Tips and Guide on How to Maintain a Pole Saw?

Should you expect a long term service from a tool without taking any proper maintenance? You must not expect this. In order to get the best performance from your pole saw, you need to take adequate care and should know How to Maintain a Pole Saw.

Otherwise, the saw will start showing poor performance, and its lifespan will start reducing. Finally, the pole saw will be out of service shortly, and you will blame your tools, saying it is a poor quality tool.

In terms of a pole saw, maintenance is a must. Most models have a manufacturer manual that describes the maintenance schedule.

To get better performance day after day, you should take a few simple steps before and after using your pole saw.

This article will assist you by guiding on the topic “how to maintain a pole saw.” We will recommend 4 steps of maintaining a pole saw.

So let’s take a closer look.

  • Essential Maintenance of a Pole Saw
  • Make Sure Your Chainsaw Is Lubricated
  • Consider when Store your pole saw
  • What to Avoid

Essential Maintenance of a Pole Saw

  • You must not forget the below points that are much-needed maintenance advice for a pole saw.
  • Ensure all the screws, bolts, and nuts are all well-tightened and placed at their required place. Before and after using, check whether any problem is existing with the pole saw or not.
  • Don’t start working with a dull blade. Make sure the blade is well-sharpened.
  • Keep the chain of the saw a bit loose when performing a task. Don’t try to tighten the chain between operations because if you decide to do so, the chain may get dented.
  • After replacing or sharpening the chain, you have to do some additional work. Guide bar rails need to be cleaned with a damp cloth. Then into the passage, pour oil manually. This way, the chain will rotate smoothly.
  • Once you finish working with the pole saw, take a wet cloth and wipe the saw.

Make Sure Your Chainsaw Is Lubricated

Oil or lubricant is actually the heart of the instrument. If you don’t like to lubricate your pole saw regularly, the chain and bar will damage within a short time. The chain and bar create heavy friction when a pole is running.

Because of this friction, heavy heat gets produced, which can do severe damage to your pole saw. To avoid damage, regular oiling to a pole saw is vital.

There are various types of oil available in the market for your pole saw for smooth functioning. You have to select the right or suitable one for your tool.

If you use vegetable oil for your bar and chain, it may not work correctly. Vegetable oil is not ideal for excessive hot or cold temperatures.

Consider when Store your pole saw

  • Keep It Clean, Clean with a dry cloth.
  • Never store your pole saw in a wet area. Also, proper ventilation is a must in the pole saw storing space.
  • If you don’t use your pole saw for a long term, rust may come, which will impact the final cutting, trimming, or running result. So, lubricating will be a great solution to get rid of this problem.
  • To avoid any unauthorized use of your pole saw, consider storing it in a safe place, and lock it.

What to Avoid

Friction: If your pole saw burns more fuel than usual, this is probably the reason for the increase in friction between the bar and the chain. Maybe the lubricant you were using isn’t ideal, or it’s running low.

Pro Tip: refill your fuel and oil together, so you never inadvertently release oil and damage your chainsaw.

Toxic substances: As your pole saw chain rotate, the oil you are using to lubricate them in the air also flutters. And that means you and any plants nearby will get that lubricant - and whatever it contains – entirely.

For protection, your regular bar and chain oil should be toxic. Before starting, cover any exposed skin and use chains only in areas with proper ventilation.

More Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t use cheaper motor oil for lubricating or refueling your pole saw. Cheaper motor oil will do more harm than good to the pole saw.
  • Whenever you face any problem to operate your pole saw, take help from the manual available with it. The manufacturer manual has all the answers to every question related to a pole saw.
  • Open the bar and chain every time while lubricating the pole saw.
  • Check the pole saw blade before using. Don’t use a pole saw that has dull blades. Also, make sure the chain is perfectly tensioned.
  • If the chain is affected by rust, it would be best to replace it.
  • Do you own a cordless pole saw? If the answer is yes, then don’t store your pole saw with half-charged. Whenever you use a pole saw, after using it, give it a full charge. Also, check the battery periodically to ensure it is perfect for the next pruning operation. It would be great if you remove the battery when the pole saw is idle.

Final Words

Want to increase the durability of your pole saw? Add oil. This is the only solution to improve the lifespan of a pole saw. If you don’t lubricate the chain and bar periodically, more friction will happen as well as more heat will generate. And within a short time, your pole saw will stop working.

So, follow the advice and tips discussed above. Once you finish reading this article - “how to maintain a pole saw” will never be puzzling. Hopefully, suggestions of this guide will enhance your pole saw’s lifespan.

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