How To Cut Firewood Efficiently- The Ultimate Guide

Firewoods are used for several works. And there are tons of types of equipment for cutting the firewood. There is a saying ‘ firewoods are useful so treat it carefully.’

We have given some of the techniques used in cutting the firewood. Moreover, we have jotted down the pros and cons of firewood vs garden wood cutting

Furthermore, firewoods are hard and rigid unlike garden wood. Garden wood requires less work experience. Firewood requires more work experience due to stronger body constructions.

Garden wood has a softer construction and uses less professional blades unlike firewood. Moreover, always avoid blades that have high tooth numbers. High tooth blades are optimised for smoother finishes like metal and stainless steel.

Keep on reading to know more about how to cut firewood efficiently. Additional points are given on safety measures and some tips. You should be able to cut the firewoods efficiently after reading the article.

Best Equipment For Cutting Firewood

In the past, wood saws were a common instrument for cutting firewood. Moreover,

to be able to get the teeth of the saw to do the work is a toilsome process. Furthermore, they are no longer used, particularly when large logs of the trees need to be cut.

As a result, people now tend to use a quality chainsaw which is time-efficient in cutting down logs to portable boxes. To choose a correct chainsaw, the quantity and size of wood need to be first calculated. You need to know How To Cut Firewood Efficiently.

Moreover, one of the best tools for cutting firewood is a reciprocating saw. It has a strong mortise that provides the energy needed to handle the blade for cutting wood. The Reciprocating saw is very powerful in cutting wood to straight lines. As a result, you can easily cut the firewood you need. Moreover, you can use this saw to prune the trees in your back yard.

How_To Cut Firewood Efficiently

After the wood is cut to a perfect and desirable size, the wood splitting ax is another great tool that is used to cut down large blocks into wedges to make them fit inside the portable boxes.

Moreover, These are designed in such a way as to cut wood without becoming lodged within the timber fibers.

In conclusion, this is how to cut firewood efficiently through two instruments only.

Firewood Cutting Vs Garden Wood Cutting

We can split the wood cutting process into two different types of process. One is firewood cutting and the other is garden wood cutting. Moreover, there are several different types of cutting tools for these two kinds of wood. Read more to know How To Cut Firewood Efficiently.

Firewood cutting is a professional task. The woods are thicker and denser. This requires a stronger cutting machine and strength. Moreover, mature workers tend to struggle with firewood cutting. Some of the tools required for firewood cutting are jotted down.

However, the garden wood cutting system is easier. It sounds complicated but is simple. Garden wood cutting requires very little effort and can be done with mature workers. You do not need much experience. Moreover, lighter tools can do the work for you, unlike firewood. How To Split Firewood With A Reciprocation Saw

A reciprocating saw is perfect to split your firewood. It is a kit that you need to cut the firewood.

Moreover, these tools are immensely powerful for cutting through several materials. It makes your work done very effectively.

Therefore, how to use split firewood using the reciprocating saw? We have discussed the point below. Moreover, the work is very easy to do. The tool can get to its peak speed after a while.

Moreover, you can use the variable speed dial to make use of its full potential. Furthermore, take the firewood and tap your shoe against the wood. This will enable precise cutting and handling.

Now apply the reciprocating saw to the firewood. Moreover, you can also use the cordless reciprocation saw for these works. Read further to know about how to cut firewood efficiently.

What Do You Require And What Is The Appropriate Technique On How To Cut Firewood Efficiently

There are a few steps that you need to follow to cut the firewood. The things that you will need are listed below.

  • One reciprocating saw
  • One blade of wood
  • One firewood segment

The reciprocating saw is the most important for this process. Moreover, you cannot start your work if you do not have the reciprocating saw. Furthermore, there are many reciprocating saws available in the market. Moreover, you should know How To Cut Firewood Efficiently.

There are also reciprocating saw blades for woodcutting. Hence, look for the right blade.

There are several blade types available. Moreover, some are listed below to ease you.

  • The plaster blade
  • Metal blade
  • Embedded nail wood blade
  • The plaster blade

Each blade has several teeth. These teeth are said to be (TPI). More teeth mean less suitable for wood. Moreover, it would be best if you had a blade of 8 TPI to cut through your firewood.

Higher tooth numbers are recommended for metals. Furthermore, you need a smooth surface for higher tooth number blades.

The Cutting Technique

The first cut is really easy. Moreover, Your skill will develop with time. Choose the maximum setting after you have placed your firewood as directed above. Press the trigger to fire up the reciprocating saw. This is the first step in how to cut firewood efficiently.

Once your blade is ready, bring the blade down in slow motion. Moreover, you will see the blade gliding through the wood with very little pressure.

Congratulations, you have completed your cut and now you are done with your work. This is how to cut firewood with a reciprocating saw.

How To Cut A Firewood With A Chainsaw

Below are some of the important steps on how to cut firewood efficiently with a chainsaw. You should follow the steps sequence wise to avoid any hassle.

Step 1:- Selecting The Perfect Sized Chainsaw

First splitting the firewood, one needs to select the correct chainsaw to do it immaculately. So we’ll now take a look at the different sizes of chainsaw available for different types of work.

Firstly, to split firewood, the chainsaw with 18 inches is the most suitable.

In a nutshell, the length of the chainsaw that is to be selected must be one or more inches longer than the material that needs to be cut. This is done to ensure that the nose is not affected while doing the task.

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Step 2: - Make Yourself Safe

One should always be careful and take appropriate safety measures before starting such work. This is done to ensure one does not get injured. Moreover make sure you wear helmets and safety tools.

Step 3: - Cutting Tree Trunks To Perfect Sizes

After completing the first two steps, the further involves cutting the tree trunks into logs that can be used. To do this, the trunk needs to be divided into equally sized pieces of approximately 4 feet long.

This can be achieved by estimation or through the use of forest tape measure and marking spray. Afterward, the three fourth of the trunk along the marked areas are cut.

Moreover, a felling lever is used to turn the trunk to the other side and then cut in the same manner.

Step 4 - Cutting Logs Into 16-Inch Lengthsreciprocating

How To Cut Firewood Efficiently- The Ultimate Guide

After the third step is complete, the trunk of 4-foot lengths needs to cut into accurately sized 16 inches.

Now, the sections of logs can be cut using a sawhorse or by the process described in step 2.

Step 5 - Cutting The Firewood Sized Logs In Half

This is the step where the real work begins and you can finally get your desired product. Firstly, the log needs to be placed on a tree stump or the ground. Afterward, as a supporting material, a piece of wood is placed.

Then, cut through the middle of the log and leave 1-inch of wood. Then, turn it to the other side and with a force, drop it or use a felling wedge and mallet for completion.

Step 6 - Cutting The Firewoods Into Halve The Quarters

Similar to the previous step, the firewood is now turned over with the blunt end over the soil. Then, the whole of it is cut, leaving 1-inch. It is again dropped with a force to finish and have your desired firewood.

This process and step 5 are repeated to complete the splitting.

A Few Safety Tips For Cutting Firewood 

You should take into account some safety measures before getting into work.

Eye Protection: Firewood cutting produces lots of debris around. These might get into your eyes and cause infection. Moreover, you must protect your eyes before attempting such works.

Furthermore, there are several eye protection types of equipment. Some examples are safety glasses, safety goggles, and face shields.

Hearing Protection: A high sound level might harm your ears. To avoid such hazards, you need to protect your ears. Use earmuffs to protect your ears.

Foot And Hand Protection: Your hand and foot might get injured due to sharp particles. Moreover, It is advisable to use hand gloves and boots for work. Furthermore, it prevents unwanted dust attraction and keeps your workflow clean.

More over you can use a mask prevent yourself form dust. Considering all safety measures, you have successfully known how to cut firewood efficiently.


Now you know how to cut firewoods efficiently. There are several ups and downs of cutting firewood and garden wood. Firewoods tend to be more hard and dense compared to garden wood.

Moreover, you should be an expert to cut firewood. Furthermore, garden wood requires less experience. You should follow the above steps for smoother work experience. Furthermore, try not to miss those important steps like cutting the firewood into half log sizes.

You should also keep in mind to cut the woods uniformly. Moreover, avoid mixing up the sizes and shapes. Try to keep your wood sizes consistent and appropriate.

Take safety precautions before diving into work. Take a look at the blade you are using and avoid more teeth blades. Best of luck with your slicing experience.

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