How to Take Care of your Trees to Keep Them Healthy and Strong

Trees are the most valuable friends in our life. Unfortunately, many of us don’t take proper care of them. Without our taking proper care, can we expect the healthy and strong health of our valuable friends?

It is needless to speak that why trees are our invaluable friends. If we look about the great Grand Canyon or the Sahara Desert, we could easily understand trees' importance. Improper maintenance of trees will make our beautiful world similar to a desert. So, will you love to live in a desert? Undoubtedly, NOT!

Proper maintenance can ensure that trees will remain healthy and strong. Only then, our world will look beautiful and green. We have shared seven tree maintenance tips, how to keep them healthy.

Follow these tips accurately.

7 Healthy Tree Maintenance Tips

Choose an Appropriate Place for Your Trees

To plant trees, you should have to focus on the area that gets enough sunlight so that the plants can be grown in a suitable environment. Before choosing the place, you have to make sure that the place is not so close to the power lines.

It Needs Enough Water

Water is our life, and the same goes with the plants because they are also living beings. The important thing is that a mature tree needs an adequate amount of water.

If there is no rain for several days, you should provide enough water from the nearest water source according to the needs.

Put Some Fertilizer

Trees receive natural nutrients from the soil especially in the forests. But in our front or backyard, we take out all nutrients in different ways. Ideally, growing trees should be fertilized throughout the year. At this point, fertilizer is an ideal solution.

You have to put some slow-release fertilizer regularly to ensure the maximum growth of your plants. Besides, periodically do testing of your yard soil to know if the required nutrients are available or not.

Mulching is a must!

Mulching plays a crucial role in keeping trees healthy and strong. Trees roots are very shallow, within 6 to 12 inches of the soil surface, and this organic matter or mulch helps them to survive. Roots do best under moist, cool conditions and need plenty of oxygen in the soil.

These conditions are ensured by a good mulch layer. Mulching can be done at planting time, but it can also be done around established trees. However, don’t cover the trunk base; it is mandatory.

Proper pruning

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance. Forest trees grow quite well with only nature's pruning but landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their structural integrity and growth. Pruning must be done with an understanding of tree biology.

If you want to get healthy and attractive trees, pruning has no other alternatives. Improper pruning can damage or even shorten the tree's life. Winter is the best time to do pruning. Then during summer, you can focus on cutting the dead branches.

Protecting the root

The roots of all plants serve to anchor of the plants, absorb water and soil nutrients. The tree’s root area is sensitive, especially when a tree is very young. Heavy transports must be disallowed to run over the root area of a tree.

They do a great damage to the roots and it may reduce oxygen supply. Be aware of the root system when digging and exposing around trees to avoid any damage of the roots. You may put up a root protection fence.

Controlling Insect’s Pest

Tree insect control only begins with an infestation of insects, fungus, or other diseases affecting the overall health and beauty of your trees. Different insect’s pests can do much harm to a tree.

If a tree gets affected by insects, it will become weak within a short time. Using different pesticides can save your trees from insects. It would be best if you pick pesticides that will protect your trees and provide feeds.

3 Professional Tips

  • Go for a professional if the tree is too large in size, and you need a massive type of equipment, which can be a bucket truck.
  • If you don't have enough equipment to accomplish the pruning task, support from an expert is a must.
  • You should hire a professional if there are utility lines, highways, or buildings, no need to take a risk at all.

Last Words

Taking care of the trees is inevitable. Trees deliver countless advantages, and they are the source of oxygen, without which we can’t think of our existence. Taking proper care of trees is mandatory that you can’t avoid.

Do periodic checking of your trees to know whether any pests attack it or not. If you find an infestation, don’t forget to visit your local gardening center or experts to understand how you can save your trees from getting damaged.

All tips discussed above are not challenging to maintain, and I believe, following the tips, you will be able to get an excellent service from your trees for many years.

Thanks for being with us!

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