How to Use a Circular Saw? Step By Step Guide

Nowadays, a circular saw is one of the handiest and popular power tools among the carpenters or builders. A circular saw is one of the most suitable and affordable tools because it is better, faster, and more accurate results from your trusty saw. Safety issues aside, blades cut more efficiently when properly set.

A circular saw can become a powerful tool in cutting lumber, roofing, metal, and many other materials with the accurate blade type. At the time of demolition work, it will be a real time-saver tool.

But that's not enough since the most necessary factor is to know how to use a circular saw. In this article, we are going to discuss a lot more things regarding a circular saw, for instance, make sure to read the entire write-up.

How does it Work?

A circular saw uses electricity in most of the time to provide enough power to its ever-spinning blade. A circular saw uses electricity in most of the time to provide enough power to its ever-spinning blade.

There are several types of circular saws that have in the market, as a compact circular saw it also known mini circular saw.

To get the headline's answer, firstly, you will need to know the basic features of a circular saw.


A powerful high-speed motor drives the blade of a circular saw – generally, its RPM is 5,000 – 5,300. Most of the circular saw's motor is powered by electricity. Some models are powered with the lithium-ion battery too.


Circular saw blades are different in type, and the TPI of each blade type differentiates them. More teeth in a circular saw blade mean more precise cutting.

7 ¼” is the standard size of a circular saw blade. However, the small and larger sized blade is also available. Other important things are the gullets and the gaps between the teeth. Both are responsible for cleaning wood and wood chips while cutting a wood piece.

Blade guard

Circular saws come with safety features which may ensure safety of you.But it may do harm to you if it is not handled properly. The blade guard works as the safety feature of a circular saw. It consists of a few parts.

  • Opaque fixed guard: The top of the blade is covered with it, and it never moves.
  • Transparent floating guard: When the circular saw is idle, the bottom part of it is covered with this guard.

Some model of circular saw comes with an extended safety feature. They contain a switch that needs to be released before the blade starts moving.

Base plate

It is a piece of long metal opposite the handle with the leading edge of the saw and placed perpendicularly to the blade. It rests on the cutting surface while cutting a wood piece and confirms cutting following a straight line.

The good news is the base plate is adjustable according to a different thickness, and you can tilt it to a 45° angle while bevel cutting.

Newer circular saw models come with laser guides which can ensure that the cutting will follow the straight lines.


A circular saw features 2 handles. One handle is positioned at the back of the blade guard. It consists of a trigger switch that allows its user to start the saw.

Another handle is located on the topper part of the blade to hold the saw steadily.

How to Use a Circular Saw? Follow Our Step By Step Guide

Whatever you are a beginner or a seasoned worker, you have to know the ways and techniques of using it so that you don't have to take a risk in the future.

Before pressing the 'on' button, be sure to know how a circular saw could be used. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step-1: Supporting the cutting material

While you are going to cut a plank of wood, you just can't use your hands to hold it tightly, make sure to keep it on a sturdy surface.

A concrete slab or a piece of regular board is not enough, because it can't provide the maximum support while cutting through a circular saw. For instance, you have to collect a sawhorse if you want a durable working surface.

Step-2: Marking the cutting piece

Pick up a measuring tape and a pencil or pen to mark the areas that you are going to cut through the circular saw. You can ensure accuracy by providing marks on the plank of wood (or any other materials).

Step-3: Depth setting

Luckily, you can set the blade's depth since most of the circular saw is included with this feature. If you are going to cut a thick plank of 50mm, you should set the depth between 40 to 45mm. This will minimize the chance of getting kickbacks from the saw.

Step-4: Confirming the saw guard is smooth

After setting the depth in the right way, make sure to focus on the saw guard. It should be smooth while running. If you feel something wrong, then you should turn off the circular saw, take a break for a few minutes and start up your tool for a second time.

Step-5: Start operating the circular saw

It is time to move on to the real action, which is cutting. During the cutting period, ensure that you are moving on according to the marks. Always try to focus on the guide as well.

Take as much time as possible while cutting if you don't want to throw caution to the end. This is how you have to use a circular saw in the right way.

We have provided the guide through the following steps so that you can get a clear idea regarding the method of using it. Whether you are a seasoned one or a newbie, make sure to follow the steps above to make it quite easy to use.

Now, we are going to let you know the uses of a circular saw.

Uses of a Circular Saw:

In general, a circular saw is capable of providing four different cutting types, including rip cuts, crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts.

Rip cuts

A common cutting technique that anybody can make it with ease. Most people utilize this method while they need to cut wood.

Applying this technique will be a piece of cake to achieve straight lines with a small number of teeth, which could be 28 or so.


When it comes to crosscuts, you have to cut the grain of the piece of materials crosswise. It seems to be a bit tough, especially for the newbies.

If you want to get the best result by applying this method, ensure to pick out a circular saw, which consists of more teeth (40 or more).

Miter cuts

The cutting could be made of any angle apart from 90 degrees. This could be a bit easy for beginners. Miter cuts are decorative cut that needs to look clean and neat.

Using a circular saw, you can make perfect miter cut while making a picture frame or trimming a door or window.

Bevel cuts

It is highly suitable for professionals or for those who are quite advanced in every cut. You may have to go with a circular saw that includes an adjustable base plate. If you are very new in cutting, then you should avoid this method and try to know the proper way from experts regarding this technique.

See, a circular is designed to use for a couple of cutting purposes. You can apply these techniques to make your DIY-project perfect. But remember, you have to maintain an adequate amount of safety while cutting materials, such as metals, woods, or anything else.

Otherwise, you could have to face unexpected accidents. No need to throw caution to the end, make sure to follow the safety tips that we have included in this write-up.

What a Circular Saw Can’t Do

Undoubtedly, a circular saw is an essential piece of power tool, but it stands in limited when it comes to efficiency. Why? The answer is that it is the best choice to cut only straight lines.

In case you have to cut a piece of material on a curve shape, you have to choose the reciprocating saw, which could either be a band saw or jigsaw. Basically, a circular saw can cut with a rotational motion in place of translation, and that is the reason it is unable to provide curve shape.

A Few Safety Tips: follow the safety tips to keep yourself secure.

As you are going to run a power tool, so definitely, you have to maintain a sufficient amount of safety so that you can stay out of danger while working.

In that case, you have to:

  • Put on hand gloves, which should be flexible yet rigid.
  • Use ear protection since a circular saw offers noise at times.
  • Wear dust musk as well as safety goggles.
  • Stay away from the loose-fitting fabrics.
  • Avoid jewelry or ornaments, at least in the working period.
  • Check out the entire working surface deeply.
  • Ensure that the blade of your circular saw is quite sharp.
  • Hold the tool with both of your hands in order to confirm a better grip.

Bottom Line

Circular saw generally operates two types of energy sources, electric and battery. A coded circular saw is a much more portable than a coded one. Most professional carpenters and seasoned workers never forget to keep a circular saw in their workshops since it is a must-have machine that you really need to complete multiple cutting tasks.

Circular saw generally operates two types of energy sources, electric and battery. A coded circular saw is much more portable than a coded one.

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you can get almost the same benefit, just make sure to follow all the ways and cutting techniques we included in this write-up.

And don't forget to put on safety equipment while you are in the working period.

How to Use a Circular Saw

Thank you very much for keeping eyes on writing.

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