cover, allowing you to protect your work surface from any scratches.

Orbital action: 4-position, orbital motion provides control of cut quality and speed. remarkable light Weight just 4.6 (lbs.) Provide comfortable long time use.

Easy adjustment: Keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45° gives you the facility of easy adjustment.

Max Cutting Capacity :  DEWALT DCS334B also provide 135mm cutting depth capacity in Wood also  25mm for Aluminum (soft metal).

Why should you buy the DEWALT 20V Max Brushless  Jigsaw?

Brushless Powerful Motor :

Motor power is probably the prime feature to look at while buying any power tools. It measures the motor power of a cordless jigsaw in volts. Most of the cordless jigsaws in the market have a voltage of 18V. Include XR 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion 20V Battery to increase the performance of the DEWALT DCB204 Model.

The premium XR Lithium-ion Battery extends the running time up to 33%. Therefore, Dewalt cordless jigsaw is capable of completing the most cutting tasks that require higher voltage capacity.

The Jigsaw capable of completing most cutting tasks of Higher voltage Capacity. However, if you will use your jigsaw routinely for in-your-face cutting errands, an inflexible contraption with a larger voltage would outfit you for ensuring more conspicuous power and longer running time.

The higher the voltage of a cordless jigsaw, As The DEWALT DCB204 20v Jigsaw, has a powerful motor, you will be able to work efficiently with the tool.

Comfortable Tool-free blade change

Tool-free blade option is necessary when you need to work with different types of materials. As a result, you need to find a jigsaw that offers an easy blade changing option instead of changing with tools.

Fortunately, The DEWALT DCB204 20V MAX Premium XR is one of the best Jigsaw in the market. This is super easy to use because it gives you the tool-free blade remove and bevel adjustments features. Bevel adjustments make it possible to quick changes.

Tool-free blade change

Tool-free blade change

Super First Speed 

Most of the power tools speed measured in RPM (rotations per minute). SPM (strokes per minute) measured it the case of a jigsaw.  But in the case of a jigsaw, it’s measured in SPM. You find that most of the Jigsaws have a maximum 3,000 SPM. This is more than enough for most projects.

Furthermore, DEWALT 20v brushless cordless jigsaw offers a super first speed up to 3200 SPD. It includes blade speed control with the variable speed trigger and dial.

Variable speed control features help you get a professional result. No matter what you are trying to cut. Additionally, this extra speed SPD leads you to finish your work faster.

So we hope maximum SPD Speed will install this DCS334B as the best in the market soon.

Comfortable D-Style handle

The comfortable handle should be significant. If you need to work for a long time, you will definitely need something that is comfortable. A solid grip handle allows you to control most of the material that you want to cut.

Dewalt 20v brushless jigsaw comes With a comfortable D-style handle.  You’ll be able to hold it properly with one hand. This allows you to exercise more control and offers more intricate cuts. Moreover, the trigger is equally crucial for working efficiently.

Dewalt understands your need and includes an emerging top handle feature, which makes it perfect for the professional performer. The top handle features a trigger with a separate lock-off switch and easy access speed control wheel.

Dewalt as a Manufacturers

If you try to find out the most illustrious and popular power tool manufacturers in the world, the name Dewalt will come first. DEWALT is a world-leading manufacturer for industrial power tools, offering Over 300 power tool and equipment products as well as 800 power-tools accessories for its countless worldwide customers.

The DeWalt manufactures various types of corded and cordless power devices such as various types of power drills, jigsaw, Chain saw, Hammers, Grinders, Planers, Sanders, Generators, saw blades, metal, and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more.

With a yellow and black combination, Dewalt brands start their journey since 1924 and proudly continues. It will move towards its diamond jubilee or 100th anniversary in 2024.

You can found DEWALT tools both nationally and internationally, where these types of tools are sold. Not only product availability, but also servicing networks are found worldwide. They have over 1000- factory owned and authorized repairs and servicing networks.

If you are living in North America, you will get the advantage of using the most extensive repair networks for DEWALT tools.

The Bottom Line

DeWalt introduces another excellent product that suits your money, offers great durability, accurate states cuts, and curves, comforts users, and accessibility.

Dewalt 20v cordless brushless jigsaw has excellent features compared with its competitor. It will allow you to change the blade easily or work fast and gives you the ability to see the cutting line perfect for the attached LED line. The jigsaw is ideal for DIY and professional purposes as it does not compromise with comfortability, simplicity, and professionalism.

Exposed in all directions, this cordless jigsaw cuts the most challenging curves, perfectly perpendicular to circles, making them truly strong.

Finally, if you decided to upgrade some of your old tools to cordless or Purchase the first time, it is just fantastic.

Thank you being with us


What Is SPM?

SPM is a short form for strokes per minute. It is a unit for measuring the speed of the jigsaw. The average jigsaw SPM in the market is maximum 3,000 SPM. But This Dewalt 20v cordless model offer 3200 SPM.

What does brushless jigsaw mean?

Last couple of years the Brushless motor technology has been the rage in cordless power tools. Power tools Manufacturer now manufacture a brushless lineup of tools,

In a brushless motor, the motor is adjusted to function. The more resistance a drill or ear defines, the more power it draws, and vice versa, the less the resistance will reduce tension.

DeWalt is one of the best brands in brushless technology.

What is the advantage of brushless motors?

A brushless motor has no friction or voltage drop that a standard motor deals with, which will increase the life of the motor and overall performance.

Are DeWalt  batteries interchangeable?

The power source of cordless power tools is the battery ‍and they use lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries. That’s why the world class brand Dewalt manufactured high performance power tool batteries.

They provide 5.0Ah - 12.0Ah batteries of different volts for Dewalt cordless tools. The standard 20v battery is compatible with any other 20 volts Dewalt power tool.

DeWalt FlexVolt technology provides flexibility to cordless products. Most DeWalt batteries fit all devices that have been identified as compatible with them, there are a few that are not.

This is both convenient also safe you money in the long run, That is why no need to purchase separate battery for every Dewalt Cordless power tool you have.

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